(Reader: Betty Boop) God is Radical Religion


Reader Post | By Betty Boop

Religion is now a trillion dollar business. The masses have opened their eyes to the truth of America. As difficult and horrific the truth was, it had to be told. I despise liars, I want only the truth, no matter what it is or who it is about. Once again people need to open their eyes wide because Radical Religion goes hand and hand with what we have already learned about Cabal etc.

Its solely the right of each individual as to what they believe in, whether others also believe or not. I will respect that, and expect the same.  There’s a reason that Church and State remain separate. As with anything else mixing the two ends in disaster. Religion has no business in politics, especially in Americas govt. Its been corrupt for a century. State has no business in Church.

As a child, my siblings, father and I attended Church. We were made to put our allowance in the collection plate. It made me angry, but I believed that money was used to help those less fortunate. When I turned 13 I got a job, so I didn’t have to go to church anymore. It made me depressed and sad. Who was this entity to tell me over and over I was this horrible sinner and was to spend my life asking for forgiveness and repent? To OBEY and love ONLY him and no other, he is the only God. To follow only his words and not a man of flesh. My heart is to hold only his love. By not doing as he wants I will reap his wrath of punishment, consequences, threats, revenge, abandonment and so on and so on. Clearly I wasn’t a chosen one, then I am a follower!?!? Which means I’m a slave, a slave of an entities!!  That’s not love to me, not by spreading fear and threats……that’s an insecure narcissist that views my worth only as a slave.   I found I don’t need a hateful entity to be divine within myself, I live by good intentions and good heart. To be respectful of all others, kind, truthful and trusting. My decision.

Those who spread Gods word repeating his demands, expectations and take the path to serve him are total and complete liars, fakes, deceivers, despicable and pathetic. In fact their passion is self serving to fill their own needs and wants, without empathy while molesting young children….its lust not love.

This behavior is seen in all religions, but worst in Catholic. When these deceivers realized their influence  as a “Holy man” to politicians, wealthy, elites, successful people the benefits were very rewarding. Politicians also realized influence and connections benefitted them.  They crossed the line, once they did that it became corrupt. Religious groups obtain more power for endorsing a certain party or candidate is rewarded as above the law, special treatment, privileges.   Tell me you see the problem with this?

Cable and satellite unleashed the Televangelists deceivers. They perceive their flock to commit all their faith, hope, prayers in God otherwise your going to hell, and yet they are milking every dime you have. To spread the word of God they need a 10 million$ mansion- 15 expensive cars, 5 million$ church, private jets, on and on.   So its God who needs outrageous self serving material objects? Will that make him answer the millions and millions of prayers, pleas, begging from children being raped, tortured, abused, sodomized, murdered, sold to pedophiles? Prayers begging for help, sobbing for mommy & family, pleading to be saved and not killed? What’s more important than innocent babies and children? Too busy huh, maybe sometime in the next 2,000 years?

Explain why these rich deceivers don’t have to pay taxes? Or why we have never seen 1 of these church mansions building homes for the homeless, school supplies for schools, buy warehouses stocked with food to distribute, giving good running cars to families with children sick, find jobs, go to school, grants for scholarships, disabled seniors struggling, grant wishes for dying people, clothes for the needy or a thousand other humanitarian causes? Their collection plates filled with money is used for their greed, drugs, gay lovers, prostitutes, tunnels for child trafficking, cages for children, chains.  That’s what was found under Billy Grahams church mansion, also under Jim and Tammy faye Bakers, Jerry Falwalls. Kenneth Copeland and Joel Olsen were on Epstein’s flight log.


The day before the Pandemic Paycheck Protection program that was created to help small businesses was approved for Trump, he secretly met with over 600 Catholic Officials on skype, informed them they  all qualified for help. Catholic pedophiles? What in the hell? All those small businesses that had to close because they never received any of that money, including my grandparents cafe they owned for 46 years. 4 months later grandfather died.

The kicker was Trump reminded them to remember him in the 2020 election!!!

I would like to know why We the People are last to receive Wealth Distribution and why we are made to wait? And why Internet and Churches will come before the citizens? People are struggling daily, many lost their homes, vehicles. There is no good paying jobs that will pay an employee enough to provide for a family of 4-5. Big companies are not hiring.  A president that says he loves the people, would know what its like to walk in their shoes, to understand what we endure every day when there’s not a dime in our pocket book and what we have to do just to feed our family. Wealthy, rich, elite billionaire officials will never know peoples daily lives. when their focus is on a cash cow media platform and a never ending email flood wanting donations.

Venezuela, Brazil, Russia and 1 other country had enough waiting on Trump so they can release money for the people. “Power Mongering” is what they called Trump.

If America is to revert back to the 1776 Constitutional Law it is crucial to keep State and Church separate and it be made very clear to future presidents.  Ill be honest, Vice President John F Kennedy jr has been hidden from the people for 5 years. Its his time to shine. He has the qualities that only 1 other president has ever had………his FATHER. Even better he is not a womanizer.

I sincerely apologize if spelling or grammar is incorrect, a worker was replacing a light fixture above my desk without using all the screws included.  The fixture fell onto my laptop and broke the keyboard. I don’t have money at the moment to repair it. I apologize.



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