(Reader: Hawke) Order! Order! UK Round-up and the Oscar Slap


Reader Post | By Hawke (UK)

Namaste fellow woken beings,

It appears that either the maniacal plan all rests with the “Joke is on us” tomorrow or “on the D|S”. Is it really the beginning of the right, correct, true, good global events change for ‘We the People’?

If it is – When does the ‘Legal’ system receive its downfall? That along with Political, Financial, Educational, Health, Telecoms, Transport, Rah-Legion including Media etc…

I honestly doubt very much that tomorrow will be ‘Zero Day’ & then like a switch – everything is flipped on Fri 01st April 2022. Talk of all this Check-Mate & dropping the ‘Queen’ & ‘King’ words… What does it mean? Who is Queen? Who is King?

– Is Queen as in QE2 & is King as in Joseph Gregory Ha||ett?

I really doubt anything will happen as the media will not publish anything, along with videos taken down, accounts will be banned & No one really knows “What the heck is going on?” That’s the plan always…. Psy-Op, MK Ultra.

So sad that the countless lives still being ruined & it’s all a Joke… Cattle, Chattle, Goyim, Hue-Man – The Fools is Us…


3:16 variations however – “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life”.

What a world we are living in….

Here is just a snippet of information but worth questioning –

-UK medical aid donations to UK  raine hits five million items – 5.29 million medical items now donated to Ukraine including lifesaving medicines, wound packs, and intensive care equipment, as UK leads humanitarian response. Ask yourself – By sending aid – How easy is it to offload to the UK via this action – bio-lab weapon samples… We are hear for aid – Reality – Let’s get the bio-lab experiments outta here – safe harbour them somewhere else.

-The British High Commission New Delhi will host its annual Queen’s Birthday Party (QBP) today, after a gap of almost two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Ask yourself – Isn’t India part of the ‘Alliance’? Surely they would not be entertaining this at all however, they actually are.

-Foreign Secretary in India as part of diplomatic push on Ukraine . Liz Truss’s visit to Delhi comes ahead of NATO and G7 meetings next week to tackle Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

In a meeting with India’s External Affairs Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, the Foreign Secretary will say Russia’s invasion of Ukraine underlines the importance of democracies working closer together to deter aggressors, reduce vulnerability to coercion and strengthen global security. She wants to counter Russia’s aggression and reduce global strategic dependence on the country ahead of key NATO and G7 meetings next week. Ask yourself – Which side is the ‘Alliance’ on? Is this all a hoax?

-Annual statement of emissions for 2020 – The thirteenth annual statement of emissions sets out the steps taken to calculate the net UK carbon account in respect of 2020. It is the third report in the third carbon budget period (2018 to 2022). Thirteenth annual statement of emissions required under section 16 of the Climate Change Act 2008. It is being published Two years later..


The net UK carbon account is what we compare against the carbon budgets to determine whether they are being met, and must not exceed the level of the carbon budget at the end of each budgetary period. Statement by Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy. Ask yourself – Didn’t lockdowns actually improve the climate, make air cleaner, less pollution, less smog etc – So Why a Climate Crisis? Didn’t global consumption for fuel, energy, resources actually decrease?-Finally – JB I’ve been advised is coming here. Bizarre, as There’s no place like Home – Delaware JB. Don’t think you want to be there right now – Hunted Man or should I say Hunted Men.

So “Willie slaps Rock”. Hmmm kind of a double entendre meaning here?!?

What makes me wonder is the editing of this whole staged event. Will Sm | th asking to be allowed to come back next year when media says he refused to leave when asked. Even the body language of Chr|s Rock knew it was coming however the whole Bi,at,Ch slap & follow through… perfect timed picture looks all so fake.

Is this the final hurrah for the Oscars? Final appearances perhaps? Was the whole speech by Fresh Pr|nce his actual Goodbye? Standing ovation yet Either way, the whole thing was distraction….

I say do what J|m Carrey / Canary said “Sue him for $200 million dollars” but if you can achieve that – You deserve an Oscar…


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