Dr. Ardis Breaks the Hottest News on the COVID-19 Plandemic; it is Not a Virus; it is Snake Venom



Operation Disclosure | By Mark Baughman, Contributing Writer

Submitted on April 17, 2022

Dr. Ardis breaks the Hottest News on the Covid-19 Plandemic; it is NOT Virus; it is Snake Venom!!

Dr. Ardis is a hero! He has the guts to bring this out in the open, and has known and researched it since December 2021. Like many great researchers and seekers of true; they do their homework. Some call it due-diligence, before they bring their findings out for pier or public scrutiny. He has unequivocal proof that Covid-19 is a poison and not a virus. The poison is a synthetically made venom from the crate snake and the king cobra snake. Understand, that they can make snake venom in the lab. This is a breakthrough in the way we treat, look and research the Covid-19 plandemic. Understand, Dr. Ardis has been in this from the beginning; giving truthful and honest advice. Also, Dr. Ardis has been a big advocate of being an anti-vaxxer, and anti-Remdesivir, pro-ivermectin, pro-hydrochloraquine (HCQ), pro-zinc and pro-vitamin D & C ever since this covid-19 started. He has done a lot of research and made many videos for years on the truth. Dr. Ardis is a great warrior for the truth.

First, I want to relate one of the major aspects in this secret war with the illuminati. They have people killed to silence them; to keep their power and control over the world. Please, remember this war in the shadows is about information and infiltration for hundreds of years. Dr. Ardis is on Big-Pharma’s hit list. I have known for years that Big-Oil have the largest mercenary army in the world. Big-Pharma was number two in this standing. We know that Big-Pharma has killed naturopathic or homeopathic Doctors over the years that have infringed on Western Medicine money making machine. Where is the proof? Well, let start with the fact that JFK was really assassinated by the branch of the illuminati called the “Banking Cartel” controlled by the Rothchilds, who owned the United Stated Federal Reserve bank, and had total control over American money printing. On June 4, 1963, an executive order # 11110 by President JFK, to dissolve the Federal Reserve Bank which printed money against our great constitution by the People and for the People. The Deep State President Johnson rescinded this executive order right after he was sworn in, on the airplane carrying JFK’s body.

Let me give you many examples of Hero’s in this war of information on the fake covid-19 pandemic. There were four African leaders that were killed for not going along with the Fake Covid-19 pandemic narrative;

Tanzania;             John Magulfi               died 3/17/2021,
          Ivory Coast;         Hamed Bakayoko        died 3/3/2021,
          Swaziland;           Ambrose Dlamini         died 12/13/2020, and
          Burundi;              Pierre Nkurunziza        died 3/8/2020.

President John Magulfi became famous and well-known after he lab tested a goat and a papaya fruit, which both tested positive, for the over 90% false positive PCR test for coronavirus. President Magulfi repeatedly has downplayed the threat of the virus and claimed there is a “dirty game” going on at the laboratory. This was in May of 2020 and kicked the CDC (Control Disease Center) out of his country. Here is an article link:  Understand that these illuminati mercenary contract killers have the latest technics to kill people: like heart-attack causing guns, and poisons that make it look like a heart attack. And the not so subtle assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moise by 28 armed mercenaries on July 7th, 2021. Here is a link on that subject, that is written from a Fake MSM news source:  Remember, when they go after something so hard, like that [redacted] is bad and the [redacted] invasion is evil, it clearly is the opposite and they want to brainwash the population to their agenda. [redacted] is really going into [redacted] to take-out the Bio-Labs that were U.S. owned that were going to harm the world’s population by releasing a Bio-Weapon. He is a major part of humanity’s Earth Alliance.   




They all knew that the “Bill Gates Foundation” has been giving out vaccines in Africa and the Caribbean that caused more harm than good. Many times, just killing children. Also, the source of the HIV-AID virus was created in lab in a D.U.M.B under the famous Fort Detrick, Maryland U.S. Army base in the 1980’s. Where did they focus the HIV-AIDS release of the Bio-Weapon on Africa! These Africa leaders had history and really did not like the Western powers to come in and try to dictate medical policy or medicine to their citizens. Here is a link that HIV/AIDS was patented, same as Covid-19: This has been confirmed by Gene Decode, that the U.S. Congress approved money in the millions for Bio-Research on a Bio-Weapon, and it was HIV/AIDS. These lab-made, under the radar Bio-Weapons have been released on the world at many different times to do more harm to the population.

