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Reader Post | By TN Miller


THE information below my rant that was released today as a “soft rollout” is TRUE, it will be of interest to the many who have followed closely the events of the last Two years and remained steadfast patriots.  

On the other hand the flipside of that statment below: there are Americans e.g. mothers, fathers, parents and children who suffered terribly over loss of loved ones.

Allegedly, on President Trump and General Miller’s watch. Albeit in war there are extenuating circumstances beyond our pay grade that I would not expect them to divulge. On the other hand what could they possibly say to heal that pain, they cannot bring their loved ones back? If indeed they had it all and were directing this “movie” 

Sadly it does appear that this soft roll-out is for the left first, while patriotic Americans are not first. The powers that be are more concerned for psycho loonies on the left, and lost sight of the many staunch supporters. Enough is enough and being human at some point will turn their backs, as they did to sleepy. Because of the terrible pain brought on them by “allegedly” our side if true. The president that the majority of American voted for as POTUS and his top General.  DO either Trump or Miller understand while they are/were coddling the left (the enemy).  That those WILL most likely never come around to our side anyway. ITS a waste of time, effort, resources, and good will misplaced.

Both of you I believe are well meaning men with good intentions however you are causing unbearable pain to Americans who would have laid down their own lives to support America, and their families. I believe America as a whole will have great difficulty accepting those familial losses that should have NOT happened. If you had the option to squash evil and get on with the business of rebuilding America.

If this text I pasted below is true, that “soft-rollout” to apeaze is the snowflakes is going to anger American patriots even more.  Certainly an unknown number will feel deceived and turn their back on the Trump-Miller and AI TEAM.  I wrote to President Trump over a year ago. In one of my messages to POTUS I explained that IF as he said “they have it all” lets end this charade. Lock them up, continue to pursue and apprehend the left-overs (minions) while sitting in his rightful seat that the military has proof he won. And bring America back as WE THE PEOPLE also have a breaking point. At some point words not backed by seeable results will break the back of the staunchest supporters.

Remember your pledge “AMERICA FIRST” you didnt say first FIRST -RIGHT after you pamper and coddle the crazies who have been allowed to burn police stations, cities, murder Americans, loot businesses OR enter the United States illegally to do the same. Why not help those innocent patriots imprisoned in illegally in DC first over the loonies and illegals?

FORGET the left, you will not change their minds, you’reputting off the inevitable, that being said it will change the minds of many of the “80 million patriots” that will feel they were abandoned and played.  A lot future promises or excuses will not be enough to bring them back or be reassured when so much has been taken from them.

After decades of LIES, smoke and mirrors by the Deep State/Cabal. Someone asked me are we simply trading an enemy we arent sure we know atvthis point feeding us hopium, I sincerly hope not.  All of the pain brought upon good upstanding American patriots must stop. 

What makes Trump, Gen. Miller or their AI computer think that these Americans will accept or trust them and their AI after controling the scenario for two years, and not stopping this “movie.” 

Americans are kind and loving people but make no mistake, they are not weak or fools and will most assuredly at some point look at the big picture and say; “if it looks like a duck and quaks like a duck. Could it be a duck painted another color.

President Trump, General Miller, do you understand that while you are sleeping, knowing your future is safe and secure, while your eating fillet mignon, sipping the beverage of choice that millions of your supporters do not have food, baby formula, jobs or a cohesive life anymore. They lay their heads on a pillow only if fortunate to have a bed and roof to protect them from the elements. As hope fades there is fear not knowing how to feed or protect their families. That’s real life in America NOT a movie and many couldn’t afford that popcorn, they are happy to get beans, while this movie plays on, correction – SHITE SHOW plays on.

“Americans are being made aware (through the soft rollout -of great consideration for the left, as not to upset the snow flakes or trigger their stress) America is asking is this possibly a psyop on Americans by the people we trusted, in much the same way the cabal had done while keeping us in the dark for decades.  

Gentlemen what TRANSPARENCY, I ask you both President Trump and General Miller now we learn you have been pulling the strings OF fake sleepy Creepy Joe for two years and many others…?  While Americans plead with you to step up and end it.  Americans suffered FIRST is that whats meant by “America First”. Is that real meaning? -The first to suffer or die? How should we interpret that?

