(Reader: Linda Lazarides) What is in those Baby Vaccines?


Reader Post | By Linda Lazarides, Naturopathic Writer and Teacher

The cabal talks of deadly viruses about to be unleashed upon us. The patriots tell us of mysterious outbreaks. Doctors are afraid of Zika, Ebola, smallpox, hepatitis, measles, polio, covid, bird flu, HIV, spike proteins, ACE2 receptors. Big fear porn.

There is no need to be afraid of any virus. Here’s why. The word virus was first used to describe tiny particles seen emerging from human cells when a person was sick. The more sick you are, the more of these particles appear.

At the time, scientists were all into Pasteur’s recently invented germ theory. He managed to make animals sick by injecting a mixture of fluids from a sick person, into their brain. We can all guess what the result was. (Nobody thought of injecting the same mixture from a HEALTHY person, to see if the same results were obtained.)

For decades it was considered fact that because sick people had more of those little viruses, then viruses must be the cause of their symptoms.

If you had measles symptoms, then you had the “measles virus”. If you had smallpox symptoms, it was the “smallpox virus”. When the computer age arrived, you could use a computer to draw pretty pictures of what these deadly pathogens were supposed to look like.

But the fact is, not a single scientific method has ever been able to isolate a virus from a sick person, inject it into a healthy person, and reproduce a disease.

Why? Because we now know that those little particles emerging from cells are not pathogens but exosomes, essential units of our own immune system.


Exosomes are like little guys that collect the garbage in your cells and carry them out through an opening. A high viral load simply means your cells are getting rid of a lot of junk, so lots of those little guys are popping out. If you use a drug to reduce your viral load, it doesn’t mean you are now less ill, it means you have killed your little garbage guys. Your cells now cannot get rid of toxins, and may be forced to self-destruct. That is very bad news indeed. At the very least it leads to more rapid ageing. At the worst, it leads to increasing inflammation. Prolonged inflammation destroys tissues such as kidney, nerves and joints, and is usually diagnosed as auto-immunity.

Think about it. If viruses are really little garbage disposal guys, then a LACK of viruses causes autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.

Chronic inflammation is also now known to be a factor in the development of much more common diseases like heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

We need viruses!


But words are powerful. It will take a lot more than reading my article to stop the “virus causes disease” herd thought process. After all, almost all doctors are still part of this herd. They will remind us that people do die from “viral diseases”. Covid, right? That virus that made people die of pneumonia? Smallpox, that caused countless deaths until we were saved by a miracle “vaccine”? Measles, which can kill babies? Zika? Ebola? All much feared “viral diseases”?

Of course we need to be afraid of these diseases. But they are not viruses. They are nothing to do with viruses. Doctors are going to discover this very, very soon when the veil of lies is lifted.

Dr Stefan Lanka has proved in the German Supreme Court that the measles virus does not exist. Smallpox is a disease caused by bed bug bites. Polio was DDT poisoning. The original Covid-19 was radiation poisoning from 60 GHz 5G transmitters (but can now be literally anything as long as a fake test finds a few strands of dead-cell DNA). Dr Thomas Cowan gives many more examples in his excellent book The Contagion Myth. This book answers every question you are likely to have.


The big unanswered question is, what about all the vaccines we have been giving our babies for decades? If viruses can’t be isolated and therefore can’t be put in a syringe, what on earth is in baby vaxxes? Well, we know what is in the polio vaccine. When used in India, it paralysed half a million children under five. Watch this video for the full story https://www.bitchute.com/video/oS9FBzThQfJP/

The WHO eventually announced that this and a few more polio epidemics was caused by the “mutated virus used in the vaccine”. Even this is a lie. No virus, including the polio virus, has ever been isolated. So how can you create a mutated form to put in a “vaccine”? You can’t. Those children were poisoned.

We urgently need to get all vaccines analysed. We already know that the covid vaccines are about inserting transhumanist stuff into our DNA, and attacking our immune system.


What makes me shudder is that the Illuminati, the people in control of the vaccine industry, are luciferians, psychopaths that have no conscience, view us as cattle and our children as their prey. The luciferian dream is for satan to replace God. Are they hoping to do this by inserting brain-altering genes into our babies’ DNA? For instance, a psychopathy gene exists, and it resembles the autism gene: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/08/190829102816.htm

One in 44 children now has autism. https://www.autismspeaks.org/autism-statistics-asd. Baby vaccines have many times been linked to autism, but the facts have been suppressed. 

What’s the bet that autism will disappear when we stop jabbing our babies against viruses that don’t exist? 

If you still think we need protection from viruses, watch this video:

When you are asked to vaccinate your baby, it’s time to stop and question the herd-thinking. Vaccines do not mean protection from disease. They are the products of the cabal, and nothing good can come from that.

Protection from disease comes from eating God’s food as nature intended, unadulterated and minimally processed. It comes from sunshine (vitamin D), exercise, happy emotions and tranquillity. If your baby becomes ill, it will NOT be because your baby was not vaccinated. My advice to parents is, read about homeopathy, which has excellent remedies for feverish conditions. Research homeopathic doctors in your area.


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Blessings to everyone


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