(Reader: Nannah) MI6, Cleared Australia


Reader Post | By Nannah

I would like to comment on the supposed report from MI6 about Australia.  Yes,  it is true we have just had an election. BUT, it was a FRAUDULENT election.  The Electoral Commission in charge of holding the election did NOT follow the ‘rules’ as set down in the ‘Act’ governing elections in Australia and then revised ‘HOW’ the ‘count’ should proceed.  

Then the new Prime Minister was ‘sworn in ‘ within a couple of days, and before the ‘vote’ was formally finalised.

Anthony Albanese is just as much a part of the DS as was Scott Morrison.  It was HIS party – the ALP or Australian Labor Party who threw away our Constitution (without AUTHORITY of the people) in 1973 when Gough Whitlam (then Prime Minister) made Australia into a CORPORATION registered with the NYSE.  Since then, every consecutive government has usurped our rights and hidden what has been done.  

It was the ALP who opened our borders and ‘invited’ the ‘boat people’ in illegally, handing out FREE mobile phones and thousands of $$$$ to people who came here illegally.  

One of the FIRST things he did when he was sworn in was to announce that we WILL be a REPUBLIC and soon. AGAIN, without the permission of the Australian people – there HAS to be a ‘referrendum’ of the people to make that decision and we have rejected it TWICE before.  

Also,within days of assuming power, they opened the door to allow the chinese to buy MORE of Australia – mostly – agricultural land – by raising the threshold value of land from $15m to $50m before any scrutiny of purchase is required by government.  This too, is completely against our Constitution – that states that – NO person or entity who is NOT an Australian CITIZEN is allowed to purchase property in Australia (paraphrased).  This was set down in 1901 when our Constitution was established for the protection of Australia from foreign interests, which sought to ‘control’ the nation.

So, NO, I DON’T believe that Australia has been cleared of DS infuluence and NO, Albanese has NOT done anything to relieve the ‘plandemic’ situation.  He remained quiet all throughout the past 2+ years so as NOT to seem to be part of the systematic destruction of this country.  

He obviously KNEW what was happening, and that the whole thing was a scam and a DS takeover attempt, but he stood by and did and said NOTHING – so, he and his mates are just as guilty as Scott Morrison and his crew and the rest of the DS.  

IF, the ‘Alliance’ REALLY IS in control, it is time, they actually DID what they SHOULD have done a LOOOONG time ago and put an END to this treachery and evil before MORE lives are lost – MURDERED – or harmed by the malefeace of these criminals.  They have claimed that they ‘have it all’, so it’s time they actually USED ‘ALL’ that data and put a STOP to what is happening in the world.

There will NEVER be a PERFECT time, but if they don’t act soon, there won’t be a ‘world’ left to save.

Sick & Tired of the lies and DISinformation – Nannah


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