(Reader: KS) Stop Acting Like the Liberals!


Reader Post | By KS

I Really wasn’t going to post on here anymore. But I still sit and read others posting on here as if they give zero thought to what anyone else is feeling or Actually experiencing in real life from all of these current “So Called” Happenings and events of today.

First let me say, to the Truth is Unbreakable, WELL SAID!! Thank you! I agree on every point you stated. It seems more and more to me, that all of these people who still sit and BLAME US for all the Evil on this planet, which has been around far longer than any of us alive have even been ON THIS PLANET or In Existence, are the very ones who need to Get Off their own High Horses and go take a long hard look in the mirror Before they go spouting off at others and ask Are You part of the problem! They refuse to see that they are no different in doing that, as the Liberals are doing in Blaming GUNS for all of these “So Called” mass shootings. They blame the GUN for that Evil event Instead of the Person PULLING the Trigger, or NOT pulling the Trigger as the So Called Whits Hats keep doing! They blame US for these supposed “Low Frequencies” or Low Energy Vibes because they all want US TOO, to Join in what is to ME, looking more and more to be Just Another CULT! So Thank You Truth is Unbreakable! I agree with You!

To Those Who BLAME US who No longer want to Be part of THIS NEW CULT of Followers, Go look in a mirror to see if it’s YOU WHO are still “Stuck in this Supposed MATRIX” the White Hats keep Droning on and on and on about endlessly YET NEVER PROVE! We have been told repeatedly now since Trump took office in 2016 of these things. YES, His First 4 years in office Were GREAT and he did a Fabulous job! THAT sort of leader, I can still get behind! BUT, As the WHITE HATS have stated Repeatedly now over and over, THIS is Trump’s 2nd term and HE is Still the POTUS and Commander in Chief! Well honestly, if THIS, is his “The Best is Yet to Come” Finale, Then he can keep it! Oh, but it’ll be “Biblical” right? Yep! Right down to the last Handful of people LEFT after this Sh@#show of a D Rated MOVIE!

Do any of you remember How many times these So Called WHITE HATS have Told us how Klaus Schwab has said numerous times that We Will Own NOTHING and we will be HAPPY? Huh? Have YOU who still blame US for the BS that WE never had any Means or power to STOP ever Asked YOURSELVES, if Maybe, just MAYBE, it’s YOU who are the ones still Stuck in the Matrix and the very ones who are Falling for this BS Snake Oil Sh@#show being pushed out by the so called “White Hats”? Have you? I doubt it! Stop and Reflect a moment on Klaus Schwabs comment and apply it to what the “White Hats” are ALLOWING. It’s looking more and more to Me, that it’s people like You who are the ones Falling right into that crap! You will own Nothing and Be HAPPY! Why? Because you all sit and point fingers at We who Actually See TRUTH for what it really IS, instead of being just another SHEEP being lead Right Into that You Will own Nothing and be Happy TRAP! All while acting like Trump is God Himself and is the most Intelligent Being in all of his brilliance to ever walk the earth! How do you KNOW, that HE isn’t the very one Ushering IN, Klaus Schwab’s Agenda for all of Humanity? YOU DON’T! So Stop BLAMING WE THE PEOPLE! WE the People, are NOT IN CONTROL! Are We? We are told Repeatedly to Trust the Plan because the White Hats are in Full Control! THEY are the reason for so many Now Seeing thru THEIR LIES and BS and all this Garbage of “Negativity” or Negative Vibes, Negative “Collective Consciousness” you all just ran out the door believing like a kid chasing down the Ice Cream Truck! All because it was a different Narrative than what we had been seeing out of Washington for so long. You just Jump all on board WITH BLINDERS ON, because it Sounds Different, and THEY CLAIM, The Best is Yet to Come. Grow up and learn how NOT to Sit on some Judgemental HIGH HORSE why don’t you. Learn how to Call a Pot a Pot and a Kettle a Kettle. Stop Acting like the Liberals and learn how to Put BLAME where BLAME is Due and Credit where Credit IS DUE as well! WE are Not the Ones “IN CONTROL”. So WE, have Zero “Control” over anything! You all just went from being Blind, Deaf and Dumb Sheep of a NEW CULT and you can’t accept it for what it really is and just like the LIBERALS, Blame US instead of the Ones in CONTROL. You know, the ones who “Have it all” and Have Trapped and Caught them all. TRUTH, Demands PROOF! Proof, Demands HONESTY! Honesty, Demands JUSTICE! Justice, Demands TRUTH! See the cycle? The view from 60,000 Feet, shows there has been No Proof. Just a bunch of VAGUE Ambiances and Inuendos of some BS claim of This is Proof, or That is Proof or Blah blah blah. None of that is ACTUALLY PROOF of Anything from 60,000 feet up looking down on it all! Every bit of what they are CLAIMING to be Real Proof, is no different than the BS the Deep State “Black Hat CABAL” has used for Millennia now to Prove THEIR Agenda and can Just as easily be Completely FABRICATED in a Studio somewhere too, by Using the CGI Technology and Superior EDITING skills that HorryWood has had in its Arsenal of deceit for Decades! So None of that is CREDIBLE as FACTS and “TRUTH”! Both sides can make VIDEOS and RECORDINGS. That means NOTHING! All I KNOW, is since 2020, the entire Planet has been deteriorating at an Alarming rate and Still is, But oh wait, The BEST is Yet to Come, right? Still IT’S GOING TO GET MUCH WORSE so, “Prepare Now”, Even tho We’ve ALLOWED them to Break All of your Bank Accounts, and NOW have Zero Dollars to BUY the Necessities You and your family NEED to Survive what the Deep State WAS going to do to you but WE ARE now Instead, while you SHEEP Sit and BELIEVE we aren’t the ones Implementing Klaus Schwabs plan of “You will Own Nothing and Be Happy”!!!  

