Steve Beckow: Not Nazism or Communism; Simply Elitism


Source: Golden Age of Gaia | By Steve Beckow

May 13, 2022

Not Nazism or Communism; Simply Elitism

Never mind tossing around epithets of Nazism, fascism, communism, etc.

In my opinion, what we’re experiencing in the world right now is the result of simple elitism. It’s no different than schoolyard children creating “ingroups” who lead and “outgroups” who serve them and having brawls to get the message across. It’s no different than gangs or political parties.

In fact I assert that elitism is in largely everything today – schools (faculty clubs, publish or perish, tenure), politics, religion, medicine, the military, and so on.

Now the elite of the elite – by whatever name you call them – want to control everything by taking over the world.

In my view, elitism is corrupt by its very nature. It violates the laws of nature by asserting that some human beings are more valuable and deserving than others, that some are born more equal than others.


Nonetheless, am I somehow saying we should react by adopting a mob mentality and taking the law into our own hands? Absolutely not.

This is the paradox that peaceful societies face. How can a peaceful society contemplate intentional conflict? When do we say “That’s enough!” with enforcement teeth in it? When do we finally stand up to the evil that’s trying to kill us all off?

This is why peaceful societies are so unprepared for war when an aggressive power confronts them. They don’t want to think of the possibility of global or regional conflict.

I don’t believe matters will come to a global or even regional war and certainly not a nuclear war. The galactics will not allow any of them, in my opinion. Nothing will  be allowed to impede our ascension, apparently.

As I said yesterday, the paradox facing us remains:

“We want peace and love. And yet we’re confronted with powers who are trying to kill us with pandemics and vaccines, starve us by torching food-production facilities, take away our income by freezing our bank accounts, release and employ homicidal criminals (eg., Antifa, M13), produce bioweapons, traffic in children, produce adrenochrome through child torture….” (1)

The deep state could be killing millions as we speak with their toxic vaccines and yet most of the world continues to remain oblivious to what’s happening.


Do we go further in opposing evil or resign ourselves that nothing can be done and go back to being oblivious ourselves?

For me the path is clear. I couldn’t sleep a night not opposing evil. (How do you spell Frazzeldrip?)

I couldn’t go back to unconsciousness for an instant on the dangers facing the world and also on the necessity of responding to it with as much light and love yet clarity and firmness as each of us can possibly muster.

This is forcing us to go deeper within to remember at critical times that we oppose evil behavior but will not join it through the treatment of our defeated opponents.

We’ll stop evil behavior but we won’t exterminate the actors. These are eternal souls who must and will rehabilitate themselves, though it may take lifetimes. Executing them will only add to everyone’s karma.

We know that the galactic federations and the (Earth) Alliance stand ready to intervene the moment they know that civil war can be averted. We know the Divine Mother has no intention of letting darkness win; only love wins.

We’re helping that outcome by raising our awareness (consciousness-raising) of what the truth of the situation is and then responding with such expressions of the common will as mass meditations, freedom speaking tours, and other forms of peaceful protest. The white hats in the military are making our response to the deep state for us, with required and appropriate force.

Our demands are for the relinquishing of all power by the deep state and an end to all war on Earth. We know this will happen. We just want it to happen now.


(1) Out of respect to all the formless beings shattered by our space-detonated nuclear blasts, this planet will need to become a Nuclear Free Zone.  As Matthew Ward explains:


“When a soul is in the area of a nuclear explosion in space, it is shattered and the parts are scattered, and for healing to occur, all parts must be retrieved and reintegrated so that all experiencing once again is intact. For the largest portion of a soul to locate all of its parts is extremely difficult, an,d when it does, the reintegration process is complex and lengthy.

“The scattered parts may have ramifications for other souls. Soul parts may enter bodies, where the resultant change may either enhance or impede the resident soul’s chosen pathway, or they may be captured by dark ones and cry out weakly for rescue. Way-showers and healers throughout the universe, including on Earth, are aiding the damaged souls.”  (Matthew’s Message, Aug. 5, 2005, at


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