(Reader) The Great Psy-Op


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Patriots are losing hope, facing the reality of what’s really happening. the “white hats” are losing more patriots than winning awakened people.

BS=all talk, no action, no proof.
REALITY=is what we’re all seeing, witnessing, experiencing.

Are there really “white hats”? where are they?

We’re all being played. the “movie” is actually a giant puppet show, to let all the blame fall on the current biden admin. ,while in reality it’s trump “in charge”. if he’s really still in charge, why is he allowing all this death and destruction? he’s either NOT in charge (all BS), or if he is in charge, he’s behind all this. the “movie” makes me think of the “who” in “whoville”.

remember when trump took office, the first thing he did was take a world tour and made other countries “capitulate”? to what?
We all know trump is all about money and power.
he admits to being the father of the vaccine.
“the best is yet to come”. for who?
If big T and the white hats are really in control, then why;

-are we still being sprayed like bugs?
-they’re spraying our crops with nanos & poisons?
-infesting our food with nanos & poisons?
-are we still suffering the shots?
-are we being economically crushed?
-are the haarp weather warfare machines still raging on?

etc., etc., etc., you all have the same questions i have.


they say they’re waiting on us. they can’t move until we do. “voting the corrupt out” is not an option anymore, because our voting system is corrupt and captured. btw, whatever happened to the 2020 steal? just swept under the rug, ignored, doesn’t matter? whatever happened to all the proof from each state, lindell’s proof, watermarked ballots? now the mules movie? the smartmatic machines? where are all the arrests?

oh ya, it’s all happening in secret, sshhhhhhh! they’re all being replaced with doubles, look alikes, clones, etc..

they say they had to exhaust all civilian processes before the military can act. that happened a while back. so why haven’t they stepped in?

the 2nd is really the only option we have left. they say they do not want us to get violent, but back us into a corner with no other option left.

telling us to remain in stand down mode and allow the communist/globalist takeover, and just watch our country being burned to ground.

They need to step up and end all this corruption/destruction before “we the people” do.

drums are pounding, groups are organizing. we know who the corrupt are, and where to find them.


if they don’t step up and act, things are going to get real ugly, real fast. this is not a threat, let’s face it, this is inevitable. it will come down to this.

especially when people start starving (which they’re sending down the pipe as we speak).

So, trump, white hats, or anybody with contacts to them (if they exist), if you where waiting for the “OPTIMAL TIME TO ACT”, it’s already gone. for/by the love of god, you better DO……something ……now. unless……you’re part of it.


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