(Reader: KS) Response to NightWisp, Rambo, Helen, and a Few Others Actually Speaking Truths


Reader Post | By KS

To NightWisp, Rambo and others in the same thought process as I am, let’s actually do some Review of sorts from our 3rd Person Perspective in Our Quest for ACTUAL TRUTH, as per the directions of “Q” and the White Hats over the past 6 years, shall we? Let us jointly take a look at what they have TOLD us, vs what Actually came to be. At least this is my Own thought process in all of this, and from what i can tell, seems to be very similar to many others as well. So let’s do some Review.

Here are just SOME of the things that I myself have PONDERED, over the course of the past 6 Years (not just 2 as some like to use to “Defend” the WH’s Delays and lies with), that We have been Told to do as “Digital Soldiers” in this war. Some keep insisting, and the WH’s have used the “Excuse” of how they can’t just clean up thousands of years of CABAL in just a couple of years and I for one, am sick of hearing that lame EXCUSE. The WH’s Themselves have admitted to us how some of these Operations, have been being done or ONGOING since at least 2008 to 2014. Meaning, they have NOT been at this for just 2 Years people! WAKE UP to the Hypocrisy of LIES and BS! Simply Believing what they tell you NOW without giving any Real PROOF, is exactly NO DIFFERENT than the Democrats and RINO’s lame ass “Evidence” against Trump during all the Fabricated Russia Collusion BS Impeachment garbage that ran for 3 Years on taxpayers dime, and like this whole January 6th BS Comittee crap will as well. They gave absolutely No Real Credible Evidence or PROOF of their claims. Sounding familiar yet?? The exact same thing as of YET at least, being done by our White Hats. Fantastical CLAIMS but still no Real credible Proof. Are we dealing with another Adam Schiff or Nancy Pelosi style DS Tactic here, except whomever it is going under the guise of now being a so called White Hat? Because to ME, it sounds a whole lot like the Exact Same Song being played from a different instrument now.

People who refuse to Connect any REAL DOTS here, are fueling this never ending SH*^SHOW! Idk Why for the life of me, that 107 is being PUSHED as the main “Intel Guru” in any of this either! He’s NEVER been Right ON ANYTHING he’s said! I’ve Never even Heard of the man 107 OR WAYNE WILLOT/AUTHOR before Any of this SH*&^HOW MOVIE started! Same as with Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes, Phil Godlewski or any of the others we ALL know too well. But just LISTEN to Everything he (Juan) says! It’s ALL DOOM AND GLOOM!! Yet WE are said to be the ones with Negative VIBES and Consciousness and “ENERGIES”. That’s ALL it Ever HAS BEEN from him! So WHY is he Still being Referenced AT ALL By Anyone?? The so called White Hats, keep saying that people like me are Trolls or Shills??!! WHY? Because I actually have the Balls to Question EVEN THEM in My search for ACTUAL FACTUAL PROVABLE TRUTH and NOT JUST the DS/Cabal as THEY want us to??? Well anyone who hasn’t opened their eyes at this point, to see how the White Hats, are the real TROLLS here with their never ending Doom and Gloom “Had to be this way” Destruction of Everything before it can be rebuilt BS, is Not REALLY AFTER TRUTH AND HONESTY! You are just looking for Perpetual False Hopium, and that’s all we are getting! Until WHEN? Till we’re all Dead? Till we all Have Nothing but will be Happy because, “I’m Coming so hold the line Patriots”?? Not a bit of this BS Game Playing, is affecting ANY ONE OF THESE WHITE HATS OR BLACK HATS like IT IS US!!!! NONE OF IT!! Are WE ALL so BLIND and Confused that you can’t SEE THAT?? Come On already. Wake up!!! There ARE NO White Hats! Because THEY cannot and WILL NOT Apparently TELL THE TRUTH EITHER!! Yet they tell US, to Be Honest, Be LAWFUL, and be KIND!!?!?!? WTF??? When the hell will YOU WHITE HATS start being HONEST, and LAWFUL AND KIND?? After we’re all dead and gone? Or just After the 6.5 Billion are dead like the Georgia Guide Stones speak of and like Soros’ Plans call for?? Because that is what it’s looking like more and more! But you’re in Total Control, Right White Hats?? So it’s YOU, who are orchestrating the DESTRUCTION of the World! It’s YOU who are manipulating the Stock markets and Determine WHEN it falls. It’s YOU White Hats, who DECIDED How long we SUFFER while you all remain WELL INSULATED in your Ivory Towers or with ALL of YOUR NEEDS met while in some Bunker somewhere, NOT BEING AFFECTED by any of this like we are! It’s YOU White Hats, who are playing stupid ass Games of Cat and Mouse with the Evil Cabal While WE are Stuck in the middle and Suffering while NONE of YOU Suffer as WE DO!! Who the HELL, do you think you are?? YOU WORK FOR US!! NOT DICTATE HOW LONG WE SUFFER!!! Remember??? The Constitution (the Original one), was set up JUST FOR THAT REASON as YOU YOURSELVES keep Reminding us of!! STOP PREACHING TO THE DAMNED CHOIR!!!! WE FRICKING KNOW! WE KNOW! WE KNOW! WE KNOW!!!!!!!! WE KNOW!!!!!!!! It’s the MASSES who Don’t, but you REFUSE to use MSM to SHOW THEM then have the Gaul to WONDER WHY the masses have not yet “Awakened” as you thought!

