Kat Anonup Update: 20% Public, Skull and Bones, No Words for this One, Twitter


katisthesea3 @katisthesea3

Up until now
Q Team has been conducting this war
20% public / 80% private

But many of us have lately been posting
Showing isn’t waking more people up.
[with love & respect for Q]

So yesterday

Dan Auito @danuscg
posted a Grasshopper17TAFKAG Truth:
“Mike [Pompeo] drops this 
on Monday the 16th @5:27 p.m.

Next Week – BIGGER
We LISTENED [20/80 />/ 40/60].


Perhaps we can look forward to the war
being 40% PUBLIC next week 

Schumann LIGHT hz’s continue to be HIGH & BRIGHT. 
They’ve been HIGH all May.
Divine LIGHT is intensifying —
We’re doing what we came here to do:
AWAKENED ONES Raising Earth’s Vibration” ~ Q Map


katisthesea3 @katisthesea3

Juan O Savin

With Biden & his kind, 
you’ll be getting us back to
the same Skull-and-Bones crowd 
that gave us
both Bushes & John Kerry.
Again, those who hate God love death..
They have ceremonies in the dark
that involve people laying in coffins
with skulls & bones surrounding them..
Are those the people you want running your country?
People like that lying, cheating, piece-of-sh*t, John Kerry,
who has been illegally lobbying in Iran..
against the interests of the United States 


katisthesea3 @katisthesea3


People are downloading a Bluetooth app..
A person who stumbled on the app.. 
started following the # & location info 
& it led to a cemetery —
#’s registered to individual dead bodies

Gene Decode covered the story: 
Those who got vaxed were being tracked & traced 
& the nanoparticle tech 
was being used to connect to a Bluetooth app
The tech inside the vax is numbered specifically 
so each vaxed person is tracked

>Bill gates fears a powerful release of radiation from the Sun
(Huge explosion solar flare)
The EMP could destroy Trillion$ 
in research, creation & distribution of NANOTECH / MRNA
& world computers hosting the servers 
that connect to VX/D humans.
Someone wants to explode 
a low yielding NUCLEAR explosion in midair 
this would cause a manmade EMP 
burn out the grid, electronics, 
burn out the →NANOs in the bodies←

DS MIL very concerned if this EVENT happens

katisthesea3 @katisthesea3

Q The Storm Rider


TWITTER bots are far more than 5% 
the board & current owner claim
What does this mean?

It means these empty bots could be much higher 
into 30% of TWITTER 
& all the followers BIDEN 
& leftest Elite people have are FALSE/FAKE Followers

These fake bots on Twitter holds sway 

a 1/4 of a BILLION people
This manipulation controls the NARRATION & story 
of what people think is actually true or not

Just like fake elections in many countries 
& how bots have so much support 
for fake installed PM’s & presidents
or how WHO & the pandemic scenario 
was glamorized by bots 
& how people bought into 
the FAKE following of the NARRATION… Because of bots.

Bots were used to ATTACK the Right 
& those who did not believe in the pandemic, vaccines, 
or had opposition to left parties their NARRATION.

Everything happening now is EXPOSURE on a world level




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