(Reader: “Doc” P) The Threads of Deception


Reader Post | By “Doc” P

As I have asked those Fellow Patriots that have been Discouraged through false Timelines, I would like to now ask for your Knowledge and gift of research to piece together decades of Crimes committed by Government entities in the FBI, ATF, CIA, Senators and even Presidents.  The input may continue with the Title “ Threads of Deception.

The goal is to review all information available, and connections between FBI/ATF/DOJ in Waco, FBI/ATF/CIA/DOJ in Oklahoma City, ATF/CIA/FBI involvement in the 9/11 attack. 

Timetable to Start with Ruby Ridge and ATF/FBI misuse and abuse of power. The tragedy of Waco which was a complete abuse of power by misrepresenting and falsifying facts in order to escalate the situation.  We are set to believe that Tim McVeigh bombed the Oklahoma City federal building out of revenge for Waco, yet the FBI on many occasions silenced and threatened too many Witnesses to fit the DOJ narrative, but not the hundreds of unanswered facts of evidence.  The fact that the ATF outright lied in their Public Statement about no armory or weapons being in the Building when they were filmed retrieving them from the ruble.  Also ATF agents were warned prior to the explosion, thus the reason that no ATF agent was in the building.  Two ATF agents then miraculously make statements afterwards about how they rescued themselves from which both statements could be proven as lies.  Further the Thread of Deception goes further.  In that building were the files against the Clintons that were evidence in proving their drug and arms deals that flowed through Arkansas.  Pretty convenient for Killary and her so Faithful hubby.  It was also proven that there were explosives placed inside the building on steel reinforced columns which caused the majority of deaths when the floors of eight stories pancaked………hmmm

Was this the trial run for the destruction of the World Trade Center?  I have watched the collapse over and over and every two floors below the collapse you can see controlled explosions taking out the corner beams.  They can be seen as sprites of smoke. 

In history we see patterns, that repeat themselves over and over.  We see the powerful, ruthless with the lives of the innocent.  We see a cover up of information altered to not give the truth but a narrative that protects those involved while throwing the lowly to the wolves. 
To many times has the deep state and three letter organizations deceived the People, told them lies and false narratives, slaughtered even innocent children to enrage the heart of true Americans against an enemy of their choosing.  Too many times.  Sadly only we are to blame for letting them and forgetting the God given gift of Common Sense.  If it looks and smells like a turd, trust me it’s not a banana split! 
It is time for those of you that like myself, dig down rabbit holes until we find the truth, and then look for the evidence to back it up, or find the witnesses to verify our findings.

We are now in the storm, maybe it’s time for all the readers to disclose the rabbit holes they have followed.  Time to bring the truth out.  Time to let the deep state know that there is no where to hide from us, from our research, from our endeavors, from our journeys towards True Disclosure no matter how evil, bad, or disturbing it may be.

I look forward to all the new Threads of Deceptions to show up as we join together to find the White Rabbits of Truth.

Stay Frisky fellow Patriots and Happy Thread Hunting.  God bless you and your families.

Yours Truly,
“Doc P”


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