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Reader Post | By Stefan

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

A difficult article, you will notice. And I would like to emphasize here in advance that I do not see Germany as a supernation, neither in the past, certainly not in the present (LOL) and also not in the future. In the future, all nations will be equal, without rulers, as the good Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov has already said. We are human beings and we live in our countries (or in the countries we choose to live) all the same. Be it financial, be it faith, skin color or anything else that has divided us so far. To me, there is no doubt about it. Not a trace.

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Tartary or the Great Tartar Empire, perhaps many know the conjecture that the Bible story actually took place in Germany. There are some very good articles and videos about this topic. Whether this is true, can be true at all or was really so, we do not know yet. As with so many topics at the moment, we can all only guess. In the last few months, I have come to question almost everything that comes my way in terms of news. Especially when it comes to history. The supposed history we all learned or are still learning in school. A sentence from many movies and reports always comes to my mind: “History is written by the victors!”. And, of course, not by the vanquished.

We have also learned that 777 books of the Bible are missing and that those that remain could be rewritten and manipulated. Then there are theories that in our year numbers sometime in the past simply an “X” was introduced, with the Romans the number 1000, and then the sequence of these alleged 1000 years was invented chronologically. People, even the calendar was manipulated, that know above all those, which deal also with the Julian calendar. Ten days were simply added, the remaining 3 days were added by the decades-long wrong course of the Gregorian calendar. In my opinion, that’s what happens when you manipulate time or want to represent time in the first place. I really hope that we can do without time, clocks, calendars in the future. There are many indications and suppositions that this will come so. The primitive peoples didn’t need that either. In the movies I have seen on Tartary, it was claimed that historical events actually happened at the same time, but then were manipulatively put into a chronological order, giving the appearance that it happened one after the other.

No matter what really happened, no matter when or if it happened, I question almost everything except my self-experienced past. And even my self-experienced past could be manipulated. The good thing is, it has helped me, and I think others, to get into an observer role. I feel like I’m sitting in an umpire’s chair at tennis. I sit a bit elevated, have a good overview of the audience, the court and the players, no matter how many there are. But I don’t intervene, as a referee would. Only observe.

You know that some servers, maybe the most important ones, who participated in the 2020 election fraud were standing in Frankfurt. We know that the Green Party in Germany has always been associated with pedophilia. Now sexual assaults are also made known to the party ” The LEFT”. Also many German “clergy” of the Catholic and Protestant Church are involved in scandals about abuse and pedophilia. In addition, there are reports of DUMBS in Hamburg, Stuttgart and under the new airport in Berlin. Lots of scan flights and “earthquakes” in 10km depth have been published. For a while this stopped, but after the beginning of the “Ukraine conflict” it increased again. As if underground fugitives had to be tracked down.

In Berlin there should also be a satanic temple. Underground, of course. And now, for me an icing on the cake, come reports that not only the USA, but also Germany were involved in the laboratories in [redacted]. On this, I’ m posting an excerpt from an interview with RT News by Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry:


She spoke to RT News in Russia today, April 16, regarding U.S. and German information of BIOLABS in [redacted]

“Germany has closely coordinated with the U.S. and established a network of at least 30 biological laboratories in [redacted].”

“Especially in light of the important fact that Germany has been conducting, and may continue to conduct, intensive military biological activities in [redacted] for many years prior to the start of this particular military operation by Russian forces in conjunction with the United States.”

“We strongly believe that Germany is more active than other EU countries in trying to attribute criminal plans to our country for the use of biological and chemical weapons in [redacted] primarily because of this.”

It seems that many things have already been cleaned up, especially the DUMBS. The escape, that is, the planned retreat of the cabal elite, Australia and New Zealand. Then Kazakhstan, where the new “headquarters” of the Khazarian mafia was to be built, that also seems to be cleaned up. [redacted] has been or is being cleaned up, the site of the planned and already active biolabs. Next up would be Taiwan, we patriots have actually been waiting a long time for something to happen there on the part of China. All we have learned so far is that “maneuvers” are to take place there again. Well, slowly we should know, especially in Europe, that nobody needs to do “maneuvers” anymore in these times. I think it is code for cleanups, just like here in Germany the many “bomb finds” from WWII are. But here in the country, too few are simply asking questions yet. Not even about resignations, “covid illnesses” or about “sudden and unexpected” deaths. The cleanups have been going on here for a long time. Unfortunately, they have not yet really penetrated to the outside world, and unfortunately there are still too many systematics in the lower levels.

Now let’s think about Operation PAPERCLIP. Nazis from the Third Reich were brought to America. A state construct was installed in Germany that, for example, continues to implement Nazi laws (example income tax law), and also continues to nicely access the collateral accounts of “citizens” and deal in birth certificates. If I take all this together, the secret and obvious involvement of German governments, German companies, German military, what if “Israel last” means Germany? Because Israel itself is already under control since Netanyahu is no longer “in power”. I’ m not sure, but for me this is an option that the show ends in Germany, because it really is or could be “Israel”, the root of the Khazarian mafia. Above all, it is a wish that it is so. So that the show can end soon. We no longer need Zionists, CIA or other three-letter secret services in the new world, lining their pockets through the suffering of others. We no longer need “governments” that smile forward and exploit behind their backs or implement an inhumane agenda. It has been and is being shown to us, told to us, written to us. In movies, series and now massively through the show.

Folks, keep the faith and belief in a good outcome of this show. Everything is really going according to plan, believe me! Don’t let anything or anyone dissuade you from continuing to hold the line. And support, help others as best you can. Take yourselves out of any attempts at division. Only together we are strong. We still need compromises for this, and many would have to jump over their shadows for it, but it is worth it. At least sometimes. In the new world there is only WE, in intact communities. Without leaders or leaders, everyone is equal to the other and we complement each other by different abilities, which are then finally ideally used. For the good of all!


Observe, don‘t absorb!

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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