Major Shortfalls in the Western Medical System 5/28/2022


Operation Disclosure | By Mark Baughman, Contributing Writer

Submitted on May 28, 2022

Major Shortfalls in the Western Medical System 5/28/2022

(Picture; AMA Symbol (Really, an Illuminati Symbol))

For good reason, I just want to throw Western Medical System in the trash. Over the next few years, that is exactly what we are going to do. All of humanity, will progress with the Med-Bed and the Celestial Chamber technology. The CDC (Control Disease Center), the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), the AMA (American Medical Association, the WHO (World Health Organization), and the NIH (National Institutes of Health) are wanting to kill, maim, and ruin your health. There are many of the three-letter agency that are working against humanity, all created by the deep state or illuminati.

The new technology is proven light and frequency machines that can give you complete health with one setting; within an hour or even minutes. Here is a lecture from Jared Rand on the New Technology:  This technology has been in use in the Earth’s Secret Space Programs for decades.

The Western Medical System has produced many lies and more lies, plus deception along the way. The AMA, FDA, WHO, NIH & CDC is part of the New World Order (illuminati) wanting total control over our body’s health by law.  Also, the major medical systems are really a money-making machine, and are brainwashing patients and the physicians to their propaganda. This is going to STOP in the coming months and years. The whole system has major flaws and I will outline them here, with references. They have even influenced the politicians and governments worldwide, by major over-reach laws, in violation of the Nuremberg Code, and our God given rights, to have our own health choices. Basically, by an ongoing onslaught of unlawful and criminal acts, to remove freedoms of what we can put in our body and how we can make those choices.

The “State of the Western Medical System”. If the American Medicine System was so good, how come the U.S. spends the most money compared to any country in the world per GDP, by far. And the health care and life-span is one of the worst in the so-called modern, and wealthy countries in the world? This statistic is from Wikipedia, with references here:  Here is a quote from “U.S. health care spending grew 9.7 percent in 2020, reaching $4.1 trillion or $12,530 per person.  As a share of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product, health spending accounted for 19.7 percent.” The closest country for spending per GDP is Austria at 10.1%. I want my money back for the care I am receiving in America!

Also, the average life-span for Americas was about 79 years old and peaked in 2016 and now has dropped off to about 78.6 years of age since then. In other, modern countries like Japan has the highest rate at over 84 years old average life-span, and all other major modern countries are rated higher than America by far.

Clearly, there are many things really corrupt in the American Medical System to be that costly – from second highest Austria at about 10% to American spending 19.5% of GDP, for 2021 19.5% of about 23 trillion is about 4.5 trillion dollars. With the Med-Bed technology, total body health can be restored, very quickly, and we are going to provide it for free! The money spent on the current system is totally “out of line” and clearly has corrupted these insurance companies, Big Pharma, hospitals, and physicians for the quality of care they are putting out! We will dig deeper into why, as we move on.

Next up, Medical malpractice is the number one or the number three killing machine in the U.S. It depends on the study, or how they place real causes on the death certificate. This one is according to John Hopkins. Here is the link: Here is a quote from John Hopkins in 2016: “Analyzing medical death rate data over an eight-year period, Johns Hopkins patient safety experts have calculated that more than 250,000 deaths per year are due to medical error in the U.S. Another quote is: Then, using hospital admission rates from 2013, they extrapolated that based on a total of 35,416,020 hospitalizations, 251,454 deaths stemmed from a medical error, which the researchers say now translates to 9.5 percent of all deaths each year in the U.S.” This is close to 10% of the death rates per year in the U.S. Now according to Attorney at Law Magazine article in June 2020 quote: “During the last several years, Baylor University and John Hopkins have reported diagnostic errors as the most common and costly type of medical error, impacting more than 12 million patients each year across the United States. Diagnostic errors include when doctors fail to diagnose illness or disease in a patient. Or when they misdiagnose the patient. When a doctor fails to properly diagnose a patient, the patient doesn’t receive the treatment they need, resulting in severe illness or death. According to about 12 million people in the U.S. are misdiagnosed every year. Of those, up to 20% are of serious conditions, 44% are of cancer diagnosis, and 51% are of breast cancer diagnosis. Overall, it is report about 60% of diagnosis are correct, according to

