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Reader Post | By Stefan

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

I’m very glad to be able to show, on the basis of an article in a Telegram channel, that all is not yet lost among my compatriots. Glad also because I no longer feel that I’ m alone (or with a few) in pursuing this following theory. Of course, I would like to tell you good news, but it is not possible. Although behind the curtain of show acts, lies, flimsy explanations of the media and a massive ignorance of a large part of the population is certainly massively cleaned up, not much of it has arrived on the outside yet. That’s certainly the case with you, too, except that in your case a smaller part of the population ignores all the evidence.

If you still deal intensively with the “real world” in the last two years, that is, if you take everything for facts that is spread by official media and also by some channels and websites, then you become blind to the fact that it is only a show. Many of my fellow men recognize it better and better, but the right breakthrough is not reached there yet, there must still come some pain, and it will surely come over the finances. I’m sure it will.

It is certainly necessary to show people what all there is, what all is happening, and what was once a plan. But after the hundredth chart about vaccine damage, after the thousandth picture of Biden, Schwab, and whatever their names are, after the hundredth picture of DragQueens in schools, enough is enough, isn’t it?

I’m in a few channels on Telegram and notice that subscriber numbers are quite high and have upward trends. But after joining a channel, who looks at the articles and pictures posted so far? Who has the time to do so? The awakened ones come to the alternative channels, and once they have seen “proofs”, it is enough after all. Once I’m convinced, hopefully by my own research, that it’s all really just a show, why should I look at evidence of it every day? Surely it’s better to concentrate on the time after the show is over.

Until now, we didn’t care what was happening in the world either, otherwise the Deep State could never have built such an empire. And now we want to deal with everything? Lament all the victims? Impatiently wait for an end, always forgetting that there is a plan to which everyone must adhere? Don’t you think Trump and the White Hats would like a quick end too? Or all the actors aren’t they also getting tired of keeping a long condemned politician viral? Let’s not go there, I don’t want to and can’t change anyone, I can only do something for me, only change me. Some changes have already happened, massive changes in my attitude towards money and wealth transfer, and opinions change too, especially after looking back I can connect much more and much better dots as far as the present and the future are concerned. Let’s get to the hook for this article, the post from (slightly corrected by me for dialect, wording and spelling)

Q was my boss


It is very easy for me to understand the Q plan. Perhaps the following story is partly responsible for this:

I once had a boss. In a medium-sized company. My job was, among other things, to supervise the process when an employee’s Internet logs had to be viewed. When it had to be checked whether an employee was doing mischief on the Internet (malware, pornography, …) and then it had to be decided whether consequences would follow. There was a procedure for this technical inspection of the Internet logs. Important: The works council had to be involved.

I had such a case again, and my boss heard about it. He then explained his world view to me. In retrospect, I would describe it as shrewdness:

If it were up to him, he would proceed quite differently. FIRST check the Internet logs and see if there is any forbidden content in them. If no, shut up. If yes, THEN inform the works council and follow the official procedure. So together with the works council, do the whole thing again. Victory is certain.

When I started looking into Q, I remembered this story.

Trump says, Enjoy the Show. The show is the official procedure, the parade before the official procedure and before the works council. The show has long been in the can. The head of the hydra has been cut off. When Q (or the alliance behind it) knew that WW3 (or WW1 2.0) will be won and the rest will be a walk in the park or at least a relatively predictable course of events, the communication to the outside world started (2017). By then, everything was long in the can and in the dry.

We are all in the role of the works council. The counterpart has long since carried out everything and decided on the consequences. We are only being picked up psychologically. So that we are ready when the results are revealed to us.


If my boss with little schooling but a lot of life experience comes up with such tactics, what only can be expected from a force that managed to get Donald Trump as president?

So, be relaxed. It’s all been done.

Small addendum:

My boss was head of the revision.

Q also subjects the earth to an audit. And we call the audit report “EBS”. My boss always said that if an audit report turns out grotesquely bad, then one thing happens: either the head of the audit is thrown out or the management is replaced.

And the current audit report on the state of the “earth” is damn bad.

Now, we call the (externally visible) head of the audit Trump. Or Q. Or Alliance. Everyone, as he likes. This revision leader is guaranteed not to be kicked out. Otherwise we’d all be dead, smurfed or chipped by now.

So the management is replaced.

And that is exactly what has been happening behind the curtain for years. So that one hopefully near day no more this mismanagement (slavery) determines the life on earth, but rather that:

“Here I am human, here I am allowed to be.”


Trump and the White Hats have always been associated with 5D chess, poker and SunTzi. One rule in particular from SunTzi are the basis for the theory described above that I firmly believe in: “Never start a war unless you’ve already won it.”

The more I look back with the knowledge of today, the clearer it becomes to me that really it is all just a show now, designed to show the true faces and true intentions to the peoples of the world. It’s a long process, and that’s why the wait is so long. In Germany in particular, I sometimes have the feeling that things are not moving forward one millimeter; on the contrary. The rest of the world can’t wait for that, and that’s why the only thing that applies to my home country is good old-fashioned shock therapy. And to make sure that it hurts as many people as possible, it goes through finances. The first step, the first bang will be the financial system collapsing. Stock market, real estate market, crypto market. The signs are all there, the warnings have all been made, the bang will come. Maybe even this week. From then on it will be blow after blow, nothing and no one can stop what is coming. It’s in the script, the director gives it, may the next acts come. Keep holding the line, we’re almost there.

WWG1WGA!!! Mani wastete yo!

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