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Not my research and information but it does connect with some things some of you have heard form me about our Birth certificates that when they are registered the Vatican and British Crown have been claiming us as dead on the sea=Admiralty law. So go out and claim that you are alive and correct your status.  Nationalized people to born here can do this too.

Anna von Reitz

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Public and International Notice: How the Entire World (Almost) Became Indebted to America

I know that many people are going to be upset by this article, first, because they are confused and think “the US” is American, and second, because nobody likes being in debt.

The first misapprehension needs to be dealt with. These foreign corporations running Washington, DC, and what is called “the District Government”, are not American. They are foreign Subcontractors of our American Government though many Americans do adopt their foreign citizenship obligations and do go to work for them as “Federal Employees”. Joe Biden is an example.

These Subcontractors have given the rest of the world the idea that our Government disappeared during the Civil War and that that gave them the right to claim everything we own, but a moment’s pause will verify that a government vested in the people of a country can never disappear. It is here and has been here the entire time.


What actually happened is that the Subcontractors murdered and attacked the people competent to call our Government into Session. On purpose. They did this so that the British and the Holy See Subcontractors could “presume” a custodial interest in us and in our assets —- manpower, natural resources, money, etc.

They got away with it, too, until 1998, when the actual Americans came home, claimed their pass through service, and arrived with a bump. We, the actual Americans, found the way to record our objections to British and Papist presumptions, and called our States into Session. All fifty States are now represented by their People and their State Assemblies.

So the actual American Government is now in Session. And neither the Brits nor the Holy See can claim a custodial interest in our land assets any more. The Custodians must yield to the Owners and Possessors. The Sea must yield to the Land.

They don’t want to do that, because they owe us an absolutely insurmountable debt.

This debt began with a clean slate established by the Administration of Andrew Jackson, who finally paid off every penny owed by the Subcontractors to the British Monarch. And then what?

After the Civil War, with the Brits and the Holy See both claiming a custodial interest in our country during our purported “absence”, they began racking up debts for their custodial services, and thanks to the provisions of the Constitutions, those debts had to be paid as credit, not actual money.

So they hit upon the idea of creating trusts — the US Trust, the Northern Trust, the Southern Trust, etc., — seizing upon our money and other physical assets, and handing the trust assets to Third Parties, who could then generate credit based on our assets to pay the Subcontractors. And that’s what they did.


They latched onto our gold and silver just like they latched onto all our other assets by pretending a custodial trust interest. Please notice that latching is illegal and always has been, but by pretending a custodial trust interest, they got away with it.

So they removed our gold to the Philippine Islands for “safekeeping” with the intent that the Philippine Government would act as the Third Party and generate credit based on our assets deposited with them.

Which they did.

But these Subcontractors were profligate and spent wildly, way beyond any costs associated with the services stipulated by the Constitutions that created and which govern these Subcontractors. Soon they were borrowing vast sums against our assets and causing no end of trouble both for Americans and the rest of the world.

In 1933, as a result of their own bad behavior, the USA, Inc. Subcontractor went bankrupt. And to bail themselves out, in 1934, they issued an absolutely unimaginable credit draw against our gold stores in the Philippines and gold stored elsewhere in the world, and they created 152 boxes of Bearer Bonds backed by our gold.

Each of these so-called “Baby Boxes” were packed with a global immunity certificate, and 250 Bearer Bonds worth $100 million in gold, each. They went on to create “House Boxes” with enough funds “represented” as Bearer Bonds to establish and run entire countries and all sorts of other “asset representations” —and they used these credit assets belonging to us to pay their way in the world.

As of 1934, they have been indebted to us, the actual Americans, to the tune of 152 X 250 X 100M that they basically stole from us as credit based on our assets. And that is just one example of the pilfering and pillaging FDR’s Administration engaged in. They also enslaved their own Municipal citizenry and sold the bonds on their labor to the Pope.

This unimaginable Pay Day on our gold assets wasn’t enough for them, so they set up a scheme to seize upon our silver, too. This was called the Federal Reserve Act (1913) which was followed in 1934 by the Emergency Banking Act (their “emergency” not ours) which imposed Legal Tender Laws and a “one to one” exchange rate of one Federal Reserve Note (an I.O.U.) for one silver dollar — that is, one ounce of fine silver.

So every fiat debt note that their printing presses have generated since 1934 has been pegged against our American Silver Dollars for face value.

And bear in mind, the silver assets were never theirs to begin with.


As a result of these activities “in our names” undertaken while acting in a presumed custodial capacity, they now owe us unimaginable amounts of silver, too.

Not to mention, they are in Gross Breach of Trust.

Remember, they never had our permission to take more than reasonable and customary charges for their services rendered “in good faith” under the Constitutional Agreements.

They figured that the actual American Government (and the Landlords) were never coming home again, and that the Hired Help could make merry with the estate during our presumed “interregnum”.

Jimmy Carter’s Administration threw another monkey wrench into things (and spread the debt around) by pretending to have the power to give our state laws and offices to the United Nations. Of course, he didn’t have the power to do anything to our state laws and offices himself, so he couldn’t very well empower the United Nations, either, but on paper, this is what they agreed among themselves to do.