Physicians and Hospital are getting kick-backs. We do know for sure, the WHO is giving out about $100,000 for each death that is labeled Covid-19, since the plandemic has started. We do know the physicians have been pressured to use Remdesivir to treat in the hospitals, per guidelines from the CDC and Dr. Fauci. With a treatment of just 1 to 4 days, where no other drug was suspected, reactions were serious in 92% of cases and 4.6% of the patients died.  This is very costly, about a $1,000 dollars per pill, and can cause kidney failure if on this for a few days. Here is the proof:  Many physicians in countries all over the world, good physicians in America, they used Ivermectin, HCQ or hydrochloraquine, monoclonal antibodies or even high doses of Vitamin C to cure Covid-19 without the side effects. These therapies have been used in Africa and India with some of the lowest infection rates and clearly, deaths. We do know Africa has the lowest vaccinated rate at 5%, and one of lowest death rates in the world. Israel on the other hand are on their 4th or 5th vaccine or booster shot and have the highest death rate per population in the world, on Covid-19.  Hospital Administers have pressured physicians to use tube-in lung or mechanical ventilators. This article shows that 40 to 50% of the patients with severe respiratory conditions die while on the ventilators.  This is the article on that subject:

There are many kick-backs from Big-Pharma to the Hospitals and physicians. Many do this for money: the vaccines have “quotas” and the drug prescription rates have “quotas” for kick-backs. I just want to inform the readers that “this is NOT medicine” if any financial incentives are executed! I have a friend from High-School and My Uncle were both on 25 prescription drugs at the same-time. There is NO way in Hell the physician, that is writing that many prescriptions, would know the interactions in the body or the real health cost or benefit. They are guessing and more than likely, just in it for the money. This is NOT medicine; this is a money-making scam! By the way, the Quantum System is monitoring all who receive kick-backs and dirty money. In the not too distant future, the world will see Nuremburg 2.0 trails for “Crimes against humanity”, even for those hospital administrators, physicians and nurses that are just in it for the money.

With the above, forced one-lane fits all type medication, for those who come in for Covid-19 in many hospitals, this is NOT freedom. This is NOT medical choice by the patients or the physicians. This one-lane fits all is just about harming and killing as many patients as possible.

This Covid-19 pandemic was planned and many have patents on the viruses. There is no better reference in the world that the Covid viruses are patented, and therefore in-lab man-made than Lawyer turned major activist, Dr. David Martin from Australia. He starts off that the entire Plandemic is a criminal conspiracy to “Harm, Maim, and Kill Humans! He has tracked patents for Corona viruses since 1999. IBM digitized all patents, in 1999. He has valid proof of all he states. The public is being coerced by the Deep State Fake MSM, (Main Stream Media) worldwide to believe in the plandemic.

This is a Deep State agenda to take over everyone’s freedom all over the world. Dr. Fauci paid University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to manipulate the coronavirus to basically cause cardiac issues, and lung issues, in 2003. For the first time, one year after they patented this, the first coronavirus shows up in the world. You draw your own conclusions. The CDC patented SARS virus and many variations of that genome, in 2003.  This has been a commercial operation, and funded by Dr. Fauci. (He is the same as Dr. Death of the Nazi’s Dr. Josef Mengele) This is NOT a debate now, it is fact!  

Here is a quote made in 2016 from the bad guys: “We need to get the public to accept a vaccine, we need the “media to hype” a disease, therefore we can give them the mRNA vaccine”. If you think this has anything to do with real “public health”, you need to read what the criminals stated. In 2016, the public was resistant to get a vaccine, that did not work. Therefore in 2019, their agenda was to release a respiratory virus, in order, for the public to accept the vaccine. Here is one better, says Dr. Martin; “A Bioweapon by law is defined: If you make a device (or virus in this case) derived or modified different from nature, and make it more deadly for humans, this is called a “Bioweapon”. Their work paid by Dr. Fauci and then patented is a Bioweapon, no question about that.

What is being injected, the experimental mRNA vaccine, is a recipe in your body to make a spike protein to replicate the coronavirus. Your body is being turned into a weapons factory, says Dr. Martin. In the hope it defends your body, against what your body made. If the public understood that, they would not line up to receive the vaccines or jabs. This is NOT how ANY vaccine worked before to protect people: In the past they used a version of the real virus to force your body into making a natural immunity.

The fake MSM is manipulating and coercing the public to get the jabs or vaccines. They cover a lie with even a bigger lie, says Dr. Martin too. Many hospitals, nurses, and physicians are bulling and coercing the patient to get any vaccine. They are doing this right in their Doctors offices. Many businesses required it too, in order to keep their jobs. This is a criminal act also. The corrupt Deep State leaders have pushed on the fake MSM, that the only way back to normalcy is for everyone to get the jab. Understand, that the ingredients that are required by law, in the box or on the side of the bottle, were never published on all the manufactures vaccines. Any “experimental” drug or vaccine given to a patient must be clearly told it is experimental, or that is against the law and the Nuremburg Code too. Punishable by International law. Here is Dr. Martin interview:

