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Submitted on March 23, 2022


Compliments of the Lifschultz Organization founded in 1899

I attended the US Deep State meetings on the bombing of Belgrade for 78 days over a fake massacre of Kosovo. At the meeting the deep state had to deal with a Manchester Guardian article whose reporter stated that he had walked the massacre site and noticed there was no blood on the ground by the shot up bodies nor cartridges indicating that they had not been shot there and very well could be bodies of those who recently died taken from morgues. In other words, it was a fake massacre. At the meeting it was related that the German BND had set up the fake massacre using Albanian agents and they had neglected to spread the blood and cartridges due to their incompetence. The BND was not there to supervise it by their own agent to assure deniability. Number one, formerly OSS-CIA, said that we should not be bothered by what that commie publication said (though it was true) and that all world media which is under our (US) control will bury the story stating there will be a six month commission established to investigate the rigged massacre and we will proceed to bomb Belgrade to Hell until they do what we tell them. Adolf Hitler had bombed Belgrade in punishment in 1941 for just a few days in comparison. The present control of the US media by Trotskyites as Zuckerberg, Larry Paige, Sergei Brin, etc. just makes their control more obvious but nothing has otherwise has changed since 1776.

Operation Retribution (1941) – Wikipedia

I opposed this 1999 bombing on practical grounds as morality was irrelevant in these councils, and said that though we had successfully brought down the USSR where I was the instrumental planner, and then betrayed Russia encouraging them to join the west as our friend when our plan was to break them up into fifty Ukraines which I opposed, I said that this bombing would finally wake up Russia as to what we were doing to them. I had recommended in the period of 1989 to 1991 that we welcome Russia back to Christian Civilization as the Prodigal Son in Luke but number one said then that was absurd after all that they had done to us since 1945. Forgiveness was out of the question. Well, Russia woke up and started spending huge amounts of money on missile defense between 2000 and 2008, and moved in 2008 to modernize their army while advancing massively further in offensive and defensive missiles.

As background to the destruction of Russia, Lord Jacob Rothschild had carefully insinuated his representatives into the control of Russia by rigged sales of all major assets for pennies on a dollar of Russia to oligarchs known for their limited ability and incompetence, and would act as unthinking agents like Roman Abramovitch who had sold tickets outside the Bolshoi theater and now was raised up as a billionaire as the stooge and flunkey of Lord Jacob. This idiot lost a billion dollars of Russian money to a Ukrainian oligarch who cheated him. The Ukrainian oligarchs are also controlled in the same way by Lord Jacob who similarly looted their country and as is well known there is no honor among thieves. Almost all of these are degenerate scum that you can pick off the street anywhere and many are pedophiles. I dated the most beautiful girls in Moscow who explained this to me where one caught a famous oligarch with a ten year old girl which oligarch I happened to know. I assumed when I conducted this research when in Moscow that this scum would seek those of the greatest beauty with their money to corrupt them as the Trotskyite oligarchs do in New York City who manipulate a trillion dollars a year out of the market by rigging the market indexes through cash settlement.




Of course, I taught the girls the holy concept of marriage as Stalin based on the work of Saint Augustine “On The Good of Marriage” where the conjugal act must only be used in marriage with procreative intent and onanism in any form was forbidden as a mortal sin. Stalin taught all boys and girls in Russia this so that by 1940 half the population was under twenty. He was a great leader. (Baron Eduard de Rothschild had the whole world press attack Stalin as a monster over the 1936-1938 Moscow Treason trials where his Trotskyite agents met their end and he has been hated by most of the western world ever since despite a the period of World War Two where he was needed to destroy Hitler.) Henry Ford sponsored the famous doctor in the US named Dr. J. H. Kellogg who taught the same ideas from a medical standpoint explaining it was also the source of the retention of beauty into old age as Abraham’s wife Sarah in the Bible as well as vital for good health and in consulting with doctors in Russia found 98% of the girls were masturbating in 1910. Russia had become infected with French literature written by such masturbators as Jean Jacques Rousseau, etc.. This was a primary cause of the Russian Revolution. Stalin wiped out this vice from Russia. Stalin greatly respected Henry Ford who guided the building of the giant industrial projects in Russia during the 1930s. Dr. Kellogg’s medical teachings were immensely popular and American girls became the most beautiful in the world while they listened to him.

Stalin wrote to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, calling Henry Ford “one of the world’s greatest industrialists” and expressing the hope that “may God preserve him.”

These oligarchs then moved to despoil Russia and transfer over a trillion dollars to London handled by Sergey Shvetsov at the Russian Central Bank. The actual ownership of the Russian companies is in the hands of Lord Jacob Rothschild though in the name of the oligarchs who are his lackeys. Vladimir Putin was picked by Roman Abramovich. In a recent meeting at the Kremlin Putin demanded their loyalty which of course is an absurdity. This recent meeting is mentioned in this rather brilliant exposition by Pepe Escobar in Turkey no less which nation is a critical player in the Ukrainian upheaval. In this Escobar interview Erdogan is mentioned as being notified by Putin in advance of the attempted coup against him to murder him by the US. Putin picked it up from Russian Intelligence, and saved Erdogan’s life. The CIA has come a long way from the days of Secretary of State Henry Stimson:

Gentlemen don’t read each other’s mail.

Henry L. Stimson

The interview of Pepe Escobar is highly recommended.

