Thomas Anderson: News Flash for June 16, 2022


Operation Disclosure | By Thomas Anderson, Contributing Writer

Submitted on June 16, 2022

News Flash

Dear Readers

Here a summary of some headlines in the news from the last days…


I posted a survey on my channel


asking the following questions:

[Do you think a world war will start? ]  last month         now actual results

– yes                                                                      15%                               17%

– no                                                                       77%                               76%

– not know                                                            8%                                 7%

[ if a worldwar starts, when will it start? ]

– june / july 2022                                             22%                                 22%


– august / september 2022                           28%                                  26%

– october / november 2022                          28%                                  26%

– december 2022 / january 2023                   0%                                    4%

– later 2023                                                      22%                                  22%

[do you think a famine will start 2022 and will people be hungry for several months or even longer? ]

– yes                                                                     39%                               36%

– no                                                                       49%                               50%

– dont know                                                        12%                               14%

[what did you do for preperation on one of the above? ]

– food storage                                                              90%                    88%


– deepfreezer                                                               55%                    56%

– gardening / farming                                                 55%                    52%

– weapons                                                                     35%                    32%

– special clothing                                                         15%                    12%

– change country of living                                          10%                    12%

– daily products storage / non food storage          40%                    40%

– emptied bank account                                             15%                    16%

– bought precious metals                                           45%                    40%

– sold shares                                                                    5%                     4%

I guess meanwhile there are no more big changes, so this is a pretty accurate picture of the peoples judging about the situation.


there is a new website giving deep inside in the UK politics and the Johnson-Puppet on stage with his coup-handlers behind the curtain

lots of so called “secure” emails from proton mail servers to read.

at last on more country to “reveal” that they are spraying chemtrails


another some food plants are destroyed…

a long list already


coming more and more

deadly rat poison in drinking water?

daily routine…

the ceremony for the jubilee of the queen in GB showed strange DNA related patterns and rituals.

its all there. we just have to look at it.

if  you ever wondered what hyperinflation really means…

in Germany 1923 you could buy an egg for 800 mark


6 months later the same egg costs 320 billion (!) mark

shortly after a “doomsday” airplane of the US AirForce headed towards Europe, coming from Thailand

the swiss air space was closed and parts of France

you want to read the aims of New World Order again in very clear target words?

GENDA 21/2030 Mission Goals

. A world government

– A cashless world currency


A world central bank

A world millitary . The End of All Private Ownership – Controlling Population Growth and Density – Disbanding Private Farms – Private Ownership of Grazing Animals Included – Restricted Land Use Serving Human Needs .

. The end of national sovereignty

. The end of family unity – Population decimation.

– Multiple compulsory vaccinations – A universal basic income (austerity policy)

– Microchip implants that serve as a means of payment and surveillance

etc etc etc


And for all who want to know more about the history of this Planet, the Secret Space programs and more…


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