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Reader Post | By Stefan

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

Folks, I would like to tell you good news from Germany, but we will have to wait a little longer. Still too many who accept the show as truth, who do whatever the TV tells them. They simply don’t realize that just one question they would have to ask themselves could reveal massive solutions and, above all, changes in their lives. The fact is, I don’t change it, I can’t change it. I can only change myself, and thereby make a difference in the world. A realization of the last years. People’s will is their kingdom of heaven and if they absolutely want to believe in “C” and in “monkey pox”, frightened to have all rights taken away, let them do so. I asked myself the question, “Who benefits from what I am reading or seeing right now?” And solutions are coming. Solutions that show you that a brain is not just filler of a head. Change comes even without everyone believing in it. Nothing and no one can stop change for the better! PERIOD!

I stay out of everything that happens in my private environment, I have withdrawn, do what is necessary in the household (one-man-show, unfortunately), go out only to do shopping, so when it is necessary, otherwise I do my thing and also see that I get enough rest. The current outside is not mine anymore, I feel like I don’t even belong anymore. And the less I deal with the outside, the more it leaves me alone. This would have been unthinkable a year ago, when I was still in the midst of battles of my own making. Without the cleverness of the alliance, I started fights that I had already lost before. Now I don’t need to fight, I just need to play for time. Time not only heals all wounds, it also brings solutions.

In the last few weeks I have been watching videos of Dan Peña (Daniel S. Peña Sr., born in 1945, an American businessman and business coach) more often, a brilliant mind despite his rather crude language. His words are crude, but they are true. At first I was shocked (probably due to my good upbringing), but by now he totally amuses me. He is a Trump supporter and rightly so. He recognized what Donald Trump has done and is doing for America and the world. And because Dan Peña is also often and gladly ridiculed, it’s perfectly OK if he derails verbally. Sometimes the only thing that helps is the harsh truth. And I soak up his messages like a sponge. He said something that won’t let me go and that’s how this article came about. I already had the idea of telling posterity something about how we could live, survived or had to live in this world, so I started a novel about how a grandfather tells his grandson about his youth, his life in the present world, while working and walking in the forest. Whether I will continue writing the novel, I do not know, at the moment there is too little time, but it will come. “In the Forest with Grandfather” is the working title.

Dan Peña has also taken up this theme, but in a different context. Namely, in the context of the wealth transfer that is about to unfold. He put in the room the question, “What do you tell your grandson when he asks you what you’ve been up to in the wealth transfer days?” Personally, I know, although a grandson is still a very long way off. My son is pretty plugged in with what he has to do as a soldier and what he has to do privately. With him, I also know what he will tell his grandson. It’s not going to sound good, believe me. You also know that knowledge is a fetch duty. So if I want to know about something, I have to ask or search. Nowadays no problem, there is internet after all. In the past, there were encyclopedias or there were libraries where knowledge was collected.

No matter how I turn it, no one else can search for my knowledge, I have to do it all myself. So, think about what you can give your grandchildren as answers. The question is:

“Grandpa/grandma, what were you doing when the transfer of wealth took place?”


With my wife, I know the answer too. She practices it every damn day!And with many contacts, I also think I know what their answer will be. I can be wrong about that, but not about all of them. Some, after all, have grandchildren now and certainly answer their questions to the best of their ability. I first wanted to write some dialogues between grandson and grandpa, had done that. But overnight I changed my mind again. Firstly, there were too many options and secondly, I really don’t want to step on anyone’s toes. And that’s exactly what would have happened under guarantee, because with some people the fuses are getting shorter and shorter, the nerves are in some places bare. And that people always interpret their own point of view or their own thoughts into a text when they read it, that’s what I’ve noticed, especially in the last few weeks. Afterwards, I was asked questions about an informational broadcast that we did, based on statements that we didn’t make at all.

Will all grandparents go with us into the new world? Certainly not those grandparents who have upheld the corrupt and inhuman system in all countries of the world and have supported it by their actions and by their inaction. And certainly there are also those grandparents who have gone along with the transfer in such a way that they sat and sit on the sunny side. Also related to other issues, our grandchildren will ask us what we did, in the time of obvious change. Did we get vaccinated, did we demand that fellow human beings wear masks? Did we go along with all the measures of an illegal government just to make US feel good? Did we ask questions or just accept everything that was fed to us by the media? And when we realized the system, what did we do? Did we continue to play because, after all, it would hurt us if we didn’t? Or did we contribute, even with large, medium or tiny little actions, to make the change happen? Let us ask ourselves all these questions right now. Then we will be prepared for the questions of our grandchildren. Moreover, it will show us right now whether what we have done was enough.

The wealth transfer is in full swing, seized physical wealth is safely stashed, seized digital wealth is secured in the QFS, in my opinion the new currencies are also already printed and minted, so everything is prepared for day X when liquidity flows into real assets. That won’t be long now, and I’m sure by now that it will happen quite differently than we’re being told today, in all sorts of ways. I can’t explain it or put it into words, but if everything is uncertain as far as our future is concerned, why should one of the gurus be right? There could still be a henchman who either interferes disturbingly or even enriches himself (for a short time) with. SECRET means now times SECRET, there are no exceptions, or?

Folks, no matter what you have to tell your grandchildren in response to their questions, everything will be fine and they will forgive you for small mistakes or small omissions. They will love you as you are, it is your family, your descendants. And in the world to come, there will not be negative emotions to the extent that we are experiencing now. We will all be super well as we imagine. Have faith and keep your faith! We will have it soon.

WWG1WGA!!! Mani wastete yo!

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