Kat Anonup Update: We are in a Movie, a Worm, Digital Soldiers


katisthesea3 @katisthesea3

In response Peaceful Warrior to her Publication

We’re in Q’s movie.
Much (most?) of what we’re “seeing” has been done.

This is a movie to wake people up.
You can’t just spring D.U.M.B.S & adrenochrome
child sacrifice, slavery & satan worshipping on people 
or that their ENTIRE WORLD IS A LIE.
Not on people 
who are STILL wearing masks 
& plugged into the Fox/cnn MK ULTRA 24/7.
Incredible as it may seem to Anons who’ve been awake
for YEARS & many their entire life.

So, we have to keep posting & hanging in there 
while others awaken & they are.

Juan O Savin has lately been underscoring
that MANY have been taken off 
the multiple-chess board battle we’re in
& moved onto another invisible one
who will be brought back at a later time.

So imo then — Veronica could well be alive
just as we know JR is alive
& perhaps RDS & many others.

Can’t wait to find out

katisthesea3 @katisthesea3

Juan O Savin

Before he ‘died’ McAfee was in a conflict with the IRS..
So he had put a worm, a Trojan Horse
inside a computer program that he gave to people
that were doing work inside of a Govt. Agency..
He gets these computers that end up being plugged in
BEHIND THE FIREWALL inside the govt systems
Not just the U.S. but others..
He got goods on 
Then he created A DEAD MAN SWITCH, a doomsday device 
& he announced ‘I have a doomsday device..’
& they proceeded anyway ‘allegedly’ 
& killed him..
That TRIGGERED this clockwork to release 
this 31 terabytes of data..
the first releases.. happens at 400,000,000
A variation of the same type of cryptic conversation 
about “A Storm Coming” that Q used..
The continuation of that project was within McAfee..
Here’s the one thing.. 
Who are you gonna go after?

katisthesea3 @katisthesea3

Elon & Whole Mars Catalog
reminding us
how IMPORTANT Digital Soldiers are in this war effort.
When Victory Celebrations begin
don’t forget to lift a glass to YOURSELF 
for a job well done.
Small as we may think we are — together we’re an ARMY
& we have changed the face of journalism — forever

Juan O Savin
Down the road somewhere, this is all going to come out
& you’re gonna have your kids, grandkids 
& generations from now
bouncing on your knee
& they’ll ask you,
‘What did you do in the big War
to take back America, 
to keep it free?’
You’re doing it right now!
You’re going to be able to say,
‘You know, I helped as a Digital Warrior.
I fought this fight.
I didn’t give up.
I helped people as they were waking up.’ 



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