Bill Gates Foundation has repeatedly caused harm to children in countries he has been in with vaccinations. Here is one link: Bill Gates vaccines paralyzed 496,000 children in India.  Here is an article that is titled “Bill Gates is a monster”. It talks about 2.3 million girls that were vaccinated in Africa that had HGC, an antigen that causes miscarriages and sterilizations. You now wonder why so many people would not take the Covid-19 vaccines; they did their research, and knew, overwhelmingly not to trust the Medical Systems on vaccines. Over 50% of the American population did NOT take the poisonous experimental Covid-19 vaccines!

What I am doing here, is laying a foundation of lies, deceit and an agenda to kill people off with poisons or a vaccine from the CDC, NIH (National Institutes of Health) (for which Mass-murderer Dr. Fauci is the head) and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), all of which are promoting these experimental vaccines, but are privately owned and really NOT a part of our government. Know that, since the Western Medical system is supposed to tell you that they are experimental vaccines, and have not done so, they can be prosecuted. This is before I get into detailed proof from Dr. Ardis.

“There is an evil and dark agenda behind the Covid-19 pandemic”, says Dr. Ardis. And that “Everyone has been lied to”. He has released over a year ago, that his father-in-law really died of Remdesivir therapy in the hospital that even after a few days caused heart and kidney disease. His father-in-law never made it out of the hospital. Friend physicians have helped in Dr. Ardis quest for the truth. As an example, a text sent to him: “If you got bitten by a rattlesnake, would you go to a hospital to get anti-venom”? With no other information about what he meant, Dr. Ardis had this in the back of his mind, doing research. Dr. Ardis found out that Monoclonal Anti-Body therapy was curing Covid-19 patients within 24 hours once given in the hospitals across the country. You see, this therapy is gotten from horses that are injected with snake venom, and the anti-bodies from their blood are removed to make a strong anti-venom therapy. Horses do not die from snake bites, for their size and strong immune system. Understand, that Dr. Ardis clearly states that: “Early therapies like ivermectin, HCQ, Zinc and now Monoclonal Anti-Bodies” work very well. No one had to die from Covid-19! Any anti-inflammatory medicine or natural medicine has benefits against this now Covid-19 poison. He clearly states: “To do the exact opposite of what Western Medical system is doing, and stay away from the hospitals”. Dr. Fauci opposed HCQ when President Trump recommended it. Now, even the Monoclonal Anti-Body therapy is banned now the in the United Stated, as of January 2022.

Dr Ardis reports with hard articles or research articles that the sources from Fact-Checker Scientists, and proved this bioweapon to be from the crate snake and the king cobra snake. Even a quote from an article written by researches from University of Arizona dated August 24, 2021 states “Researchers have identified what may be the key molecular mechanism responsible for Covid-19 mortality – an enzyme related to neurotoxins found in rattlesnake venom”. Clearly snake poison is NOT a virus. Here is a quote from another research article: “it is likely that these genes, together with the 19 VST’s, form the core toxic effector components of the venom, and induce a wide range of symptoms including cardiovascular dysfunction, muscular paralysis, nausea, blurred vision and systemic effects such as hemorrhage”. Why children have NOT been affected hardly at all; “children have much more melatonin in their bodies, that naturally kill this venom”. These symptoms are exactly like Covid-19. A big hint!

From an article in the “The Guardian” written February 2021, this quote; “Scientist have advanced more cures for Covid-19. Top of the list are: combination of ivermectin, zinc, vitamin C; Andrographis Paniculata, the key ingredient of IHP Detox Tea; extract of Artemisia annua, which interferes with replication of SARS-CoV-2 (scientific name for Covid-19), snake venom enzyme; metformin; colchicine, melatonin; and essential oils”.

