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Reader Post | By “Doc” P

After spending a good deal of the Weekend in Conference with Constitutional Lawyers and Historians, I was Surprised at the amount of miseducation that is being taught today and for over five decades to those in Public as well as private schools. 

I. Learn about the three Branches of Government and what they are and are not allowed to do.

II. Your Compliance toward Unlawful and Unconstitutional acts by Government is Consent to those Acts.  You have the right to not Comply, and demand your God Given Rights.  Those rights are placed upon you by your Creator not the Government, be it State or Federal.

III.  Learn about your State and Federal Constitution before even thinking about your rights.  How many of you can list the Five God given rights in the 1st Amendment.  If you can’t then start reading and enlighten yourselves.  Knowledge has always been very powerful.

IV.  Treaty’s made by the Executive Branch such as the WHO Treaty are null and void without a 2/3 majority vote in the senate.  That’s not going to happen, and even so, should it go through it would be in breach with the constitution and thus null and void, plus those that voted for it would be held accountable for treason and a direct attack on the US Constitution.

V. Further the myth about the 1871 handover of the United States by President Grant due to bankruptcy is likewise null and void due to the Fact that it was a Treaty or Deal that never received a  2/3 vote.  And such as the WHO treaty is non compliant with the US Constitution.  The fact that this was put out without Documentation or Physical evidence that proves the claim only shows how Politics works.  Look over here while I continue to rob you blind over there.  Waking up is not understanding, but learning first from our mistakes as to not repeat them.  Yet repetition is consistent for those that want this knowledge spoon fed to them due to their inaction and complacency when it comes to knowing and attaining knowledge instead of hoping and eating the consistent BS they are gobbling down.

VI. For those sick and tired of being told they are sick and tired by people in government, we all get sick and tired of being lead by a carrot in front of our noses and it is natural to blow a fuse in frustration.  I am definitely not innocent of that as well.  But once the venting is over and calmness comes back it fuels the determination to dig and learn.  Change happens from the bottom up, just starting with school boards and instead of complaining actually running for the position as to attain change that is needed.  ALL Politicians count on the average human nature of giving up when too much adversity is faced, they believe that the Simple American is too Stupid to understand their God Given Rights and too dumb to be able to stand up for the right reasons and stay the course until achieved.  This is why our democracy is nothing more than modern day Slavery and will stay that way until the Average Joe understands the difference between a Republic form of Government and that of a Democratic form of Government.  If you don’t know, then learn…….


VII.  We have a long way to go as a Nation and if you are not standing up in non compliance towards rule of tyranny, then it will continue.  Peaceful Non Compliance by all is the only way to force change.  Ghandi knew this and so did Martin Luther King. Non Compliance towards unjust actions by Government is the biggest fear factor for those that have stripped the Average American of their Liberty and is the reason why they have come down so hard on the Jan 6 peaceful protesters.  It was not an insurrection.  The only Violent death and injury was towards an Air Force Veteran demanding her right to be heard, for which she was unlawfully Murdered and Slandered by those that facilitated this unjust act.  The building in which they were belongs to We The People not them the House or Senate.  Knowledge is the strongest weapon against these Criminals that have yet to fulfill their true role of representing the People and not their own pockets.

VIII.  In Closing, I will be posting more over time as the People begin to learn how to take back their rights, such as those that after over 100 years are going the Constitutional way of creating two new States, New California and New Illinois of which both have met in congressional conference and have ratified their Declarations Of Independence from the Unjust governments of their respected States due to many grievances of which the main reason is non representation by the existing governments.  Patriots this is only a small step but you need to start being involved and learn the history, learn the Constitutions, know that your Sheriffs are bound by their State Constitution and bound to protect your rights as a citizen not the unjust laws that Governors feel they can make on a whim.  If that were the case then your state would be a monarchy and the governor would be King.  But it’s not, and you have the right to non compliance of unjust mandates.

IX. Finally those that feel you have a right to immoral bloodshed, know that there are consequences.  For those that are Protecting their Family know that is your God Given Right. Non Compliance to unjust acts by Government is your Right just as The right to free speech, the right to petition, the right to freedom and honesty by the press, the right to assemble Peacefully, and one more to complete the five rights from the first amendment.  Enjoy the reading and learning.

God Bless you all,
“Doc” P


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