It was said at the Beginning of all this “Q” Psyop, that OBiden, was ONLY “ALLOWED” to have control of the Money side of the power of the US Government. Supposedly, to Show the People, WHAT NEARLY 80 MILLIONS OF US ALREADY KNEW!!! But at the same time, the DS Cabal, having Control of the money, has allowed them to completely Wipe Out the savings OF WE POOR HUMANS MONTHS AGO!! Oh, but we Now have shows like the X22 Report, Spouting about how people are JUST NOW Worrying about their savings!! NO!!!! It’s YOU ALL who just Don’t Get it YET!! We’ve BEEN WORRIED FOR OVER A YEAR NOW!! It’s YOU ALL who think we are just NOW starting to feel it! You all seem to be Completely OBLIVIOUS to Reality here while believing everyone else is! You all keep telling us, TO PREPARE because It’s about to “Get Worse Patriots”! Remember everyone?? Huh?? It has been advised for over a Year now, that we should Stock Up on supplies and necessities for at Least 2 to 3 Weeks worth. All while YOU WHITE HATS, sit there and Claim YOU WARNED US so YOU aren’t to Blame if we don’t have anything “Stocked Up”, Right?? Yeah!! YOU WHITE HATS are IN CONTROL of that, Right?? You’ve ALLOWED the Demons to Increase Inflation on Everything to the point that We haven’t HAD any money TO BUY ANYTHING TO PREPARE WITH FOR MONTHS NOW!! Oh, but you all Know that, Right??? Every situation and scenario PLANNED FOR and Resources all put in place! Right?? I mean, you DO have Time Travel and Operation Looking Glass, Right?? You’d Never ever ever LIE to us. Because God doesn’t WORK thru LIES and SUFFERING and DEATH!! Oooops, There goes this Love and Light Narrative I guess now too!

Funny how it’s Always UNFORESEEN Excuses causing all the Delays when you keep claiming to have futuristic tech of seeing into the future or even Traveling into the future to Know how this ends isn’t it, with proclaimed but clearly NOT PROVEN Time Travel and Operation Looking Glass?? 

Funny how this is all for Love and Light and a better future when there IS NO FUTURE for all the Millions who have been Murdered while you PLAY YET MORE CAT AND MOUSE GAMES!!

Funny how they Claim, this is to save the children YET, are allowing millions of OTHER CHILDREN suffer and Die. No, This is NOT “FREE WILL” for those Babies, for THEY are NOT the ones getting to Exercise THEIR FREE WILL in it at all!!


Funny how they are NOW claiming to need to put in A Different POTUS instead of Trump, when WE THE PEOPLE, have been Saying THIS VERY THING for MONTHS NOW!!! Oh but the Oh so Wise and Know Everything and Have all assets IN PLACE White Hats who Insist THEY KNOW BEST are just NOW finding out They AREN’T as Brilliant as they Thought!

Funny how you Have it all and Know it all, and the people MUST SEE IT, but you REFUSE to use MSM to Show anyone, while the DS Cabal will GLADLY use MSM to show everyone Their Narratives! Why do you WH’s think No One is Believing your alls Lies and BS anymore??? Huh?? Dohhhhhhh!!!

Funny how Gesara/Nesara have supposedly been up and running now simultaneously for over a year now, yet NO ONE has seen any benefits of it EXCEPT THE RICH DICTATORS who are supposedly “White Hat Bond Holders”!

