(Reader: Hawke) Deja Vu, Water Talk, Hop’ium



Reader Post | By Hawke (UK)

Namaste fellow woken beings,

I re-post here an earlier posting as it is clear that recycled statements as intel being facts are quite frankly, Bull Chit

Nature Reserve – Are you frikkin serious – What bird chit talk is this?

Let’s be honest here – I am posted in the UK & whoever says that City of London will flood to become a nature reserve is chatting some serious horse chit! No way Hose! The simple answer is the London Underground & massively old Victorian drainage system which is practically 85% full capacity on a normal day. The popular places like Leicester Square & Piccadilly Circus i.e. the area around Soho is always needing ‘frogmen’ to clear up the tunnels due to the masses amount of fat, lard, oil, waste that blocks the drainage system… 
No way would even the ‘Square Mile’ being the epicentre not only of Financial but also the transport links be flooded to create a nature reserve when it’s a concrete jungle – Serious Porkies! Whoever is talking this pig chit doesn’t understand that London is a bowl not much high above the natural sea level. The Thames Barrier is there as a flood protection from the water blocking the English Channel rise & fall of the sea…

If you did have a 10M above sea level unexpected rise, 75% of London would be flooded i.e. Travel Zone 1-4… There is no way there will be a Nature Reserve – Complete Donkey Chit! Just get on with the Rod from God which if that Tungsten Rod is launched would create a massive fallout zone & pretty much FUBAR Buckingham Palace & then some – the better option would be to pancake that building… That along with others with a DEW or an Airplane Hi-Jacked from Heathrow Airport which is full of GITMO prisoners…

Either way – No nature reserve as that is complete Dog Chit…

What has changed? Nada, Zilch, Nutin Man… Same sh|t, different day of Horse Chit intel-dis-information




I feel at times that it maybe the Moon position upon this Flat Domain or the Stench breeze of air or the Taste of Chem Trails that gets me rather Pizzed Off however, the amount of drivel is really insulting to those feed with such conspicuous generation of Horse Chit with stories of happenings which no one can verify.

This whole info-disinfo-info etc etc is really territory of Psy-Op culture.

Now there are actual events or planned happenings however nothing where Guru / Experts / Muppets selected in charge as spokesperson (as I am not qualified to state Spokesman or Spokeswomen as I’m not a biologist) advise of dates happening where ‘click fingers’ & Voila!!!! Stop the addiction upon news like this – The desperation creates negative frequency, energy, vibration & thought – Instead, focus on the power of one.

I don’t mean this as a collective hive mind but of that of the prime creators being the true, pure, good, Almighty Mother & Almighty Father.

I saw mention of transhue manism with reference to Star T-Rek as the Borg being the collective singular hive mind inside the cube we are told is a big No-No.

Rather than trust in posts related to head wearing attire Blanco persons – the True, One & Only saviour is God, Is the Father, Son & Holy Spirit…

Use Dis-CERN-ment & create the right, positive thoughts to direct universe towards actual dimension realities of God not getting junked up, or high on disinformation hopium…




Know Thyself – Come to the Path of the Saviour – Let Christ be the Drug & End the Darkness


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