As I stated some months ago in numerous messages to President Trump. “There are many more patriots than there are of the Cabal”. The majority of America voted for you President Trump. We will all stand behind and beside you AND we are the majority, along with the majority of the military.” 

Sadly, I have never received a reply from any one of four individual messages sent to President Trump albeit like the millions of patriots in America, I am of little importance to those in power. But feel my voice and your voice should at least be considered possibly an equal voice to the alien AI that they apparently listen to. We are the hope of tomorrow.  An AI is a great tool, but it was never presented as: AI FIRST, ILLEGALS OR LOONIE LEFT CITY TRASHERS FIRST? The boundary is becoming grey and fuzzy to many Americans.

In closing I respectfully request that you put as much weight behind the words “AMERICA FIRST, TRANSPARENCY and WWG1WGA now with regard to your base.  Americans would  like to go out for a fine meal, feel secure, never be without a penny in our pocket or worry about what will happen. We deserve, and you did promise us the transparency, you promised that America First. America had that agreement with you and a promise from you. We would like to cashin on that agreement. 

We would also demand the truth AND choice to not listen, read or follow the facts. That is our right not to be taken away, or taken lightly. AND certainly not your decision to make for us feeble minded people that you see as inferiorto you.

All to often we hear even on alternative media that America couldn’t handle the truth. Somehow  news media along with politicians feel that in their greatness somehow only they the chosen “privileged” can handle the truth, or their friends and family can handle the truth. But Americans as a whole could not, because we are somehow less than them, possibly feeble or weak minded. Thats really a load of bunk and a massive insult. Let a man of privilege give birth and lets test what he could handle. 

Try us, let us decide what we can handle or to choose not too.  Do not make that same mistake the deep state made for decades thinking we cannot handle it, or were not entitled to know, are we really going down thar road again?.  How would you know what Americans can habdle, no one has tried to be transparent. I guess it was easier to promise  transparency than do it in reality.  I for one feel offended by that thinking. 

In the past women had no rights and couldn’t possibly think on their own or handle life. That myth was also debunked.  But now the elites, even new comer elites in that club want to exclude our America team, do you really believe Americans cannot handle the truth.. That smacks of the exact mindset of the deep state. 

Keep us in the dark and feed us (Bs) like mushrooms. According to who -we don’t need to know?..lLet America not go down that path AGAIN. It was wrong for the deepstate / Cabal  and clearly wrong again FOR THOSE TOUTING TRANSPARENCY, a golden age of enlightenment..it seems an old habit hard to break in the Good ol’ boys club.. We’re trying to remove the old criminal gang, and seems the incoming group want to run it the same way. Don’t even think of going there again. We didn’t like it then and will not stand for that now. It’s our world, and our rules, WE will not be ruled.

Time to kick butt, hang em high and make America great again!!! Then sweep up the minions and remnants from your rightful seat in history.

As for your awesome AI computer,  let’s not forget it is a machine. It may give sound military advice or strategic war info, but lacks the heart and feelings of those patriots who elected and stood by you waiting, and waiting. We have feeling and bring the human part of this equation that an AI cannot possibly make decisions regarding. The time has come. Let’s go! Please read the portion below from the wonderful Judy Byington. She has been our lifeline to hope.

Respectfully, TN Miller


  • On November 3, 2020 the US Election was won by President Donald Trump in all 50 states as proven in watermarked ballots counted by the Military.
  • On January 20, 2021, at 12:00 a.m., the United States was taken over by a military government led by Military Secretary General Christopher Miller and Commander in Chief, the duly elected President Donald Trump.
  • Joe Biden died three years ago. The role of fake Joe B is played by three actors. All of these actors talk and do what President Trump and the White Hat Military tell them to do. 
  • The White House, Capitol and all the federal buildings in Washington have been empty and closed since January 20, 2021.
  • The new Global Alliance of White Hats controls the situation of the whole planet.  Soon it will all be over!  In just a few days


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