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Operation Disclosure | By Empyyrean, Contributing Writer

June 29, 2022

Hello readers,

This article claiming that Earth is a round ball because of Hollow Earth seen here

So now I have posted many information’s about what Earth actually is and there will always be those who’s belief systems and ego’s cannot comprehend the actual simplicity of what Earth actually is.

So were going to go over the article and I will pin point the bull feces and it can be dismantled by the truth.

okay lets start.

From article : “Readers who still believe the Earth is flat are advised to read this article, which presents scientific and historical truth.”


my comment: Oh really, well we will see now much historical and scientific truth there is, won’t we.

From article “The earliest documented reference to the concept of the Earth dates from around the 5th century BC, as it appears in the writings of Greek philosophers. In the 3rd century BC, Hellenistic astronomy established the roughly spherical shape of the Earth as a physical fact and even calculated the circumference of the Earth.”

My comment: well that is bull feces cause here is a map from china in and around the 15-20th century BC.

which shows earth flat like a coin.

Here is a Greek/roman one from after the one above.

Calculating the circumference can be done on both a round ball and a cylinder, no matter how tall the cylinder. A coin is a short cylinder, cylinders have flat faces, and as we have found out from previous articles that mention, just because something has a circumference does not mean it is a round ball and how do you measure a circumference, by using a straight line.

From article: “The concept of a spherical Earth superseded the earlier belief of a flat Earth: in early Mesopotamian mythology, the world was depicted as a disc floating in the ocean with a hemispherical sky dome above it, and this forms the premise for early world maps such as those by Anaximander and Hecataeus of Miletus.”


My comment: Its an empty paragraph that actually goes against their own article, because there is no explanation of their statement, of course they are not going to talk about when it changed and how it changed because it would further prove they are lying.

They then go on to use Admiral Byrd and his expeditions as some sort of hard proof, well here is something they forgot to mention and very few actually know, is that Admiral Byrd used this map as well as zoomed closeups to plot his course for the journey, don’t you find it weird he knew exactly where to go?

From Article: “That, of course, is now history, my dear admiral, but I must move on. You see, we have never before interfered with wars and barbarism of your race, but now we must, for you have learned to manipulate with a certain power not begotten for mankind, namely that of atomic energy.”

My Comment: That is true atomic energy was not begotten for man to discover, as the Pure Christ teachings show us that it was discovered quite by accident, thanks to the unknown power of the x.

The rest of the article goes on more about Byrd and hollow Earth,

From Article: “Admiral Byrd flew his small plane right through the hollow Earth from the North straight to the South Pole.”

My comment: Well that would be easy as you can see on the Gleason’s map the “south” Antarctica goes completely around so it wouldn’t be hard to go in a straight line from the “north” to antarctic.

Remember there is a reason why they say Earth is the foot-stool of the gods, first of all where we are is the reason there is a phrase “our small piece of Earth” because Earth is the whole realm not just where we inhabit.

Also what further proves a lot of falsities by many about what Earth is, take Cobra for example in the last update thry mentioned the “Dyson sphere’s have been constructed around the sun and earth…. hmmm I find that to be complete bull feces and this explains it.

How do you put a sphere around something that has no edges and is not a object… can’t…. does our little “piece” of earth have edges.. yes cause its a “piece”, so either they put a dome under the dome since the sun is in our dome and a dome around the sun? Earth has multiple suns, so how does that work?


This explains a lot, it proves that Earth is not a round ball, because a ball is an object and it has edges. Earth is a realm with no edges, the pictures above clearly show this that earth is a torroid that the continents just keep spiraling out as seen here,

The other question is how many globe Earth models do you see get censored……NONE… How many flat Earth models,….a great many and would be all of them if they could.

Just imagine if the world population knew that there was easily livable additional land masses even in just our little “piece” of Earth, 100,000’s square miles additional land plus many other continents, currently there are roughly 31 known continents and there is more of course.

If you want to do humanity a favor, stop pushing globe lie.

My plan is to literally make a 6′ x 10′ poster of the Gleason’s Map with another poster of side by side of JFK Sr. both old/ young and another one of Marylin holding the Gleason’s and am going to set it up in the middle of the city where I live and show everyone, I suggest people start doing the same, print out a bunch of copies and start handing them out.

Gleason’s always goes good with the picture of Marylin Monroe holding it, attached to the main map picture, use those to together.

Make poster of it start putting them up, etc, that is how you make the change and defeat the globe lie.

We need to cement it into the human consciousness. not just paste it there temporarily.

many blessings,



Will serving Creation



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