The Return of the Eastern Prussia to Germany as Part of an Overall Peace Plan for the Ukraine


Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on April 21, 2022



The solution the the Ukraine crisis would be to return to Germany’s Eastern Prussia, that the western Ukraine should go to Poland as a swap as in 1939, and that the Eastern Ukraine goes to Russia. As part of the deal Poland would have to leave NATO to become a neutral buffer state. It has been reported that Poland has plans to invade the western Ukraine supported by NATO as a peace keeping force which clearly demonstrates its desires to regain this territory.

Let’s rehearse a little of the history that brought us here.

MI6’s goal was to create a war between Russia and Germany in 1939 so they had to remove the Polish buffer state. England guaranteed Poland and promised the French and England would invade Germany from the west and Poland would strike Germany from the east. Germany would be destroyed but the secret MI6 deal with Germany was that France and England would do nothing. This would lay Poland at the mercy of the German Army to be divided between Germany and Russia placing them at each other’s border and that is what happened. Germany was then to invade Russia despite their Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact according to the MI6 plan. Instead, Germany decided to invade France driving England from Europe. This did not bother MI6 overly much as they still encouraged Germany to invade Russia. This had something to do with the Hess flight to England.

In order to understand Anglo-Saxon policy today as in 1941, the Anglo-Saxon concern was the fear that Russia would seize India from England and so they engineered World War One to destroy Russia and Germany at the same time. Germany was building a fleet to threaten England so they had to go, and Russia was looking to go to India so they had to go. World War One was a great Anglo-Saxon triumph in that both Germany and Russia were destroyed despite the fact that Russia was supposed to be an ally. The Tzar was no Stalin. They ran the same policy leading up to World War Two in that England and the US lent Hitler 3 billion gold dollars to build Germany up in 1933 against Russia all over again as Stalin was causing the rise of Russia as the new Tzar. They had to balance them. That is why Russia was not invited to Munich which was hardly an appeasement of Germany but created to strengthen Germany for an invasion of Russia. Stalin understood this completely. Hitler broke the naval pact with England in 1939. The stage was set. The Anglo-Saxons wanted another war between Russia and Germany.


Goering wanted to honor the pact with Russia and focus on knocking out the English at its Middle East position. But when Hitler saw Russia bogged down fighting tiny Finland he thought he could knock out Russia with one massive blow. He was secretly encouraged by MI6. This is what the propaganda today is telling us about the Ukraine situation as an exact parallel. Here in the Ukraine, which had 35 million people at the start of the war, Russia went in with a mere 200,000 troops holding back their reserves in Belarus and nearby in the event Poland and NATO wish to move a “peace keeping” force into the western Ukraine which would be stopped in its tracks. It is really not a war as 200,000 troops is really not enough to defeat all of the Ukraine as you have no extra troops to hold conquered areas. This started as a limited police action to stop the shelling of the Donbas. This does not mean that the Russians if provoked sufficiently will not expand their mandate. That clearly is starting to happen.

Later Russia sent new generals and forces to Finland and smashed the Finns. Mannerheim then called Hitler saying that Russia had just proven itself to be a formidable force and he should beware of invading Russia. It was too late as the plans were made. It became Germany’s hope that Japan would invade Russia from the east but Japan had decided to take on the US instead. This time around Russia has an ally in China who will never allow Russia to fall. The Russia-China alliance on the Eurasian land mass essentially gives them control of the whole continent if they wish to exercise it.

The Anglo-Saxon problem after World War Two was Stalin was still standing. Thus, they quickly turned what was left of Germany to the west into an ally against Russia. We have to understand that in balance of power considerations National Socialism means nothing. All is power. That is why the US has no problem supporting National Socialism in the Ukraine. Israel should take note of this as they just alienated their friend Russia and as the link below signifies the US can change its stripes too as it relates to Israel and more.

U.S., Ukraine Vote Against Russian Measure Condemning Nazism At UN

Now, Stalin and Mao became allies after Russia turned over the Nationalist Chinese arms to Chairman Mao and this presented the Anglo-Saxons with a formidable problem. Almost all Eurasian became Red. Hence, the McCarthy reaction.

The understanding of the Anglo-Saxon geopolitics is demonstrated in this exchange between Goering and Hitler in one quote and by Stalin in the other quote.

Goring: They (Britain and America) entered the war so that we would not reach the east (Japan in China), but not so the East (Russia) would reach the Atlantic.


Hitler: That’s quite clear.

Source: “Hitler And His Generals”, the stenographic record of military conferences, page 649.

And by Stalin:

We (Milovan Djilas and Stalin) stopped on our way to the dining room to view a map on the wall of the world where the Russia was colored in red. Stalin waved his hand over Russia and said: “They (the US and Britain) will never accept the idea of such a great space should be red, never, never!”

“Conversations with Stalin” by Milovan Djilas, page 74.

Khrushchev destroyed his relationship with Mao, and the US deep state saw their chance recruiting China as an ally. They sent the McCarthyite Nixon to China who became our ally and after Mao died the US built their economy up to be the most powerful in the world. So Russia had at its back China, and in its front NATO. These two threats bankrupted Russia in 1991 and they fell apart. The deep state in the US was euphoric. The whole world lay at our feet. The US ruled the seas and the world unlike any power before it in all of history. Nevertheless, as the Proverb goes, Pride goeth before the fall (Proverbs 16:18).

Now, I personally attended all these deep state meetings and recommended that we treat Russia as the prodigal son in Luke, that is with open arms, as Christian Churches were cropping up all over Russia. I was one of those people that thought changing Russia from communism to Christianity was a noble act which is why I was so instrumental in the planning of the downfall of communist Russia. But my OSS-CIA colleagues would have none of it saying that now is the time to destroy them permanently as a power and rip them apart as we proceeded to do through the Lord Jacob Rothschild oligarchs who later brought in Putin as their agent through Abramovitch. Putin’s support of the oligarchs controlling Russian industry is so corrupt that no powers in the west have any respect for him. They will not negotiate with him whereas they will negotiate with a Stalin so Putin’s weakness hurts Russia and costs Russia many lives. You will not that there was not one concession by the US to date.

In the meantime from 1991 US went on a deindustrialization craze farming out all of their industries in a world they controlled so they could make more money based on foreign cheap labor until it became apparent that the new powers that they were creating as China had their own desire to freely develop their society according to their own cultural aspirations and were not to be enslaved by the US. Russia too became disillusioned as the Lord Jacob Rothschild oligarchs raped their country and seduced their women through their stolen wealth in coordination with the US. Russia still has not cleansed itself from these Trotskyite vermin that have robbed it blind. Russia’s military insisted on rebuilding their armed forces and espionage services over the last twenty years and that is where the real power lies. We anticipate that they will move against the Trotskyites and their ally Putin to replace Putin with a new Stalin.

The US today cannot project power into Europe as it cannot supply or add more troops as the Russian hypersonic missiles would destroy all ports and air fields in five minutes in Europe ending the war right then and there as European forces would then be exposed to ten million Russian troops in a general mobilization and many more potentially from China. In a conventional sense Europe is gone. In a nuclear sense, both Europe and the US are gone as Russian nuclear missiles would knock out 80% of the US population and 90% of the European population while Russian air space is sealed with their defensive missile systems protecting 90% of their population not to speak of 40,000,000 of their city populations protected by nuclear bomb shelters. Therefore, NATO has no nuclear option and realistically has no conventional option of defense either.

David Lifschultz



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