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Dear Mark Baughman,

Earth has been in the 3rd dimension as long as I’ve lived. I’m 71. A bunch of pinheads! That is, unless, of course you are a billionaire and can hire legal help and private security.

So, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov……?

If you wouldnt mind, please print for us (me) the over 300 items for QFS you mentioned? I need little help, please. Not very good with technical things. I like the old fashioned organic ways like the Amish ones. The simpler the better. And big families and lots of helpers and families and neighbors that love and help one another.

No wars? Where have you been? LalaLand?

They are having kids be gunned down in schools. For Gods sake, homeschool! And teach them the bible and about love.

Ive said it for years. But then I got censored. Im so very sorry if you didnt get my msg.


The media continues to lie, police break in to my home if I run to the grocery store! So I dont dare go. They help themselves to my food, alcohol, Ivermectin for Horses (I take it and really need it) a huge amount of minerals, vitamins, anything they might like they steal, my money in my wallet, my silver, jewelry, life savings, preps it took years to gather,  very special blessing, gift I believe was from God–all gone.

Others dont have homes anymore. Some seniors and HONORABLE VETS are forced to live in their cars! but they wont be able to get far as they might want with gas prices. Others are living in tents or RVs. More will likely be joining them soon. Some mothers are receiving some very kind handouts in front of Walmart with their hungry children.

No wars? You’d have to be a billionaire. I dont know about you, but I’ve had to struggle my whole life.

Banks keep taking my homes and St Rose Hospital in Henderson, NV killed my husband.

He went in for a blockage in his colon and never came out. His kidneys did but not the blockage. He projectile vomited and they didnt give him another clean thin blanket. He looked so cold but they ignored my pleas. Kept kicking me out! He needed help and they ignored us.

Did you know if your loved one isnt receiving proper care, you can dial 911.

Then at least you get two attendants for him. They must stay with him until cared for or they can take him elsewhere! I didnt know that at the time. But I want everyone to know that! These hospitals are killing factories! And our children miss him. He died at age 50 on his birthday.


I hope the person they sold His kidneys to survived. I doubt it. Those kidneys took in a lot of toxins. But I’m sure they sold for a good price.

I’m very proud and thankful he was such a giving saint. He sealed his place in Gods Kingdom. I’m sure I’ll be joining him soon

because Jesus died in 30AD and satan and his demons set 2030 for the finishing touches on their evil plans. Also God allowed 6,000 years for man to go His own way without Him. It’s been about that. 

God plans to breathe life back into their dead souls, wake them up in the flesh for a new life with His Son in charge, instead of demons on and under this planet. God blinded a lot of us for good reason! It’s ok to be blind for now. God did it for good reason. It’s an ugly world. So stop shocking people awake. God is not going to like it. Go throw a bucket of ice water on yourself or jump in an extremely hot tub yourself! Respect Gods doings! Quit forcing your space alien fantasy on us! We know what God says. We have and read His words for ourselves. I read

It’s got great study helps!

God never intended any child of His to have to make a life or death decision without something better to compare it to. That’s why people get another 100 years you dodos! Babies too.

He gave his babies the SPARK OF LIFE! and intends to have them live a hundred year minimum! Read it yourself if you can read! You probably cant! Lame excuse! Learn! God wont accept it! He expects more from His children.They arent supposed to be bottle fed til their 90! Wheres the beef?

Most of em can only quote the same old verses like II Thes! One verse doesn’t prove anything! It takes “two or three witnesses to settle a matter”.  Duck duck go it! 

It’s in two places, the Old Covenant and the New Covenant. It’s one book. All is required. No pickers and choosers are going where Jesus is. He always spoke to types like them in parables. They need another 100 years. Thank Hod there may be HOPE for them! He’s so patient! Snd they’re so hard headed!

He’s got amazing plans! and Gifts!


Mercy triumphs over judgement in His kingdom. Everyone decides for themself.

Its coming soon. Hang in there. He is pleased with people who dont give up for nothing! Who believe Him AND PROVE the truth of ALL His Words/Jesus, His spokesman and beloved Son. It’s in the Book! Get the CD if you got busy hands doing lots of chores!

He will never force anyone to choose life! He always gives FREE CHOICE. But you have to be UNBLINDED as to what the choice is. The blindness thing belongs only between God and each one of us personally. 

Blindness can be good! It’s up to God how to handle that! He understand. Loves you. And I tend to be of the opinion we al need more love and encouragement than just being rebuked alone. That’s why I keep preaching truth and praying they repent of their rebellion. He says that revebellion is like witchcraft! Maybe they got it stuck in them by demons?  God obviously wants them blinded for a reason. Hes a lot more tender and forgiving and patient than nost of us. I want to share not just the truth of Gods words, but compassion too. That’s why I’m so grateful they get another most gorgeous garden of Eden Farm of their own! for 100 more years. Where they can spend time alone with Jesus and good Angel’s in their gardens, talk to them about it all. I am so confident every last one of them will figure it out and become the sweetest little lambs youd ever hope to hold. Once Swe Jess shos hem his wounds nd hs them in His arms and explains how evil deceivers were and explains how He doesnt hod anything against them as long as they find out the truth and start to obey it. There will he nothing that harms anyone there in your garden He longs to give you for a hundred years!

