(Reader: Thomas Smith) Project Looking Glass and Predicting the Future



Reader Post | By Thomas Smith

Before I discuss predicting the future I would like to give a little back round on myself.

I’m now going on 72 years into my journey. My body is tattered with multiple repairs. I have a complete hip replacement I have three fused discs in my back I have many staples from hernias and I have screws in my foot from an accident and I’m blind in one eye all of this was came about do to a lack of understanding the consequences of lack of predicting the future. That said let’s talk about project looking glass.

I am a solitary person I accomplish more being alone without the interaction of others I have spent many years of my life trying to solve the problems of life I have come to the conclusion they every person on earth has the ability to predict the future which is vary is to prove and cannot be debunk and I will give you proof now take an egg through it on the floor as hard as you can. what will happen ? The egg will break and you know it will break before you do it this is putting it simply you just predicted the future I’m am sure there is a degree of error that increases or decreases with the amount information you have at the time of prediction. And I believe there is a learning curve that will increase your ability to predict the future much of this knowledge is taught to you in your journey trough life.

Some are better at it then others I believe it depends on your ability to learn from your actions or a better choice of words would mistake. That being said I all so believe there device’s that can predict the future like project looking glass but also believe that this device is only as good as the information put into it by its creator.

Now I will give you an explanation so simple you will probably laugh at me predicting the is as simple as playing the game solitaire.

Use your mind in solitaire in many cases there more than one way to win it depends on your knowledge of the game but keep in mind that some games only have only one way to bring the game to a conclusion and it may take a number of attempts to predict the proper conclusion. I believe project looking glass exists but I all so believe that to relay on it is to subject yourself to a false prediction.

I have taught myself never to relay on someone else’s answer to a situation when I’m uncertain I present the problem to as many sources as I can I make my judgment from their answer this gives you the best possible ability to predict a successful out come I don’t think anyone but god can predict the future 100 percent. Who ever created project looking glass had a vast knowledge of cause and effect but I believe it has its faults no one can predict the future with 100 percent accuracy not even project looking glass. Now with all this being said if White Hats are using some type of device to predict the best possible out come of what we are going through I hope they take this into consideration and this is my opinion to a successful conclusion if you wish to wake up as many people as possible and make them aware of what is going on in my mind the answer is simple take away from them the things that prevent them from journeying into what they believe is the unknown or unexceptible their money their homes their belongings their beliefs their jobs leave them with the ideas that “ freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose” and then I believe the White Hats will have successfully predicted the out come of their operation to bring humanity to a peaceful and prosperous future for all predicting the future is in all of us it’s just a matter of putting in the time and knowledge to understand the outcome it will be difficult for most to understand but ones who do will bring with them the ones who don’t have the knowledge to understand or are not willing to put time and effort in to do it I believe that the level of unawareness of the masses is astronomical and the few with the knowledge were sent here to help the many.




I can only hope that all I have learned was self taught if someone with much higher knowledge has been helping me in some manner I’m not aware of I except that and look forward to meeting them. My father was a extremely intelligent man when I was young there were three things he pervaded to one was he didn’t believe in god and I verbally disagreed with him the second was which he told me many times was I was to smart for my own good the third was he told me to remember this just think do you h know how many grains of sand are on a beach he said the number is uncountable just think if are planet is  just a molecule inside one of those grains this will let release the vastness of our existence.

Respectfully yours
Thomas Smith


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