Funny how, White Hats are in Control, yet NONE of these Major Events have happened yet or can be PROVEN by anyone, other than what you all keep “CLAIMING” is so. WHILE YOU WHITE HATS ARE IN TOTAL CONTROL of WHEN ANY of these “Major Events” would indeed happen!

Funny how The head of this evil Cabal has been taken out years ago now (AS YOU CLAIM anyways), yet so many Evil Cabal members still apparently CAN STOP WHAT IS COMING!

Funny how WWG1WGA (Where We Go 1 We Go All), YET, The End is Not for Everyone! Yep! Millions are Dying while NERO FIDDLES watching Rome Burn!

Funny how, the White Hats Know Everything and HAVE IT ALL, YET, are Still GATHERING Evidence to PROVE the crimes from the past supposed hundreds of years!


Funny how, it’s mysteriously SO BAD, that they will Never allow Most of this to NOT be seen, the Evil Deeds Done by the Cabal to the Tortured and Trafficked Humans in these tunnels so all of them will be taken “Off World” or Executed WITHOUT US SEEING THESE CRIMINALS PAY FOR WHAT WE KNOW THEY’VE DONE!!! Hiding the fact you’re telling us more lies! Aren’t you White Hats?? Sounds to me like somthing Adam Schiff would do. Claim this and that, BUT WE CAN’T SEE the Proof??!! Yeah, OKAY, Riiiiight!

Funny how, we are supposed to Stock up when WE HAVE NO MONEY TO DO THAT after you White Hats ALLOWED to DS to Control the Financial side to SHOW the MASSES, Right?? But oh yeah, Casualties of War are Acceptable Losses, Right??

Funny how this Gesara/Nesara is supposed to forgive all Debt in a “Jubilee” and we will all be Happy afterwards, YET, Meantime, we are losing everything and are now 10 x far worse off than when Q started all these wild claims of financial Freedom YET WE STILL DON’T HAVE IT! Oh, But GOOD NEWS COMING OUT OF IRAQ this week and THIS WEEKEND, Should be the start. Blah blah blah. Wash, Rinse, Repeat. I’m Guessing, that will probably be the case for the next 8 to 10 years or so, or at least until the DS all get us Rounded up in FEMA CAMPS and or Executed.

Funny how they keep telling us to Not be Attached to the PHYSICAL THINGS of this world and how we MUST learn to let go of it in order to “ASCEND”, YET, The Entire Premise Behind GESARA/NESARA is just that! Looking to WORLDLY, Physical, Brighter Happier lives ahead for EVERYONE (except those who are losing everything NOW) that is. Remember Patriots?? Your homes will be paid off and credit cards and all that illegal debt slavery?? Huh?? But don’t be “Attached” to that house anymore or you won’t be able to Ascend! That’s what they keep telling us. So what then, is the Purpose of this “Jubilee”? It’s all being Taken away from us NOW! Not Months from now before the Military will Finally step in and DO THEIR DAMNED JOBS! IF THEN!! To Protect AND DEFEND!! Remember YOUR OWN OATHS!! Not to just Step in whenever YOU ALL DECIDE TO!!

Funny how they tell us Not to believe the News on MSM, YET, turn right around and ask us if we saw the little subtle Hints that are supposed to be indications to be “Translated” to Q intel.

Funny how they keep saying this is all in God’s Timing, while YET, every step they take Depends on a Quantum Computer to tell them when to do what. Is this Quantum Computer they keep referencing God then?

Funny how they keep telling us that the RV/GCR will NOT HAPPEN, until they can Ensure the Safety of everyone’s Health with No Wars and Finances so no one can Steal the money for Nefarious gains, Yet it is THEY who put the words into this Quantum Computer that IS DICTATING how we MUST LIVE OUR LIVES while IT, Does NOT LIVE AT ALL!

Funny how the DS Cabal is playing their Final Cards, when the White Hats first started claiming that over a year ago isn’t it? Some how, even tho the supposed Heads of this Cabal have already been taken out, they can still mysteriously Keep Coming up with “FINAL CARDS”. Trump Card SOON tho, Right White Hats?

Funny how for well over a Year now, we’ve all been told how We Are AT THE PRECIPICE. How many damned times do we need to Go to the “Precipice” before we ALL DIE??

