(Reader: Doc P) Letter to the White Hat Team


Reader Post | By Doc P

Being of prolonged former military Service to include combat in Iraq and Afghanistan I can understand the need to keep operational information secret.  I understand the mentality of the military and served as a combat medic within this family.

That is why I am writing as one that served and as one that has observed this so called disclosure.  After Obama stabbed us in the back with his rules of engagement we knew the Government had turned on the very people defending our nation and many of us lost faith in the Government itself.  We were there to be slaughtered and our right to self defense was turned into a possible court martial if we did.  When things don’t make sense we begin to ask the difficult questions, when lives are sacrificed for nothing but power and greed we begin to dig for answers.  We dig for absolute Truth to set my people free!

The mission is to end the forces that have enslaved ALL the American People.  But you must keep in mind that most of those that do not understand what a psyop is will not understand all that is included in that. 

My Fellow Patriots that are and have been conducting ops, although the goal is noble, it is time to ask the People for their help.  No plan can come to fruition without the people.  It is not just Food, Utilities and Fuel, it is the fact that only a very few could afford to prepare for this.  The normal American is surviving from one paycheck to another.  With nothing left to stock up food.  Your plan is flawed, where is the food for those now.  Where is baby formula, for the mothers that can’t otherwise feed their babies.  Is this your fight for and to protect the children?  By starving helpless infants? That is definitely not what the Lord wants and I say again, complete this mission in the Lords name and set my people FREE!

You should be ashamed of your brazenness to even tell people to get some popcorn and enjoy the Movie, and the reason you will soon loose all support from the American Patriots.  Quite thinking you know what’s best for the American Patriots, after having been warned by several Patriot Groups the inaction and amount of Hot Air wasted on false messages, dates, disclosures etc. must end.  Only the truth will set us free and sadly you (White Hats) are not being truthful, so I say, set my people free!

This is not a movie to the people suffering out here.  This is not a movie roll, it’s real life, life that many did not choose when they voted at the poles in 2020.  80% chose prosperity and are now fighting for their very existence.  By your own record, white hats let the steal happen.  For evidence?  To wake people up?  Those that can not see the truth now will never see the truth.  When have we placed the needs of the few above the needs of the many?  End this Charade of Vendetta White Hats and free my People!

Either ask for help or the white hat movement will end with the people taking back this country.  The support you so dearly wished for was there, now it is beginning to dwindle under the false dates, fake news, and fake open letter from the fake Trump account.  What makes you any different from all the rest of the deep state?  We come for the Truth no matter how vile and disgusting it will be, the whole truth and complete disclosure.  The Truth that you White Hats must end your sick game and set my people free!

All Patriots have waited patiently and in hope for way too long.  Have waited for the distinct end and a show of force by the white hats.  But you failed.  Failed to activate the EBS that was promised since your red October,  failed to make the big arrest since last summer, failed in many aspects.  You say there are children rescued in Dumbs, where is the Video footage of the rescue, you say you are in control as The WHO is about to erase our constitution.  You say a lot, but the time for saying is over.  The time in patience is over, the time of support to you is drip drip dripping away.  So, I truly say to you, put up or shut up and let my People FREE!

American Patriots will never let a foreign body take away our sovereignty and rights, so you have a choice of doing not just saying. By the 26th of May, with an all out attack by the World Health Organisation under falsified documentation, I promise that any foreign UN forces that try to take our American sovereignty will pay with their lives, understanding that the people and Patriots Will rise up and do what your little buddy group (White Hats) only talked about.  Where you failed in your planning was to remember that in every American soul there is a flame of freedom, liberty, love for one another.  A flame that is small as a candle and burns steady.  But when you throw gasoline on that flame, you better beware the inferno that will scorch anyone or anything that gets in the way.  That inferno will leave behind devastation in its wake, but due to your failures it will be the path to Set My People Free!

Wake up White Hats before you too will be judged for your actions of inaction.  The people are tired.  God is watching you and he will Judge your actions, until he does though we are watching you and will Judge you here.

So I ask Humbly, and one last time.  Finish the mission and let my people free, or likewise be consumed by the inferno.  SET U.S. FREE!!!




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