Thomas Anderson: How to Survive a Food Crisis without your Own Garden


Operation Disclosure | By Thomas Anderson, Contributing Writer

Submitted on May 17, 2022

How to survive a food crisis without an own garden

Many of you are thinking of the possibility of a coming food shortage.

I am sure that many of you do not have an own garden, or own house with a space for a garden.

Without a garden you cannot plant anything, you might think.

When you are living on the countryside you might be able to ask your local farmer for food and he or she might help you. Or perhaps you have the chance to locate a secret place somewhere in the middle of nowhere, where you can plant something without the risk that it would be stolen.

Just in case you live in a big city and you simply think, that you do not have a chance at all….


let me give you some ideas.

No matter where you live, no matter if in an apartment or house, I am pretty sure you have some windows. Perhaps even big ones from ceiling down to the floor.

Let me draw this for you.

If you have a window, no matter how big it is, it means you have access to light. And soil and light and water means, you can plant something.

With some pieces of wood, a saw and a screwdriver you can easily build some smaller wooden boxes for some plants.

i would line these flower boxes with a waterproof tarpaulin on the inside so that any dripping water doesn’t bother your neighbors in the apartment below you. Yes, I know some plants don’t tolerate stagnant water, but you can take countermeasures by watering them regularly and just enough.

You can make only 1 box or right away 2.


Or 3 if you want. You can optimize the space you have with your windows.

Or perhaps you have a balcony in some high apartment house.

Great! Then you can have your own greenhouse.

Let us say this is your balcony. Could be also a terasse somewhere.

You simply take some pieces of regular construction wood and make a small framework.

You then take normal tarpaulin, painter’s tarpaulin, from your local construction market, not the thinnest one, and close the framework with it.

you could staple the tarpaulin or clamp it with a second wooden frame and screw it on.

The next step is that you make some planting boxes.

You could use standard logistic palettes or any form of boxes you find or have.

These frames are available in different heights and don’t cost much (normally less than 20,- each).


And of course there is no need to just concentrate on the floor. In fact, it would be much more effective to have more than 1 level only.

some plants love to climb. So perhaps leave one area for climbing plants like tomatoes.

Use the space you have the best way you can. Make 3 levels or even 4 if there is enough room for the plants and you taking care of them.

Perhaps you can leave at least one removable smaller part in the top row to let the air circulate from time to time.

With some standard logistic palettes and the above mentioned frames and a stable wooden framework you could do the same on your car parking space and let it become a 4 level greenhouse 3x6m.

I a greenhouse like that you have enough squarefeet /squaremeters for a small family to provide enough healthy food over a long period of time.

you have 1 balcony and a car parking space: well.. you know what to do.

you have 1 balcony and 5 windows: also possible….

just plan the boxes to be wide and long and deep enough for your plants.

and you could also make the window boxes be closed on the lower side between level and 2 with a small sheet of glas or again tarpaulin so that it will be like a very tiny greenhouse and perhaps protected against street dirt in the air of the surrounding city.


or you store some of those palettes towers inside of your apartment and plant the stuff inside. why not.

if you choose to plant potatoes remember that they can be stored for a long time within a dark box filled half with sand and half with soil.

if you choose plants remember that it will take some weeks or even months before they will enjoy you with some fruits or vegetables.

and if you plan to do so, please organize seeds of old plant sorts. not the modern “1 year only and then throw me away” plants.

there are websites where you can buy those.

These are of course just a few ideas.

You might want to do it different.

Why not. Think yourself.

Be prepared.

if you want to do it more professional, you can organize yourself a 20” sea container and install a vertical farming inside.


that will be enough for around 4-6 people.

you find some here:




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