Funny how Charlie Ward said well over a year ago, that due to an EO signed by Trump, how He is Defacto Owner of the NYSE, YET, somehow, the DS keeps being ALLOWED to pump money into it to Prevent it from crashing WHILE STILL, the “Complete Collapse” is one of the Primary Triggers of all these Domino Falling Events. Reminder here tho, We The People are HIS BOSSES along with ALL Elected Government Officials. So NO, he does NOT OWN Any of that. WE THE PEOPLE DO! He signed that EO While WORKING FOR US.


Funny how they keep telling us how we have all been Slaves for Centuries, YET, Continually do things to Make Every Aspect of our lives WORSE while Claiming it’s for our own good and how we Need to be Shown what we already knew.

Funny how the White Hats Lies and BS Narratives are falling apart too, isn’t it? Or is it just ME who Took them to heart when THEY TOLD US to Question Everything? Or did they mean that we should Question Everything when it comes to the DS/Cabal, BUT NOT THEM EVER??

Funny how they keep Insisting on TRUTH and TRANSPARENCY, but THEY Never Give Any of Either!

Funny how they can’t understand why not enough are waking up, when all they give us is BS to use as Weapons in this WAR. And how not ONE THING they say WILL HAPPEN, has happened yet for any of us REAL TRUTH SEEKERS to use to HELP WAKE THE MASSES since the WH’s Refuse to Use MSM for it!

Funny how they claim that this evil Cabal/Dracos/Greys and so on, have done this throughout the Multiverse and how the White Hat “ALLIANCE” has Cleaned them out all over the place and that Earth is their last stronghold, YET, it’s taking Soooooooo long to get rid of them here! I would think that if they had all those Eons of now Experience in dealing with these “Fallen Angels/Dracos, they would know by now how to get rid of them EASILY and Quickly. I mean come on now, when you Get rid of Ants in your yard after fighting them a couple of years, when you first start seeing them again, you already KNOW Exactly how to get rid of them in No Time at all and with Extremely Little Effort now and forever more!

Funny how the White Hats keep saying that IT MUST HAPPEN THIS WAY because it’s all OUR FAULT for it in the first place, While Simultaneously, they insist on Pointing out how The Biden Administration/Demoncrats are Blaming Everything on Everyone Else But themselves! Hypocrisy or no??

Funny how OUR so called PUNISHMENT here, is because of things Done by OTHERS/CRIMINALS, yet none of us had any real means to stop it in the first place yet WE are Blamed and Punished while they are not.

Funny how they Must keep setting all these TRAPS for the DS to Keep Incriminating themselves, YET, They’ve supposedly Had it All and Known it all since 30 Years ago isn’t it? And how “supposedly” they have been working on all of this since 20 to 30 years ago?? But when questioned why it’s taking so long, we ALWAYS get this Crap of how Difficult it is to Rid these Demons of thousands of years in ONLY A COUPLE OF YEARS!!

Funny how the WH’s keep saying This Site or That site is bringing Truths, yet they never actually Prove any of it. So I guess we’re just supposed to Keep Taking your Word?? Is that it?? We’ve had about 70 Years of Taking ANYONE from the Government “AT THEIR WORD” for Anything and Everything to KNOW BETTER than to Just “TRUST THE PLAN” anymore! Ever hear of Once Bitten Twice Shy???? Hhhhmmm??

Funny how the DS/Cabal has Zero issues in using MSM to perpetuate THEIR lies and Narratives, YET, our own Heroes REFUSE to use the one weapon that would both Bring Down the Cabal for all the Masses to see, But Also, Would AWAKEN THE MASSES to this Evil!!


Funny how it’s all in God’s plan and timing, while Yet, these supposed Demons/Fallen Angels/Dracos/Greys, have been doing this all for hundreds of thousands of years. Does God not have a Quantum Computer to tell HIM when he needs to act?? Because the DS/CABAL sure doesn’t seem to need some Computer to tell them when to do things.

Funny how we are told by the White Hats how the DS wants to put us all under their control via the shots with its Graphene Oxide and microchips to connect us all to the internet to be controlled by AI, which is a Smart Computer, WHILE YET, Using a Quantum Computer to DICTATE TO US WHEN WE WILL DIE OR LOSE EVERYTHING or be Saved with a brighter future!!! Hhhhmmmm???

Funny how they have/know the DS’s Playbook and how to counter it, yet there’s always a Stalemate somehow.

Funny how We The People have known for Decades how the DS would all be Freed from accusations and Crimes and We’ve ALWAYS known what the outcome would end up being and Sooo damned Predictable. WHILE YET, These so called White Hats, have ALSO become nothing more than Predictable in Excuse after Excuse after Excuse and delay after delay after delay in Every single aspect of this whole situation! We no longer need to TUNE IN to ANY “Channels” to know EXACTLY what WILL BE REPEATED!