In the real world of truth, there is not a Virus, ever, that is a Contagion. Understand too, “The Contagion Myth” book by Thomas S. Cowan, M.D. and Sally Fallon Morell tells all, and goes back to Louis Pasteur, the Father of the “Virus”. Pasteur recanted his “Contagion Virus Theory” on his death bed!!! Corrupt Big-Pharma has successfully created the Vaccine to protect one against this Virus which is NOT a contagion. They knew from the get-go on Vaccines, as Jared Rand has repeatedly stated, that “Vaccines and Hospitals” are used for their “population control agenda”. Virus do exist, but they live in the body, and the only way you can “get one” is if you are injected with one. This is confirmed by Jared Rand, a past member of the U.S. Navy’s Secret Space Programs for thirty years. Jared stated that they “Sprayed the Air” with poisons for us to get this so-called Covid-19. And one can easily see, snake-venom is a poison, that the “in-charge” corrupt leaders have used for thousands of years. You can be sprayed on by large “Chem-Trail” airplanes that the Deep State run, all over the world. And yes, by vaccines, you can put anything you want in it, including a man-made virus, synthesized snake venom, harmful chemicals, parasites, and basically a   concoction that can cause basically “normal looking illnesses that kill”, and this clearly makes this operation not only criminal, but even a completely and extremely diabolical act of “crimes against humanity”.

Yes, there is clearly “Snake-Venom” in the vaccines, and Dr. Tau Braun has proof, and was submitted in June 2021 to the FBI. Here is a summary of a video that has the link below. “It’s been a month and a half since we brought Dr. Brian Ardis’s venom theory of Covid to the masses with “Watch the Water”. Since then more than seven million people have viewed that documentary on Rumble, and millions more have watched it through other means. But while Dr. Ardis may have popularized the theory, he may not have been the first person to think of it. Doctor Tau Braun is a U.S. counterterrorism and emergency management advisor and expert. He recently drew our attention to a letter he sent to the FBI. We’re going to read an excerpt to you right now. Quote: “The Covid vaccines are not a viable and safe method to be used to contain and end this pandemic. Covid Vaccines rely on the use of the SARS2 Spike Protein. The Spike Protein is highly toxic and lethal on its own (without the viral component), it poses a biological and environmental threat that has the potential to lead to a much higher death toll than we have already experienced during this pandemic The Spike Protein has numerous “fingerprints” pointing to a manufactured biological weapon: It can be aerosolized and can easily be deployed as a chemical weapon with devastating short term and long-term impacts. SARS2 was rapidly labeled a respiratory disease. However, my research has revealed that the primary destructive mechanism of SARS2 and the S-Protein is an envenomation.” The word envenomation is using snake venom, and we know for sure, you can make a synthetic version of any snake venom. With genome therapy, and manipulation, they can make it out, not to “look like a normal snake-bite.”

Therefore, those physicians that discount the total criminality that what has been done in the evil Biolabs to make any concoction they want in the lab, are just not realizing what goes on in the illegal and covert Biolabs worldwide. My intelligence indicates are over 300 labs in count.  Putin and the Alliance have taken down these Biolabs, with much evidence in the Ukraine. The Ukraine illuminati safe haven and its cleanup are very close to being done. The good people of the planet do not need any Biological Research that is working against humanity or trying to find a way to kill people, even as a military weapon. Personally, I am extremely tired of the people on this planet being used as an experimental “ant farm” by these evil people. Dr. Tau Braun states this vaccine campaign is the largest killing program since 9/11. Here is the link to Dr. Tau Braun video. There is a venomous peptide in the vaccines, this is very clear, as many experts have discovered. There are solutions for this Bioweapon. Please do your research.

First and foremost, from those Physicians and Ph.D.’s that oppose this truth: They are not looking at real data or information. Now, the letter from Dr. Christiane Northrup M.D. has these conclusions: first to start out, that Dr. Byron Ardis is just a Chiropractic physician and is extremely unprofessional and in my opinion; clearly childish. He has six pages of links to back up his claim, and many other Physicians concluding the same thing.  He has great friends and colleagues he is collaborating with.  Just to start, you take shots at Dr. Ardis and you have NO scientific evidence.  You have never had a “molecular test” done, like on a gas chromatography or a mass spectrometry on what is in vaccines, Remdesivir or the public water systems. Many physicians are going by the old and inaccurate way of symptoms: it is not exactly like a snake bite symptom; therefore, it is NOT snake-venom. Opinion is NOT truth. This is just saying that it is a “zero” or an “one” like a computer, it is snake venom, just like a snake bite or it is not. We do not operate in on/off scenarios with a concoction of chemicals diabolically placed together, to cover up the real cause, from deep research and years, if not decades, of work in these evil Bioweapons labs. Dr. Northrup, keep your comments to yourself. Putting him down only makes you look like the fraud you appear to be. Why discredit someone willing to risk his life. Physicians like you are endangering the population to continue on the clear path of status quo; of not recognizing the real danger out there with vaccines, contamination of poisons or toxins, and saying that the medical industry is NOT killing people!

