(Reader: MW) Is the Alliance Operating Legally?


Reader Post | By MW

Like many here, I have read as much information as I can get my hands on, from a large variety of sources.

After reading and contemplating the various opinions from MSNBC to David Icke, from Mr. Brandon to Benjamin Fulford, from Mr. Putin’s speeches to Anna Von Reitz’ writings, I have come to a few conclusions and have many more questions.

One area of questions surrounds whether the Alliance is actually doing things legally.  After reading and contemplating some from Mr. Miller, Mr. Straight, Ms. Von Reitz and Mr. Trump et. al., I believe that Ms. Von Reitz is actually the most stable, knowledgeable and correctly acting person among the lot.  If you have not read Anna Von Reitz and the actual american people legal actions taken by “them” for “us”, you owe it to yourself to do so.

Ms. Von Reitz and the organization  she is involved with have registered legal claims, on behalf of the american people, which cannot be legally ignored.  Yet, all I hear from the Alliance representatives (if they are indeed Alliance representatives) is how the former president of the British corporations operating on these shores, Mr. Trump, has already caused the bankruptcy of the US corp. (British monarch controlled) and caused the legal re-organization of the country and the world based on the original precepts of the american constitution. 

But wait!  If Ms. Von Reitz and others have registered, legally, various liens, cancellations, assertments, etc. in proper fashion, then why is the Alliance NOT communicating with these parties, to work together to include everyone who has taken legal steps already to ensure that americans and America are on solid legal footing?  Why are the Alliance legal claims not registered and easy to see and find ?  In other words, when Anna Von Reitz went to file certain documents, why didn’t she see that someone in the Alliance had already done similar?  Or conversely, when Mr. Trump or his proxie went to file the necessary legal docs to “return America to the original legal structure” and cancel agreements with the British monarchy, etc., why didn’t Trump and his people see that parties such as Ms. Von Reitz had already staked a claim on said territory, so to speak?  And if Trump has seen these filings, again I ask, why hasn’t a formal meeting taken place to begin working together to bring about the stated goal of “returning America to the original intent and laws”?

Trump and the supposedly alive John F. Kennedy Jr. have repeatedly said that everything is already done, in terms of organizing this return to the original constitution and legal structure yet no one has seen these filings.  We are to believe that Trump is still the president…of a bankrupt, legally dead corporation.  In short, he is NOT president of anything that purports to represent the people of America.  It is impossible.  The US corporation,  this now bankrupt and defunct British corporation, who was hired  as a sub-contractor (similar to being an employee to We the People), to do the administration of the day-to-day duties of running a country, for We the People, gradually turned into pirates, thieves and used the controlled major media to tell us that they were/are the elite, the leaders and what they say goes.  They are employees (or sub-contractors to be more clear) of We the People, nothing more.  And, we do NOT need to wait to vote them out, if they neglect their agreed upon duties or act contrary to their job description, which they have done repeatedly for many years.  We can pull their insurance bond, we can make their crimes public and fire them in a variety of legal methods.  It is painstaking to do this individually and since the entire sub-contracted corporation has been corrupted, let’s fire the entire corporation, with cause.

Oh wait!  Supposedly, both Trump and his people and Ms. Von Reitz have all done this, as stated above.  Given how often the “Alliance” has lied to us, why do I trust that Ms. Von Reitz has actually followed through with the legal steps and the Alliance has not?  Some will say, ok maybe the Alliance has not done the legal stuff yet but they are fighting the bad guys in tunnels.  I hope so but I am responding to factual, legal statements and filings that also must be done at the same time fighting in the tunnels is being done.  I am bringing to light that this is an another entire area where we are being lied to.  Why would the Alliance lie to us by telling us that all is done and ready, we are only waiting on the cabal to pull off their next series of dastardly deeds so the Alliance has more evidence on them?  We now know that all is NOT done and ready.  How are we to reconcile the Alliance telling us that they have all the evidence already yet they must allow the cabal to force disease on everyone, start a famine,  go through the slow court system, wait for incorrect verdicts, allow the torture of the January 6 tourists, vote again for candidates working for the defunct foreign corporation in November 2022, et. al. so they have more evidence of wrong-doing?


Let’s review, Trump has himself stated that the US corporation is bankrupt and dead.  That means that Trump is acting as a private individual, he is not president of any live organization that represents us, the american people.  Secondly, Trump nor any organization associated with him or the Alliance has taken the legal steps necessary to establish anything similar to the original constitutional republic, as far as can currently be found.  Third, we are told that 194 countries signed the Gesara agreements yet 200 some countries attended the WEF meetings, which is diametrically opposed to Gesara.  We are told that a small group of countries scuttled the WHO agreement at the WEF meeting, not that 194 countries voted against it.  We have been told, for years (not months as some of the more newly awakened people think) that “Now is the moment” and “we have taken down the Cabal and have thwarted many of their efforts” and “we are saving humanity” and “we have already won” and “we already arrested most of the top Cabal members”…to name a few of the more famous lines.  Yet, the plandemic occurred, the poisonous vaccine was distributed, the propaganda continued, the economy was ruined, the elections were robbed, the food supply is ruined, billions of dollars in damage was done via riots in our cities, etc..  It is believed that billions will die from either vaccines, famine or other forms of attack on the people.  But, but, but…the Alliance is protecting us!  Maybe the Alliance is protecting us and the Cabal could have done much worse, without the protection of the Alliance but maybe us being saved by a secret organization who nonetheless allows disaster after disaster to occur, is really a CIA psy-op.

Here is a message from We the People to the secret Alliance!  Trump may be a great person (since so much in the media, both internet and major media is corrupted, I cannot claim to know if Trump is anything more than a creation of a massive public relations effort), but he does NOT legally represent We the People.  He may be fighting for us (again, we don’t really know) and if so, that’s wonderful and we embrace him, but again he cannot officially represent us if we have not agreed to that.  Trump cannot claim that the election was stolen from him and he wants that to be over-turned, if he is concurrently claiming that the US corporation is dead. 

Don’t get me wrong, I desperately hope we have allies of the Light working for us.  I am not here to complain about the GCR not occurring rapidly enough, even though all of us could use an infusion of assistance right now.  I am only here to shine a light on lies and claims that are untrue, since this only undermines the faith, hope and backing of We the People.  For me, even though I have not been perfect in my life, a consistent pattern of lying by someone degrades my faith in them as a partner or leader or close friend.  How can we trust people who regularly lie to us, to be who they claim to be?  



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