I doubt that the United Nations understood that the honor included the debt that Jimmy was peddling– along with the International Organizations Immunities Act.

Having piled up all this purported debt against our assets, the hot potato was handed off to the United Nations Organization, which thereby became the presumed “custodian” of us and our assets, but also custodian of all the debts they inherited from the British Bounders. That’s how the whole world became indebted to us.

We, the actual Americans, and our government operating in International Jurisdiction as the unincorporated Federation of States, dba The United States of America, are the Preferential Creditors of these Federal Subcontractors and the United Nations.

The problem is, none of them had a pot without us to begin with.

You may be wondering how the Americans had all this gold and silver to begin with. There is, of course, the fact that our country is very richly endowed with gold and silver and other assets, but the rest of the answer is the absolutely staggering national endowment bequeathed to us by Saint Germain and his entire family, including yours truly.


The Saint Germain Family Trust has backed America from the outset and the “presumed” custodians acting in Breach of Trust have attempted to undermine that, too.

Like rats in a grain storage, they have tried to incorporate everything and throw all the unincorporated family trusts into the giant maw of their own indebtedness by converting these unincorporated trusts into statutory trusts, so as to bring them into their foreign jurisdiction and latch onto them, too.

There’s just one problem. These family trusts were created under the American Common Law and their indentures do not allow Third Parties to alter their form of law.

And the Progeny of the Donors are here to liquidate the trusts and the trust assets in their favor, for failure of the purported Trustees to perform according to the trust indenture.

Whereupon the actual American Government and the present day Donors have brought these issues before the leadership of the United Nations, the Central Banks, the High Courts, and everyone else who has benefited from the largesse and payola associated with this Gross Conflict of Interest and Breach of Trust and Trespass by the District Government and all the responsible Principals.

It is widely thought that the frequent bankruptcies of the various iterations of the US, INC. and USA, Inc. relieved the debt burden associated with all this malfeasance, but our contracts are not with the US, INC. or the USA, Inc. Our contracts are with the Principals who chartered and hired these foreign corporations and employed them to provide the stipulated “essential government services” described in our Constitutions.

The responsibility for all this malfeasance and the cost of it, remains with the Principals who failed their trust and allowed all this criminality and who stood by and allowed all these false debts to be racked up against our assets in the first place.

They were presuming to act as our custodians and trustees, instead of informing our actual Government and assisting us to hold new elections. They are the ones who used this presumed custodianship as an excuse to latch onto and control our assets “for” us in the first place. And any fool can see that they breached this assumed trust and while acting as (unnecessary) custodians (Executors de Son Tort) of our property, mischaracterized and abused us and our assets.

As a result of all the foregoing, all the corporations chartered by these sovereign Principals are forfeit, all the land titles secretly presumed by these Principals are forfeit, and all the land assets they have purloined including labor assets, are forfeit.

The U.S. Military (read that: British Territorial Military) seized control of all the gold the Vatican had in storage “for” us, but they can only operate on credit. The poor dears have operated on credit so long, they’ve forgotten what — and who — actually underwrites the credit. 


The most recent idea I heard from them is that as they are owed all this credit, they will use that to claim back all the assets.

However, the credit doesn’t belong to them.

It actually belongs to the people of this country and other countries who have suffered forced enslavement and peonage and taxes on their labor. It actually belongs to the Trust Fund Donors who have found the presumed Trustees in Breach of Trust.

The credit generated from the assets belongs to the people whose assets create the credit. All of it.

Let’s give you a good example. Robert walks into Joe’s Hamburger Shop and gives Joe an I.O.U. — Federal Reserve Note — in exchange for a burger. Who does the credit accrue to in this transaction? The one who provided the actual asset. Not the one providing the debt (I.O.U.). So, far the credit owed to Joe hasn’t hit the books because of funky bookkeeping, but the credit is there, nonetheless.

And this serves Notice that Joe and Joe’s Fiduciary claim his credit and wish it to be applied to the accounts.

When Robert walks in and signs a mortgage agreement to pay off the prior debts accrued against a piece of American property by the Queen and the Pope and the Lord Mayor acting in Breach of Trust, what happens?

First, they are off the hook. Their debt owed as a title lien against the property gets shifted onto Robert’s shoulders.

Second, whatever the cost of the mortgage, the bank or lending institution immediately uses the newly created asset provided by Joe and Joe’s assets, to issue ten times that amount as credit.

Say what? Thanks to “fractional reserve banking ” — that is, institutionalized gambling — the banks are allowed to take a $200,000.00 mortgage appearing as an asset-backed deposit on their books, and issue ten times that as credit.


That credit as well as the asset itself actually belong to Robert.

What should happen is that the mortgage should be paid off the top of that new credit issue, and the remaining credit should be split between Robert and the bank in a manner agreeable to both.

Instead, the banks have been taking it all and leaving Robert, the source of all this largesse, to work his tail off while they enjoy an unearned and inequitable interest in his property asset, and while they are using all the rest of his credit to enrich themselves.