The view from 60,000 feet, is like looking down into an arena and seeing the two sides of this “Fight for Humanity”. I’ve Seen, AND KNOWN, for Decades now, all the BS done to We SLAVES by the Deep State. So I don’t NEED to have some Sh@#show to Reveal ANYTHING to me! I and all of Humanity, NEED someone who Don’t ALLOW that crap to happen any more! Looking down into that Arena, I DON’T SEE IT HAPPENING AT ALL!! Project Looking Glass, IF IT’S REAL, says They CANNOT be “Surprised” by ANY of the Cabal’s CHESS MOVES! ZERO! So where is that TRUTH that they keep CLAIMING? No in that Arena! Remember, Truth DEMANDS PROOF! Proof DEMANDS Honesty! We keep being told how for so many Thousands of years WE HAVE ALL BEEN SLAVES!!!! Yeah, WE KNOW! That’s why so many Millions Voted for TRUMP in the First place! DUHHHH! But STOP acting like the LIBERALS already! Enough is Enough! I am NOT to Blame for ANYONE’s Falling for Klaus Schwabs plan Being Implemented to Perfection! I am one of the now Millions of Fed Up Real Patriots looking down into that Arena and seeing BOTH SIDES, Using the Same Playbook! One side pointing fingers and the other side, while Neither Side DO WHAT THEY SAY! Ya know what? I’ve Been like that since I was 17 years old and ALREADY was Learning of the Deep States Real Agenda! Every time I THINK there is someone With some Power and Ability to ACTUALLY do something, NOPE! Just another DS Rat! Every time I Think I’ve finally found someone I CAN Get Behind and Believe in for the Better, NOPE! Just Still, another DS Rat! I’m pushing 60 soon. Still seeing the same thing coming from ALL of Our SLAVE MASTERS! Including Trump and these So Called “WHITE HATS”. Because now THEY, have become our NEW Slave Masters WHILE MIND YOU, Claiming to be our Saviors but NEVER PROVING ANYTHING. Why? Because, It’s all being done in “Secret”! Really? In Secret huh? That’s JUST how the DS has Operated for Centuries now to Keep mankind In SLAVERY! By doing everything IN SECRET! So it’s Really looking more and more like it’s not two teams in that Arena/Stadium putting on this SH#@Show, but the SAME team just wearing Different Color Hats. Because the past 3 years have done more DAMAGE to Humanity than Helping! If you can’t see that, then YOU are the SHEEP being Blinded by this NEW/DIFFERENT CULT!