Also, the symbol of the Rockefeller created AMA (American Medical Association) is a two-snakes image. (above) Hell, the real symbol of the Catholic Church, that worship Satan is a snake too. (below) This is the Popes underground Reptilian Audience Hall in Vatican City. All informed people, know that the illuminati uses “symbology” as a major way to mock, and say that the population is stupid, right in front of our faces. And to NOT use “Snake-Venom in these vaccines, chem-trails, and water sources is just not possible, in the illuminati symbolism ideology.

Another major subject is fraud on research in the medical field. according to Science magazine research, retracted research papers have increased ten-fold in the last 10 years. Here is just one article link on the subject, there are many more: We do know that Chemo therapy is using awful radiation to kill cancer cells, because it kills good cells too, and over a time; the total immune system as well. The chemo-therapy is just using “sterilized mustard-gas”; and that is the real truth. Hell, there are many known cancer cure therapies out there NOW, and many that Big-Pharma prevented from getting on the market. Take Sloan-Kettering Hospital in New York; a very big recipient of big donations for cancer research. There is more they one book on one of the cures for cancer that was with-held. The name of the book is “World Without Cancer” by G. Edward Griffin. It is a story of a cancer researcher that found B17 or Laetrile will cure cancer. He was shamed and scorned, and basically his findings and research were modified to be a failure. But this was true in the 1970’s. There are laetrile clinics that are in Mexico – miracle salvation stations – that were opened by great physicians who could not tolerate this injustice. I researched one in Colorado, in the last few years. The original researcher Ph.D., Dr Kanematsu Sugiura is a hero. Also, Raymond Rife invented the Rife Machine that worked on healing by frequencies he discovered on his own. Dr. Rife received fourteen major awards and honors for his invention, a hero too. But he was prosecuted and scorned out of business in the 1940’s. Dr. Rife won the lawsuit against the AMA (American Medical Association) but this created financial destruction of his company.  There are many Rife Machines still being used in America on the down-low, from my informants.

Conclusions: Looking at this from history, David Rockefeller started the AMA, in 1915, and pushed out all other natural medicine remedies, that clearly worked. He did this by creating the Big-Pharma monster, supporting Universities that only taught the AMA ways, pushing out Professors that were against it, and even with laws and lawsuits, to protect only “their way or the highway methods”. They have even killed Naturopath and Homeopath Physicians over the years too. Anything to protect, their money monster and to have “total control over America People’s health.” He is no different than Bill Gates, just a rich dude that is a part of this very evil illuminati and New World Order. They do not care about the individual’s health, they want population control. And the 19-foot height Georgia Guidestones tell all of their plans; to kill 90 to 95% of the population.  The vaccines, the AMA, FDA, WHO, NIH, CDC, and the Hospitals are all part of this plan. There are many good and great physicians, supporting cast, nurses that are in the system, going with their heart; Dr Bryan Ardis, Dr. Tau Braun who in 2021 exposing envenomation or snake venom in the vaccines, and both are heroes, that jeopardized their personal safety by doing so. Another is Dr. Simone Gold and the thousands of physicians worldwide agreeing with and are a part of what Dr. Simone Gold organized: America’s Front-Line Doctors. They have the truth well documented with testimonials at their website:  They are the ones telling the truth!

This Covid-19 is a fear mongered distraction, as the New World Order attempts to takes over the planet, and all governments. The Public need to get-over the Covid-19 and take back our country. Increased consciousness of the People will destroy the fake matrix of lies and manipulation. We are going to take back everyone’s health on this planet, with the new technologies:  Celestial Chamber and the Med-Bed technology. We will no longer have our health be damaged by these evil ones. The bad ones are going to be arrested and judged by God’s hand herself/himself. The AMA and Western Medicine is going to be thrown in the trash! We have to completely move to a new system; this is very clear. This is why I have outlined the amount of corruption in this article.

The winner already has been chosen; the People of this Planet. We are going to take back our God given rights of true freedom. We are going to take back this planet, and no more corruption with the help of the new Starlink system, and Quantum Financial System. Especially recognize, the help of the mighty Alliance, God, and many other entities that are on God’s side and the people’s side.  Let the “Golden Age of Gaia” begin!


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