Pepe Escobar Live with Rachel Marsden | The Vineyard of the Saker




These oligarchs will tell you that they control Putin on behalf of Lord Jacob Rothschild. The control of Russia by Baron Eduard de Rothschild through his agents Lenin and Trotsky was overthrown by Stalin who liquidated all of Rothschild’s agents except Maxim Litvinov who he kept around as a necessary conduit to the ruler of the world. Molotov, who replaced Litvinov as a signal to Germany that Russia wanted a treaty, did not understand why Litvinov was not executed till the day he died. These Trotskyites were murderers of the Tsar’s children and deserved no mercy.

Since these Russian oligarchs stole for Lord Jacob all of Russia, and appointed Putin in his position, then we have a right to ask what side Putin is on? The easiest way for this to be proven wrong is for Putin to confiscate their assets. After all, that is only just as they are the property of the Russian people formerly owned by the communist state on behalf of the people. Should Putin sanction this highway robbery? It should be returned to the people and privatized in a just manner by allowing offers of stock on the market where no foreigner is allowed to buy or finance the purchase of any stock which violation of this law would mean immediate confiscation of the asset. If Mr. Putin proclaims his innocence as he does, then let him prove it by acting justly. No compensation for the oligarchs. There should be Moscow Treason Trials of these Trotskyites whose nature has not changed only their garments and it should be according to this tenor of the Moscow Treason Trails of the 1930s. Lord Jacob Rothschild through his agents as Joseph Biden and Boris Johnson are frantically putting pressure on these oligarchs to overthrow Putin and that is why the oligarchs are being sanctioned and their assets seized overseas though there really is no legal basis for this other than that which I point out above that the assets are stolen which is not even mentioned. Lord Jacob is expressing his displeasure that Putin is acting against the interest of his riches.

I say: ‘What profiteth a man if he gaineth the whole world and loseth his soul”. Mark 8: 34-38.

The above comments introduce the article on Yugoslavia below where the German BND and CIA Sudetenland style fomented ethnic unrest in the country in the 1990s to break it up as they did Russia, and when Serbia would not bow down to them, they bombed them for 78 days in Belgrade. Yugoslavia was considered a threat to the underbelly of NATO.

Ukraine is second act of NATO’s 1999 attack on Yugoslavia – Kusturica

The world is now undergoing a “deconstruction of power” that thought itself supreme 23 years ago, the famous Serbian director tells RT

The current conflict over Ukraine is basically the sequel to the 1999 NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, the celebrated Serbian filmmaker Emir Kusturica told RT on Tuesday, pointing out the continuity of Russophobia and the West’s disdain for international law.

On March 24, 1999, NATO launched its air war against what was then the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The bombing continued for 78 days and ended with a negotiated armistice, allowing UN peacekeepers into the rebel province of Kosovo.

Because Russia was weak and ruled by the “Western oligarchy” propping up President Boris Yeltsin, Serbia was “absolutely alone” in fighting for its freedom, borders and survival, Kusturica told RT from his home in Mecavnik.

This was “when international law was changed to what I call ‘humanitarian’ law,” the filmmaker said, alluding to NATO’s official reasoning that it was trying to stop a humanitarian disaster in Kosovo, and the subsequent doctrine of “responsibility to protect” created to justify the war.




“This war did not just come out of nowhere. This is a continuation of something seeded much earlier,” the director said, referring to the current conflict over Ukraine. Kusturica sees a continuity of Russophobia in the West, which rejected Russia’s offer of partnership after the Cold War.

NATO claimed the bombing brought peace, but the only thing it achieved was to enable the October 2000 color revolution, Kusturica noted. Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic was overthrown in what would become a template for two such revolts in Ukraine, first in 2004 and then in 2014.

Bombing of Serbia was just the first act, now we’re witnessing the second act of the same story.

Serbs aren’t pro-war, they just remember 1999 and understand the causes of the current conflict in Ukraine, Kusturica told RT.

“In a unipolar world, nobody is paying a price for [their] moves,” he pointed out. “Now we’re facing the deconstruction of power around the world, and what matters I think in the end is what kind of weapons you have.”

Back in 1999, Serbia did not have the most modern weapons – Yeltsin blocked the delivery of air defense systems that might have made more of a difference, Kusturica said. Even so, the Serbs managed to shoot down a US “stealth” bomber. They remember NATO’s “humanitarian” bombs even today, he added.

“They never came on the ground, because they know how the Serbian people fight,” Kusturica pointed out.

Surviving among ruins:

Life in a Donbass city Ukraine says no longer exists

Yugoslavia ended in 2006, when Montenegro declared independence. The ethnic Albanian provisional government in Kosovo – backed by NATO – did so in 2008, though without recognition from Belgrade. Serbia is now an “island” in a sea of NATO states on almost all sides. Yet it is still a place where not all media are under Western control, and where one can still raise a voice against injustice and censorship, Kusturica said.




He condemned what he described as an “almost incredibly satanic version of cancel culture” that now bans Russian conductors, composers and authors, stopping just short of burning books in city squares like the Nazis used to do.

Russian authors like “Chekhov, Pushkin, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy are inseparable from what we call European culture,” Kusturica said, arguing the West is now attempting to cut them off, but that the world will “eventually see these pieces coming back together.”

Born in what is today Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kusturica made his first feature film in 1981, going on to direct a series of award-winning features and try his hand at acting, music and writing as well. He resides in an ethnic-themed village in western Serbia, originally built as the set for his 2003 film ‘Life is a Miracle’.

David Lifschultz


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