Theres nothingcwrong about not understanding or misunderstanding anything. It just takes us a little longer to learn it is all. There nothing wrong with that. Hes going to give us another 100 YEARS. We wint take that long. We can start to obey as we do learn. That’s the important thing! Repentance and forgiveness. He wants tenderness and kind hearted folks in His father’s Kingdom

Our Father will rejoice when He finally comes down to earth and He will acknowledge all the progress we made by eternal gifts. Theres plenty of time. Take your own time you need. Hes a very patient Father. Loving. Generous. Kind.

Why dont you ask Him.

Truth does exist!

If you want Him to listen to you, or you want to ask Him a question, why dont you build a relationship with Him? How?

Try doing what He had written down in Ex 20. His Commands. Try it. Privately. Its between you and God. He loves you. He wants your presence near.


I’m looking forward to it all. God is so awesome! We will get to live together forever near Him in His Kingdom. It’s a very beautiful place of lasting wealth and beauty. The streets, the city gates!

MERCY TRIUMPHS OVER JUDGEMENT you know. Gods Word says so and He never lies.

The things that plague us now, wont for long. I estimate 7 years tops, maybe? We’ll know for sure when the new temple and sacrifices restart in it. Then we count from 7 backwards.

Eternity means forever. And it’s far better than this “cosmic community” of alien freaks, or any other! because it’s REAL.

A lot of the OT is prophecy that hasnt happen yet. Isaiah describes a lot about what’s to come! The nature of animals wi be like before Adam and Eves sin when he walked together with then in the garden, probably rested their heads and back in the fur of a bears or lions back and played with them and gave them hugs. Isaiah prophesies of the animals how they will be tame. And a child can stick their hand down a viper’s hole and not be bit.

What you see now is the result of the destruction of satan and his minions. This is just a very temporary mess. Jesus will come and help get it cleaned up and rece a gorgeous garden/farm just for you, your entire family it will provide for!

So dont be in such a big hurry to get raptured into the clouds and get stuck floating around forever. Clouds re already getting stuck in your ears.  You will be able to see and hear clearly one day!

Why are you in such a hurry to go up there? Jesus isnt going to be there! You did not have read the part where it says He’s going to descend FROM the clouds to EARTH! and reign a thousand years. Eh?

Pay attention to details. Take your time. We dont all have to become know it Al’s instantaneously. I sure wasnt! I’ve been searching for decades for bits and details. Ppl it’s awesome! 

If you’re willing to start obeying Ex 20 and HIS COMMAND TO REMEMBER HIS SABBATHS, He will forgive us for your false  ass umptions. We wont make an ass out of you or me! No sir! Try reading again til you get it it’s there. If I can find it, you sure can!


You will wake up in the second resurrection if not sooner. Either is fine by me, so long as I do.

The first is for the saints silly. They know His plan. What He’s doing because they are law abiding of they’re own free will. He honors that. Can use their good attitudes and respect in His Kingdom. He doesnt have to bat them over the head to get them to obey like he does with us. Yeah I’m sometimes guilt of sins too. I understand.

Jesus always spoke to some in parables. They were only following after Him for the free food and entertainment when he raised the dead and healed the sick and lame! And multiplied a few fish.

Let’s not make Him talk in parables to us.

My husband and I found the key to the magic kingdom. Our Father left us a book.  it has a CD set to go with it. I recommend the lighter paperback.

I got the leather one and I read in bed and got tired and almost drop it and it hit me in the head. It’s very big, cumbersome, and heavy! Ask my head.

It’s the most awesome of all books ever! 2009 2nd edition. Make sure you get the second edition!  Lots of study helps in it, all with proofs you prove for yourself! Stop believing these lying preachers.

They’re doing nobody any good with their lies, just lining their pockets or seeking fame or their own damnable selfish ways and not interested one iota about what God wants or says! They are selfish and spoiled and only want their own damn way! They need to WAKE UP! doesnt bs people. If they did you just turn them right off!

I dont tolerate that. You shouldn’t either!


We dont need to. They won’t. If you think they do, put them on pause and check on them. If I dont know something for sure, that’s what I do. Gods word points out exactly where you can find the truth and check up on matters, and where you can find and prove for yourself it is true! Do phrase searches. You’ll find it. Dont ever give up!

Yep. I’m really looking forward to being there, where Jesus and my husband will be.

I’m keeping my husbands ashes with me wherever I go. When it’s time for him to wake up, I’m hoping he will escort me wherever Jesus is. I’m not the same girl I was 11 years ago. Time takes its toll. I’ve lost 3 veneers. Actually began going grey finally too. I have med-dark brown long hair and few more wrinkles.

But we arent soldiers of God? There’s no war!

It’s not so bad yet. We have another year and a half to look forward to likely great hunger and possibly starvation.

That’s gonna keep grave diggers busy if that’s where you put your loved ones or they put you.

Dont waste time. Get on it. Build faith. Stand fast. Seek. You’ll find it. God good book says so.

Love you, Mark, but sir, excuse me please, we are all embattled in this war for the truth and our Father’s promises.

Please dont lie or try to sugar coat it. Give us the credit due us. Americans are a pretty honorable stock of people once we get on the right track. In this case, Gods Word, not draco bs. There probably are satanic demons of all kinds.

They wont save me. I’m on a search for the truth of my Father and the eternal life He intends me to have. When I search, He fights my battles and I dont get distracted.


Are distractions and fancy words all you guys teach? If so, you’re big losers as far as I’m concerned.

I’m still curious what those over 300 items for QFS are. I’m ready to search, read them. If you could print them for me on my screen somewhere I’d sure appreciate it.

I’m not a techie by any stretch. Keep it Simple.


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