(Reader: TM) Response to timjoebob about “Doomsday Stonehenge in Georgia”


Reader Post | By TM

I’ll address this to all three of you
Under Who’s Authority ??

As Read and Written…
I proposed no such authority
To What Do You Stand In Opposition To?

Guide Lines Are Guide Lines To Another [ Concept Within This Construct ?]
Or Perhaps Within This Concept , Laying The Pathways For A New Paradigm
That Will Require The Observer [ You ]
To Think And Evaluate And Act Upon As You Desire

No Such Authority

As You’ve Chosen To Interpret Or Misinterpret My Words.

Yet.Perhaps . As I’ve Tried To Point Out In This Discourse Is That By Trying To Look At The Big Picture And From The Challenging Position Of Aspiring To Greatness As In Godly Ness And In Allowing Our Self To Be Divinely Guided … [ Your 5D Self ]

Then This Planet Will Be Inhabited By [ Global Stewards ] It’s Just A Number! Are You Triggered by 500M?
Then Perhaps Within The Realm Of Possibilities It Requires You To Think And Not Just Follow The Herd Mentality.
Hasn’t 7 Billion destroyed this planet within a decade?
The Concept Of Being Fruitful And Multiplying Without Taking Into Consideration Of The Harm To The Environment And You Neighbors [ Old Paradigm]


Will We Elevate Our Consciousness To Accept The Possibility That There Is WrongNess In All Of This Farce ?
500M Surface Dwellers?…
How Many Under Ground? How Many On The Moon. How Many Will Leave For Elsewhere And Else When ?
Why Concern Yourself With That Which Is Another Verbal Bomb Utilized By Evil To Scare You.

The Men And Women That Have Been Selected To Bring This World Into The Christ Consciousness Will Be Higher Evolved And Connected With Creator …
You Are Still Struggling To Accept The Harmony That Awaits…
Perhaps It Is The Source of The Confusion You Choose To Experience.

Let’s Be Clear. The Human Population. The Eaters And Breeders That The Elite
Utilized For Breeding Purposes As Well As For Food And Fodder. This Is To Be Relegated To The Past…
The Short Lived 3D Humans as Opposed To Humans Living In A World Of Light And Life ; Long Living, Procreating At A Much Later Time In Life… In Harmony With The Community And Gaia
Elevate Your Collective Thoughts TJB

For those who chose to mull over my musings … You can throw your “hat into the ring” so too speak ( opinion )
I’ll Throw My Hat Out Of The Ring
As I Choose To Think Outside The Box
I Think4MySelf

Again as I proposed that Evil Will Subsume Insinuate and Wrap Itself Around Truths ( GCR or Great Reset )
[ The InVerse ] Evil Mimics… Not Create
It Will Be Up To The Observer To Interpret “Your Reality”

Trust Me. I’m Not Here To Convince Anyone Of Anything. I Have Simply Been In The Most Unusual Position Within This Cancel Culture Cacophany of Control To Be Able To, Over The Years , Utilize This Platform To Express My Self To My Creator …
Everything We Express Write Speak Is Accesses By Our Creator From What We Possess Within ..
What We Express WithOut Is Accessed By AI ;And We’re All Hacked
What Was A Platform Anyways??
Who Knew ? I didn’t know what a meme was … LMAO

All Of What I Express On These Cyber Pages I Do So To Self Express To HE Who Is In Charge ,That Perhaps I AM Worthy Of Being A Planetary Steward , Holding A Space So That Others Can Play Their New Roles Within A New Earthly Paradigm …
The Deaf Dumb And Blind Kid Playing His Mean PinBall
Quite Joyfully For Me At This Point Within This Game…


If You’re Not In Joying Your Self Your Not Playing This Game Correctly …
Trust Me ! Anger And False Accusations Or Recriminations Isn’t Godly As I’ve Experienced In The Past And Determined To “Try” To Avoid Such Pitfalls.
Must I release my limited humanity in order to be Uplifted By My Divine Aspect ?

In The Past I’ve Written That Real And Reality Are Not The Same Thing …

If Reality Was Real. It Wouldn’t Be Refered To As Reality Which Is Subjective To The Observers Interpretation

Therefore… Real … Which Is Not To Be Confused By Reel … Which Is The “Movie” Scripts Narratives That We Have Been Exposed To. Is Quite Alien To Those Of Us That Can Aspired To Return To Being The Elevated Beings Our Creator Created Before We Came To Experience “This”.


Many A Tear Has To Fall…
But Its All In … The Game


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