(Reader: The White Hat Q Plan… Transcript


Reader Post | By GK

Agent 1: Hey I have an idea…
Agent 2: Go ahead, I haven’t had an idea since 1965 when my Kindergarten teacher told me my finger painting looked like a retard painted it.
Agent 1: Well here is my plan… and we need everyone to trust it.
Agent 2: Okay I’m listening…
Agent: We recruit Citizen Journalists to repeat everything we tell them.
Agent 2: Ummm… Okay… Continue…
Agent 1: Once we have like all the conspiracy theorists repeating our stories, especially the Christian house-wives… We have JFK Jr. emerge from the witness protection program with all the others, Elvis, Michael Jackson, Marilynn Monroe, BigFoot… and tell the 99% who reject conspiracy theory the REAL truth that HC eats babies…
Agent 2: Okayyy, I’m still listening…
Agent 1: We find a game show host to be President that half the world despises… say, Pat Sajack or Donald Trump and we make him President…then 4 years later we have one of the leftist liberal scumbags steal the election from himmm…
Agent 2: Annnnddd….?
Agent 1: We have sites like Before It’s News keep making videos repeating cannibal vampire democrats want everyone dead…
Agent 2: Yeah go on…
Agent 1: So after like 5 years or more of these videos with minor internet celebrities who ask for donations so we don’t have to pay them which is key because we are Jews and we don’t pay people because you know… we like money… and then ….
Agent 2: I like the part about us not paying anyone…
Agent 1: Then after like 5 years and a million videos talking about the Georgia Guidestones and underground tunnels…
Agent 2: Yeahhhh?
Agent 1: By then we should have the 1% of family black sheeps all driving the 99% of family clueless ones angry enough that they will voluntarily surrender their loved ones to the concentration camps….
Agent 2: Woah I didn’t see that coming…Good plan.


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