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Reader Post | By Hawke (UK)

Namaste fellow woken beings,

It can go without saying however if things carry on – there will be global poverty – with global level extinction. Forgive me if I am not buying the whole “Yeah, Put|n clearing up – the D | S is defeated – Ummm No. The D|S has & will enact everything it needs to, even if it means ‘self-destruct’ like a su|cide bomber taking with them, as many as they can…

The timing has to be questioned as we are very likely here in the UK going to see, fuel costs at £2.50 per litre. That is very soon coming, I can assure you. So, in relation to food, expect to pay £5 for a loaf of bread soon too. Forget your more exotics… Global poverty whilst they kill the system around you knowing their new one, has been running a while.

I gotta be honest here, the UK Government scheme that protected millions of jobs with £38 billions GBP of support lent to businesses, ends today… No more relief… Stop sending money, people, resources to Ukra|ne… Leave the monies here but No… Expect now, when this Bull Chit show gets worse, No relief from the UK Government – Nope, it a corporation anyway – closed down last year.

As for the D|S being ‘dead, gone. defeated etc’… Well, today is ‘Red Nose Day’… Funny a ‘Pay Rent’ was talking to me & their Child has to dress up in Red – to raise monies for the Elite’s charities (stupid UK folks – again duping your silly minds) this is how the cash flow will never stop. Stupid donations when they never have resolved the UK’s problems of poverty from the last 30 years – Now, more so coming….

The UK Government dissolved corporation has agreed to ‘open its borders to those fleeing UKra|ne – All Uk rain|ans arriving in England will be able to access NHS healthcare free of charge, including GP and nurse consultations, hospital services, and urgent care centres. Yep, free education, housing & benefits to be granted. Just the benefits alone equate to the sum of £30,000 per annum per household on average… There are civilians in the late 60’s/ 70’s even 80’s & they don’t even get £8000 per annum after sacrificing for “Queen & Country”… They are living in Poverty, soon to be joined by millions more…

The narrative of climate change with the ‘Graph|ne, nano particle, smart dust’ that is claimed to be ‘Sahara Sand’ – Yeah, another Bull Chit narrative when the burnt orange particles are magnetic! Skies were ominously orange, even at night… Stupid Sheeple Folk – The wind that the UK receives comes from the Atlantic – Look up all the televised weather programs, shown after the news – 99% of the wind always comes from over the Atlantic… Always has done & no one think’s that is strange? 


Talking of climate change – The WEF agenda continues with making sure you own nothing; all your income is theirs as the UK agrees to fund Turkey upon its COP26 commitments – 

  • UK Export Finance guarantee a EUR2.1 billion loan to fund construction of 503km high speed electric railway
  • Huge nine-figure contracts set to be awarded to UK rail suppliers as a condition of UK support
  • Deal announced at UK-Türkiye Green Finance Conference designed to help Turkey finance major climate-friendly projects and meet its COP26 commitments

See, the Robber Barons take, take, take, for their agenda & purpose…

Another example is HMS Spey, an offshore patrol vessel, is on a five-year operation to the Indo-Pacific region alongside her sister ship HMS Tamar. Working alongside partners and allies the ship is helping tackle security challenges and support nations against the impacts of climate change

Climate change my ass… It all D A R P A_ H A A R P anyway. Expect now to experience the most screwed up weather moving forwards…

So, apart from St Patrick slaying the Snakes, riding them from Ireland… Crime Minister Boris Johnson met the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, in Riyadh on March, Wednesday 16th – Is he removing the snakes in collaboration with Middle East? Well, I don’t think so –

The Prime Minister spoke to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy this March, 18th Friday morning. The Prime Minister reiterated his disgust at Russia’s barbaric actions in Ukraine and his admiration for the steadfast resistance of the Ukrainian people in the face of tyranny. He said the entire United Kingdom stands with Ukraine. President Zelenskyy updated on the situation on the ground and Ukraine’s evolving military and humanitarian needs. The Prime Minister set out the additional defensive aid the UK intends to provide and committed to work with allies at next week’s NATO meeting to step up military support to Ukraine.

The Enemy of My Enemy is my relation, as the conquering of this plain / domain is a family affair….


The expect to Dine,

They expect us to Die…

In that case, “Hurry up Queenie” You’ve been Check-Mated


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