Let us go see truths about the attempted “cover-up” for this grave knowledge for some Ph. D. researchers. As Dr. Ardis gives release that Bing Liu made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of truth and real research as a Professor at the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Ardis states that Bing Liu was about to release the real genetic sequence of Covid-19 which included “Snake Venom” in the genome. Professor Bing Liu was about to release his findings and was shot clearly “mafia style” with seven shots to the chest and three shots to the head. His friend was killed to, this was to blame the killing as a fake lover’s murder-suicide cover-up. Here is a link to just one article about it;, The next expert researcher that his knowledge was how graphene oxide and graphene hydroxide worked to harm the body, which both are poisons from vaccines along with snake venom. Dr Andreas was a Chemist, and was killed shortly after he released a video on how graphene hydroxide was like a “molecule-width razor blade” cutting through red blood cells, and causing the blood clots and Myocarditis damage. These people who created Bio-Weapons are evil, and the people developing and doing the distribution, and injections are evil too. Dr. Andreas wife believes he was killed by a DEW (Direct Energy Weapon), another high-tech real reality that has been used in the past. Here is a link:




The vaccines can replace your human DNA too. Here is a quote: “The Cobra RNA (inside the MRNA vaccines) attacks the human DNA and opens the sequencing and replaces it with Cobra RNA that is wrapped with nano tech magnetics that spread through the entire body and even into the brain.” Dr. Ardis knows that, for the use of Remdesivir, many autopsies have found good amounts of “snake venom”, because Remdesivir has snake venom it, concluded the physicians. When will the sleeping public understand that Western Medicine vaccines do “more harm than good”? They will kill people to cover it up too! Also, even in the 1990’s, data from even state governments shows that autism in children went up 384% once the children’s total vaccine shots went from about eight during their childhood to over thirty-six by the time, they were eighteen years old. This autism is a crime in itself. I had this argument with my Ph.D. Bio-Chemist degree Army researcher son-in-law, who has even helped develop vaccines at the famous level # 4 lab at Fort Detrick, Maryland. Just like many AMA (America Medical Association) brainwashed Doctors, they do NOT do their research on the opposite side, and clearly look at the fake research coming from Western Medicine propaganda machine. Even now, we know they have faked many research papers, sometimes just to “fit a narrative”; just like Fake News Media. These Ph.D. researchers and some Western Medicine Physicians, just put their head in a hole, and never look side to side – just like an ostrich! 

Even fake MSM CNN admitted on January 24, 2020 with a headline “Snakes could be the source of the Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak”. Even they tell the truth sometimes, (unreal). One needs to get on the internet and really do their research; all the truths are there; one just has to NOT watch fake TV Main Stream Media (MSM) because it is just to give you the illuminati fake narrative; what they want you to believe.

Talk about the illuminati, they like symbolism too. The research into snake venom after ten years is that there are “19 Specific Toxics”. That if you look up virus, one definition is venom in the world dictionary. Therefore; Virus = Venom. The Serpent (Snake) in the Garden of Eden is Satan. And then; King Cobra = Venomous Snake. Then one can derive; SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) = Snake Venom and Crown = King. Also, the six feet apart that is all over marked on floors at airports, that Dr. Ardis has NO medical basis for or any research on, is symbolic of 6 feet under, to kill people and put them 6 feet under the ground – normal grave depth.

We are finally learning what “Watch the Water” means from Q too. Dr. Ardis says one of the delivery systems for the poison is the city water systems. He has researched that the CDC had tested with the PCR test for Covid-19 in 400 to 647 city waste water sites all over America, to monitor where and when they can predict an outbreak. Dr Ardis is not trying to create fear, but give the facts. He does know a friend that got Covid-19, was clearly traced back to the drinking water from a restaurant the couple ate at. You can learn to clean your water in a very careful way and must-read instructions when using Chlorine Dioxide drops. Chlorine Dioxide is a disinfectant that kills bacteria, viruses and fungi. This is Jim Humbles protocol, so called MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement); just be careful: use small amounts at first. Maybe a half drop from the MMS from each bottle. Also, the famous cleaning solution for camping and was developed for contaminated water around the Chernobyl, Ukraine famous nuclear meltdown, that cleans even radiation from the water. The name is “Purinize”, and works well with a few drops, mix and allow to work for at least six hours before drinking.  