As I have said on here before, I’m Back to the MIDDLE of this all. Still Waiting to see if ANYONE is going to Actually Do what they CLAIM, AND PROVE IT, or if it’s just going to keep being more of the destruction of us all! I REFUSE to Continue to Pour out All MY Energy and 30 plus Years of Effort now, into HOPIUM and Empty Promises FROM ANYONE! Why would I put my heart and soul into this, while every day, I see the whole world crumbling deeper and deeper and deeper still, Right into Klaus Schwabs Agenda?? All while people who Refuse to Pull the damned Trigger try to “Teach Humanity” some lesson we’ve all known for Decades now??

I’m NOT some Shill, or TROLL, or Paid Anything! I’m a Real Patriot who is sick and tired of seeing Schwabs agenda being fulfilled by some OTHER bunch of Mindless drones who Turn on Other Patriots and BLAME US instead of Putting the Blame WHERE IT NEEDS TO BE! On Those who keep Claiming to be “IN FULL CONTROL” of Everything! The ones HOLDING that Gun, are to BLAME! Not the GUN! Grow up and get it thru you heads, that Not ALL of us are Simple minded SHEEP! Some of us HUMANS and Real Patriots, can See the view from 60,000 ft up and see ZERO DIFFERENCE in Either side and won’t just blindly Fall In Line!


Final thought here, but Maybe it’ll help some. I don’t know but my thoughts anyway. A few years ago, Clint Eastwood made a movie called Grand Torino. Great Movie in my opinion! In it, there was a scene where Eastwood had gotten fed up with all the Criminals in his neighborhood, and, being a veteran, had enough and went into his house and got out his old M1 Garand rifle from his service, and pointed it right at the criminals and told them loud and clear, GET OFF MY LAWN!! Well, I have seen the Cabal’s agenda. I see these so called “White Hats” ALLOWING the very Death and destruction they claim to be “SAVING US ALL FROM”! I’m Fed up with their Lies and BS and never PROVING ANYTHING! So from here on, I’m gonna be like Eastwood telling BOTH Sides in that Arena to GET OFF MY LAWN!! I see NEITHER Side Right NOW, Doing ANYTHING GOOD for Humanity, and I REFUSE to Keep just “BELIEVING” without Seeing! Look where we are now from all everyone Believing without Seeing!! You keep saying that is My NEGATIVITY and it’s dragging everyone down??? BS!! That’s ME, being REAL! It’s Not me still WANTING THE OLD, as you all keep saying! Stop being a damned PARROT who simply Repeats all the BS being Spewed out! Stop just blindly Believing all these Wild Ass CLAIMS with Zero PROOF! Maybe if YOU all, the whole lot of you, would STOP believing that BS, and the Entire planet’s “So Called Collective Energy”, FELL TO ZERO, then Maybe, these so called WHITE HATS would open their eyes to see THEY ARE THE ONES CAUSING IT!!! Huh??? Ever think of that?? No you haven’t! Oh wait, you wanna keep “Trusting The Plan”. I forgot! He He He silly me. You all are the ones who LIKE and DESIRE the PLAN. Right?? That plan, that is PROVING that there will be BILLIONS, with a B, of Humans DIE, Suffer, and Lose everything they have put every ounce of Energy into having, All while “TRUSTING THAT BELOVED PLAN OF YOURS”, that from what I can tell, is doing nothing more than Fulfilling Klaus Schwabs Agenda! Until they PROVE SOME REAL CRAP, I’ll be like Eastwood and tell BOTH SIDES to Stay Off MY LAWN cause I don’t wanna Hear Any more of EITHER SIDES WILD ASS CLAIMS with Zero PROOF!

Signed, Reader KS. But you all HAVE A WONDERFUL DESTRUCTION OF A PLAN! Sit there and just BELIEVE the Best is Yet to Come while BILLIONS of humans suffer and DIE!


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