At the end of the day, poor old Robert finishes paying off the mortgage owed by the British Monarch, but he still doesn’t own the property, because the BM is still (incorrectly) assuming a “title interest” in what was never hers to begin with. And still isn’t.

What this does, ultimately, is create an insurmountable debt for the British Crown and the British Monarch and the banks responsible for this situation.

The Brits and the Pope have been trading upon our assets.

They have acted in a presumed custodial capacity to seize control of our assets “for” us, they have indebted those assets “for” us, and their banks have flourished by feeding upon assets actually belonging to us, and the credit our assets have generated hasn’t been shared with us.

This all adds up to debt, debt, debt, and more debt — for them, not us.

They and their banks owe us the return of our assets free and clear of debt (the first cycle of credit owed) and they owe us the value of all the credit generated from our assets. As they never shared any of it, they owe all of it. In this case, $2M plus interest over 30 years, payable to the American victim of this happy horse hooey.

Now you can see why they are so desperate to keep on claiming that there are no Americans in the room, and no American Government, either.


But here we are, nonetheless, and we claim all those purportedly abandoned assets, including the credit generated off of them.

All the Bearer Bonds are owed to us, all the Federal Treasury Bonds, all the silver backing the Federal Reserve Notes “one to one” is owed to us, all the physical asset gold is owed to us, all the land is owed to us, and all the credit plus interest is owed to us.

No wonder they are at such pains to go on claiming that we are legally “dead” ginned up repeated excuses for their behavior, but it all comes down to this: and that we “waived” our rights to our estates, and that we are their citizens, instead of them being our Debtors. No wonder they have ginned up repeated excuses for their behavior, but it all comes down to this:

They are insurmountably indebted to us and they don’t want to be.

They want to go on pretending to represent the creditors (us) on one hand, and rack up debts against our assets on the other.

Everyone worldwide benefits by us putting an end to this vicious charade and exposing the “British Raj” that the Bar Members have engineered and promoted to run the “administration” of most of the countries on Earth.

So, we, the actual Americans and Preferential Creditors, are calling in the debt. And we are calling out their fraud, Breach of Trust, and Trespass.

Most recently, I have heard that the U.S. Military (British Territorial Military) put all the physical assets in the hands of an Indonesian who claimed to have claims against the gold and silver assets going back thousands of years.

Of course, there is no proof of that, aside from some books and robes and ceremonial artifacts of unexamined antiquity — all of which look suspiciously like leftover Hollywood props.

He has obligingly seized upon our assets “for” them and has been deploying our assets to CIA operated accounts all over the Globe. I guess that answers the question of who he really works for and the quality of his claims.


So far, he has stolen $1000 Trillion in assets belonging to The D’Avila Family Trust to back the so-called “New World Currency” and he needs to be shut down for it. So does their currency issue, because the actual Preferential Creditors of the assets and the Donors of those Trusts object to any claim he has.

Speaking as the Fiduciary for our unincorporated Federation of States and the actual owners of all the assets and all the credit generated from the assets, this is an unacceptable narrative and unacceptable solution.

This Mess has got to get sorted out. It needed to be sorted out thirty years ago — and would have been — if the U.S. Military and Federal Agencies had simply faced facts and talked to the Trust Donors.

Killing and oppressing their Creditors is not a credible answer and doesn’t change anything. They simply become more and more indebted to our estates and progeny, and in my case, the “progeny” includes every red-blooded man and woman who has been born in this country and who claims their birthright as an American.

They would have to kill off every American, both here and abroad, and what would they accomplish, as, at the end of the day, they’d be destroying their own inheritance, their own country, and their own people at the behest of those who have defrauded them as much as everyone else?

No. This Trespass of the Sea upon the Land must stop. We are not going to mince any words or speak in anything but plain English. We are not citizens obligated to serve the Pope or the Queen.

We are Americans owed safe passage and pass through service, exemption from foreign law, and, if we agree, Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemption.

As the Preferential Creditors, we are calling the debts, and nationalizing the corporations. As the Donors we are liquidating the trusts. As the civilian government to which the U.S. Military owes its good faith and service, we are directing the Generals and Admirals to return our assets to our own American chartered Blue Dot Banks and stop thinking that we are too stupid to know what they and their Agencies buddies have done.

As a result of the debts owed to us, all commercial banks and lending institutions including the World Bank, are forfeit. The Corporations set up by the British Crown and the Vatican and their franchises are the new asset base, with the exception that we shall continue to use our gold and silver assets for purposes of international trade and commerce whenever the circumstance demands such remuneration.

The people — not the persons — of each country are invited to set up their own national banks in our Blue Dot System to expedite Free Trade and Commercial transactions and provide an administrative means to expedite the return of their own purloined property.

Meanwhile, on 25 June 2022, all merely presumptive wars and economic claims based on war reparations and expenses related to these wars on paper, will cease. Anyone having any objection to closing the books on the American Civil War, First World War, Second World War, Korea, Vietnam or any smaller conflicts that have taken place from 1860 to 25 June 2022, is directed to contact our Office of Reconciliation at the address below and get their objections postmarked no later than 25 June 2022.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652
(907) 250-5087


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