Funny how THIS IS ONLY A MOVIE, Yet We POOR PEOPLE are the Only ones Suffering and DYING from “A MOVIE”. Last time I went to the Theatre, I never saw One single person Suffer such financial losses that they Lost everything they had worked their whole lives for OR DIED from Watching!

Funny how “It’s ALL happening “Behind the Scenes”” where they Never have to PROVE a damned thing they keep claiming.

Funny how they tell us it’s all about Truth, honesty and Transparency YET they refuse to be that way with us!

Funny how the White Hat Narrative, is sounding more and more each day like the exact same Protocols as the DS Narrative and actions, by Creating “ALLOWING as THEY say at least”, the Crisis, THEN THEY come to the Rescue like the CABAL has done for the past 70 years.

Frankly, this list can Still go on and on and on and on some more. Because they prove it’s all BS BY NEVER ACTUALLY PROVING ANY THING and saying it’s all Out of Sight because it’s all sooooo horrific that no human could Stand to see it. YET, They have seen it haven’t they?? Funny how they insist all to be soooo damned much Better than us in so many ways.

But TRUST THE PLAN! Right?? Trust it until WE,,,,,,,,,,Finally, If Ever, Decide/DICTATE TO YOU WHEN WE CHOOSE to Do what we were Bound by Our Oaths to do as of January 31st 2022, after the 1 year of Illegal Occupation by a Foreign Enemy in our government. Trust the Plan till we have nothing left and are HAPPY (as Schwab said) because, Tadaaaaa, White Hats were in total control the whole time and we’re here to Save Humanity now. Trust the plan because we have ways to see into the Future and know what future humanity will be like, but DELAYS due to UNSEEN ISSUES, Right?? Trust the plan while YOUR Loved ones die or You die, and/or Lose everything WHILE NONE of this is affecting we White Hats?? Trust the plan that what WE TELL you is TRUTH while everything the DS Cabal tells you on MSM is all Lies, Right?? Trust the Plan, even tho we are never going to PROVE any of this to you all because it’s all too Heinous and Horrendous for YOU to see but WE Can, Right?


TRUST, does Not stand on Lies and PERPETUAL BS EXCUSES!! TRUTH, does NOT COME FROM LIES and DISHONESTY (as I teach my children and Grandchildren)! HOPE, without FRUITION of FACTS, will NEVER Garner a True Following! Which is EXACTLY why so many are feeling like I and many others are now feeling about all of this.

It’s been said long ago, that Absolute Power, Corrupts Absolutely! Are any of you reading this, looking at WHO IS IN “Control” and asking yourself any REAL QUESTIONS pertaining to TRUTH?? Or are you just blindly Following and Trusting this Plan Still? We KNOW it has Corrupted the DS Cabal. We’ve experienced Their Lies and BS and Theft and MURDERS for Decades and KNEW THAT when Trump was elected in 2016 by 70 million of us who DIDN’T NEED TO BE SHOWN A DAMNED THING!! But are we Really ALSO applying that to the White Hats as well? If Not, WHY NOT?? Question EVERYTHING! Remember?? Q’s Own Instruction to US!! That means to ALSO QUESTION THE WHITE HATS and THEIR Motives and Narratives they apparently will NEVER ACTUALLY PROVE!! I wonder WHY that is!!

WHITE HATS, IF,,,,,,,there ARE actually any, WHY SHOULD WE KEEP TRUSTING IN THIS “PLAN” after everything I have posted above?? Why SHOULD We, just Blindly TRUST, that After this so called “Gut Punch” as 107 keeps spewing out about, how you all Will, After all of these previously stated NON FOLLOW THRUS on YOUR END of all this, that you all Will indeed Turn around After Global Martial Law is Declared and ACTUALLY ARREST these Treasonous Evil Beings?? You haven’t proven ONE Damned thing you keep claiming. So WHY WOULD WE KEEP “TRUSTING THE PLAN”?? We who you all keep BLAMING for being in this so called Predicament to begin with, have Trusted over the years, MANY LYING POLITICIANS who have All “Claimed” they will do this and they will do that!!!! Only to BE LET DOWN FOR DECADES! ONCE BITTEN TWICE SHY!!??!!??



Signed, Reader KS


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