Understand the big delivery systems for this poison is the vaccines too. The Covid-19 vaccines or Remdesivir go directly into your blood stream; this is the best way to kill people!  With very little defense – like if you ingested it, where you have the stomach, intestines, kidneys, liver, and finally your White Blood Cells to attack it, once it’s out through your intestines to filter out what you mistakenly ate. They can deliver through the air too, but this would not have an effect like a vaccine, same goes for city water, they would have to have a constant source into the water system to infect a lot of people. The food is still a possibility, but there have been no direct tracers so far. Dr. Ardis suggest that you filter your water into the house or at-least under the drink sink water source. But he does know for sure; early treatment with what is recommend in this article and his videos stops this poison in the body. HCQ does work, as related by the chart below. Also, Dr. Ardis researched monoclonal anti-body therapy and had a 99.9% success rate.

Please know too, there are reverse vaccine protocols, one can find them on the internet. I am an engineer, that does a lot of research. I have used these protocols to get rid of metals in the body, like the graphene that is in the vaccines: Zeolite, Chlorella Spirulina, and North Atlantic Kelp supplements. Of course, I did not take any vaccines, and have not since I was a child. My friends in Hong Kong are using Bentonite (herbal detox) and L-Glutathione (Antioxidant support) along with Zeolite.  But one thing that I take that is super, is the brand name “iHeRQles”, please do your research too. To rid my body of “Morgellons”, I use “Morgellons Direct”. Of course, take a good Vitamin C & D supplements too. Please research and for better results, ask a homeopathic Physicians or naturopathic Physician on what they would recommend too. 

The mighty Alliance is taking down the illuminati structures all over the world. Take for example, the real reason [redacted] and his [redacted] special forces went into the [redacted]: to destroy the 33 Bio-labs sprinkled throughout [redacted] territory and even in D.U.M. B.’s. [redacted] received intelligence a week before he took full military action:   That from the United State paid for Bio-Labs in [redacted], that a new poison or virus was going to be released on [redacted] and the world. One-half of [redacted] borders are next to [redacted]. Even, worse was that these Bio-Labs have developed the capability to create Bio-Weapons to target specific races or ethnic groups. Hell, they could just kill just the Russian Slavic heritage with their targeted Bio-Weapons now.  

In conclusion, there have been many people that gave their life to get the truth out to the public – many researchers, country leaders, and truth physicians. These people are hero’s to humanity! The time is almost gone for the illuminati or the Deep State; they do not have the assets now; the money or people to try to keep a lid on this. The mighty Alliance is making mass arrests now and for many years in the background. Please see an article quote from Mike Quinsey’s 4/15/2022: “Be assured that although you do not get to know much through the Press, mass arrests are still taking place which is helping stabilize your society. There is so much happening right now that is laying down a new way of living and the redistribution of wealth.” What he talks about is the new QFS (Quantum Financial System) that will be active soon, and put a final nail in the coffin of the illuminati once and for all time. Here is more from the same article: “The dark Ones will have lost their powers to control your lives, and those responsible for misinforming you about the purpose of life will no longer be active. The new cycle you are in promises a truthful version of life to come that you will find very acceptable, peaceful and satisfying, and the thought of living a longer life will be eagerly accepted.” He is talking about the med-beds, that heal everything and extends life. Here is a link to the article:

Please understand that some intelligence people who release the same old dogma, still live in a “shock & awe” thinking; there will NOT be war, there will NOT be major financial upheaval, like a major stock market crash. The doomsayers, are just noise within a beautiful world being born now. The real news is published, if you really listen; the Department of Defense has stated they will cover people who own bitcoin, even though it is a Deep State creation, by the end of the year. It has been known for years, the Alliance are in control of the stock market totally too, as they are for most of the world now, and for some time. We do NOT have to have a negative happening to usher in the “New Golden Age” of Peace and Prosperity for all people on this beautiful planet, called Earth.  Here is a link for one of Dr. Ardis video on “Steel Truth”;


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