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Submitted on March 19, 2022

Image: Salvador Dali’s 1931 painting ‘The Persistence of Memory’ (Thanks Wikiart)

In New York and Ontario the spring equinox arrives at 03 20 2022 at 11:33 a.m.

Numerology: losing the zeroes gives 3 2 222 for a set of 3 2’s being 222. The clock reads 11 and 33 on a date that reduces to 11.

This article channeled by Peggy Black has an excellent explanation of time: The Hathors: Time is Fluid – Era of Light

Personal Experiences

1. The results of school tests and exams with time limits do not give accurate results or grades of acquired knowledge since a person can have a greater understanding of the subject, but be overcome by the stress of the imposed time restrictions which leads to misleading evaluations, possible health problems and aging.

2. As I was learning some of the history of the Goddess Ari in Michael Tsarion’s book ‘The Irish Origins of Civilization’ I felt a great love for Her and Her consort Iesa Christos The Irish Sun King. During a meditation I followed my feelings and emotions and traveled inside my merkaba to that period of time more than three thousand years ago. For a few seconds I hovered above those two and opened a visual porthole to see them. I was granted a magnificent vision of looking down upon them while they sat at some kind of picnic bench in a wonderful and peaceful enclave surrounded and enclosed by lovely trees. I was enthralled; filled with joy. They looked up at me and I saw their faces and then I returned home instantly, well satisfied.-

Ancient Aliens episode 5286 originally aired 03 18 2022 entitled ‘The Time Benders’

At Mount Pion, Turkey the ancient Greek city of Ephesus once stood. The Christian and Muslim story of ‘The Seven Sleepers’ begins in 250 A.D. when seven warriors professed Christianity just as the new religion began to emerge. The Roman Emperor Decius offered the warriors an opportunity to recant and disavow. Instead they sold their possessions and went into a cave. In response the Emperor sealed the cave with them inside. About 300 years later a shepherd broke down the wall and the seven came out and everything looked different to them, including seeing Christian crosses all over. They had experienced a 300 year shift in time. The cave is known as the ‘Grotto of the Seven Sleepers of Ephesus’.-

The Pleiadians in Barbara Marciniak’s book ‘Bringers of the Dawn’ state that they came back in time to deliver a frequency, to allow humanity to change and ascend in accordance with the Divine Plan for the Earth Project.-

A Rhyme in Time

Oh! To take time to rhyme time after time

For now is the time, the right time, a great time, a happy time, the prime time for a peacetime playtime rhyme

To find the time out of mind to sew ‘a stitch in time once upon a time rhyme’ to stand the test of time

Oh! To rhyme time sublime-

Words and Phrases

Onetime, part-time, halftime, full-time, old-time, in time, on time, uptime, maritime, wintertime, summertime, springtime, daytime, nighttime, bedtime, show time, sometime, lunchtime, mealtime, dinnertime, suppertime, meantime, lifetime, anytime, overtime, seedtime, small-time, big-time, heart time, Earth time (note: heart and Earth are anagrams), in the interest of time, it’s high time for a good time, in the nick of time, third time’s a charm, it’s about time, real time, for old time’s sake, all of the time, at this point in time, bide one’s time, closing time, every time, go back in time, have the time of your life, make time, one step at a time, What time have you got? first time, last time, amount of time, period of time, next time, spend time, in due time, short time, long time, at the same time, one’s time, a convenient time, at the appointed time, another time, the entire time, at the current time, in half the time, at a fixed time, devoted time, occupying time, one drop at a time, brief time, in our time, all the time, ahead of time, behind time, to mark time, this time, free time, a second time, allotted time, a little at a time, in the process of time, earlier time, later time, lost in time, more time, a lesson in time, right on time, from time to time, for the time being (Father Time), no time like the present, only time will tell, time heals all wounds, time is of the essence, universal time, just in time, oodles of time

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