Jesus Foretold the Coming of Wars and Alien Attempts at Taking Over Earth


Source: Rumor Mill News | By mroxygen

Date: Wednesday, 4-May-2022 18:35:25

Jesus Foretold of The Coming of Ron Amitron, Wars, Deluded Religious Cults, and Many New [Space] Gods Will Seek To Rule Over Earth.

Jesus Foretold the Coming of Ron

Below is some text from the Talmud Jmmanuel (TJ) which I first brought to Ron’s notice. In this text, Jesus talks about His accurate real future teachings being rejected by us because of our immersion in densities for 4,000 years.

And, also because of darkness forever influencing people into promoting what is falsified by the distorters of the scriptures to divert our minds (it’s mind) away so we do not clear our densities. That way we can choose to stay in duality/time prison density and not be able to choose participation in preparation for the upcoming 2000 year ascension.

Which is why my last newsletter told us about the crucial ascension barcode density clearing.

The text after the • is a quote from the Talmud Jmmanuel, and the text after the ♥ is Ron’s short explanation.

Not until two times a thousand years will an unassuming man come who will recognize my teachings as truth and disseminate them with great courage. (TJ Chapter 14 – The Wrongdoings of Judas Iscariot – 18)

[I knew Ron over many years. He was very unassuming and humble (quietly powerful) in a balanced way here in real life.]

So it will come true in two times a thousand years, when humans have become knowledgeable and thinking, and when my actual unfalsified teachings will be revealed anew. (Chapter 15 – In Nazareth – 75)

Note: During this time, His second incarnation on Earth, Ron said he remembered when he was the energy doing the healings that came through Jesus back then.

Below is some more text from the Talmud Jmmanuel (TJ). In this text, Jesus talks about the “new prophet” I believe as His future self, and the upcoming 2000 year ascension.

The text after the • is a quote from the Talmud Jmmanuel, and the text after the ♥ is Ron’s short explanation.

Here are quotes from the Talmud of Jmmanuel.

The new prophet of that distant future will not possess as much strength and power over evil and sickness. (Chapter 15 – In Nazareth – 76)

♥ When Jesus performed healings, they were almost instantaneous. Now, however, instantaneous healings are not possible because of all our densities that have been created and transmitted to us throughout the last 4000 years – the 2000 years before Jesus, and the 2000 years after Jesus. Your densities result from your own experiences plus the densities of your ancestors!

But his knowledge will surpass mine, and his revelations about my real teachings will shake the foundations of the entire Earth, for in his time the world will be inundated by my teachings, as falsified by the distorters of the scriptures, and it will be living in false religious cults that bring death. (Chapter 15 – In Nazareth – 77)

It will be a time when wars from space begin to threaten, and many new gods will seek to rule over the Earth. (Chapter 15 – In Nazareth – 78)

♥ The God energies were created by extraterrestrials in order to control humanity. When you pray to something outside of yourself, you are at prey to it!

Truly, truly, I say to you, the new prophet will be persecuted not only by a wrong-minded people, as will happen to me, but also by the whole world and by many deluded religious cults, which will bring forth many false prophets. (Chapter 15 – In Nazareth – 79)

Yet, before the end of two times a thousand years the new prophet will reveal my unfalsified teachings to small groups, just as I teach the wisdom, the knowledge and the laws of the spirit of Creation to small group of trusted friends and disciples. (Chapter 15 – In Nazareth – 80)

[While physically here, Ron always lectured to small groups at expos, and via radio, and via internet videos.]

Nevertheless, his path will be very difficult and full of obstacles, because he will begin his mission in a peace-loving country in the North which will be dominated, however, by a strict and false religious cult based upon scriptural distortions of my teachings. (Chapter 15 – In Nazareth – 81)

♥ Ron began his healings in the United States of America, which is located in the northern hemisphere.

Thus I prophesy, and thus it shall be. (Chapter 15 – In Nazareth – 82)

And he did not there show great signs of his power, nor did he impart his great wisdom because of their disdain for the truth. (Chapter 15 – In Nazareth – 83)

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