What is the US Strategic Interest in Ukraine?


Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on March 17, 2022

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Compliments of the Lifschultz Organization founded in 1899

The historic antagonism between Germany and Russia has not changed and now has reemerged as it looks like they will cross swords again in the near future. The US is now merely goading them to war in order to take back the Eurasian land mass from Russia and China. The entire Ukraine affair is merely an effort by the US to break up the potential alliance between a Bismarckian Germany allied with Russia and and Russia allied with China in a tripartite alliance covering all of Eurasia. The alliance would be Germany, Russia and China and the US would shrink as a world power back to the good old United States. This gives us the general picture and then we go to the details next. The reader should banish from his mind that the US cares a whit about the Ukrainian people who are merely a pawn on the chessboard to be sacrificed in an effort to destroy the King (China, Russia and Iran alliance). The King was to include Germany. If these nations stick together, they will win so the great effort is being made now to divide them according to Roman doctrine of divide and conquer or divide et impera. For example, Iran, Russia and China control over half the oil production in the world as follows: China five million barrels a day. Iran 22 million barrels a day by blocking the Straits of Hormuz. And Russia 25 million barrels a day by Russian production and the production of their former provinces that they essentially control. if these 52 million barrels are cut off from the world market, the oil price would go to a thousand dollars a barrel according to a Goldman Sachs oil derivative expert and the 1.5 quadrillion world derivative market would implode as described in the next link. The US would totally collapse into a depression with over half the US population unemployed. The 1776 system of government would end as in Weimar Germany.

The action in the Ukraine is a Russian police action and is not a major military offensive by Russia. The primary goal is to neutralize the Ukraine preserving the lives of the Russians there. The Russians are fighting the non-Russians from the western Ukraine which western Ukraine is mostly not Russian who greeted the German Armies as liberators in 1941. The Eastern Ukraine is Russian. Stalin took the western Ukraine from Poland and gave Poland Eastern Prussia. All Prussians in Eastern Prussia were evicted and marched to Germany. A comprehensive settlement would be to give Russia the Eastern Ukraine from the Dnieper, and Poland the western Ukraine, and Eastern Prussia back to Germany. NATO would leave Eastern Europe and the Baltic States as agreed in 1991.

This Russian action is like saving a state in the United States from some usurpers. Traditional military actions would be restrained as US citizens are there. In the Civil War in the US there was very little restraint and significant war crimes against women and children in the Shenandoah Valley by Grant and Sherman. That was not a police action but a replication of the civil wars in England between 1642 to 1651.


It is important to note the strategic interest of the US in the Ukraine. The US understands that the Russians are prepared for nuclear war and the US has been relying on the outmoded doctrine of MAD or Mutually Assured Destruction. Russia seeing their ally Serbia bombed for 78 days at Belgrade in 1999 based on a fake massacre at Kosovo where the shot up bodies did not bleed as they were not shot there, woke Russia up that Moscow might be next to be bombed. Thus, started one of the greatest defensive efforts in history to seal Russia air space by anti-missile missiles that they secretly worked on from 2000 to 2008, and thereafter. They had not stopped their research in the 1990s but no money was allocated for building prototypes. At the same time in 2008 a twelve year modernization of their ground forces was launched. Today the Russians have sealed their air space with the S-300 to S-700 anti-missile missiles. Just as an example, the S-500 travels over 16,000 miles an hour carrying ten interceptors reaching a height of 185 kilometers and able to travel horizontally 2,174 miles. Their offensive hypersonic missiles can take out all airports of NATO in five minutes as well as commercial ones as well destroying all their planes. The US has no defensive missiles worthy of the name and has not developed a hypersonic missiles failing so far in many experiments. MAD as a concept is over.

The US plan to develop hypersonic missiles that can travel over 8,000 miles an hour requires forward missile launchers at the western Ukraine border in order to reach Moscow in 3 minutes hoping to enable the US to pierce the Russian missile defense. Thus, the Ukraine is of vital strategic significance as the Baltic States. Even Eastern Europe as launch areas is possible if they can develop hypersonic missiles at even higher speeds.

Now, in 1991 agreements were reached with the US and NATO allies that if the Russians gave up Eastern Europe that they would not join NATO but Russia collapsed thereafter and the US decided to violate the agreements. The Russians now are demanding that Eastern Europe leaves NATO as it does not want hypersonic offensive nuclear missiles there. The strategic situation is changing. The US will not go back to the status quo ante for these strategic reasons.

The Ukraine is Russian and had been for four hundred years. In 1913 almost no one spoke the Ukrainian dialect. In World War One the Austrians invented the Ukraine as an independent state to stab the Russians in the back and it worked. The more things change the more they stay the same (plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose). The Bolsheviks supported this then to undermine the Tsar and Ukrainian troops left the Russian Army creating great demoralization. In 1913 Poland was part of Russia but the Poles are not Russians. The Russians wanted to always control Poland as that was the western military route into Russia for invaders as Napoleon and Hitler. Lenin was furious with Stalin when his military forces did not combine at Warsaw with those of Marshal Mikhail Tukhachevsky to defeat the Polish Army under General Pilsudski in the Battle of Warsaw in 1920 and Tukhachevsky, Lenin and Trotsky blamed Stalin for the defeat at the Politburo meeting which Stalin never forgot or forgave Tukhachevsky or Trotskyite who were later purged as Trotskyites. This victory inflated the Polish people’s belief in their own military superiority making them think that they could defeat the German Army in 1939. Lenin had wanted Poland in 1920 where he could support the Bolsheviks in Germany to gain Germany for Russia. Lenin had Tsarist ambitions only under a different ideology. Lenin reconquered the Ukraine.

England and France gave Poland to Germany as they held back their forces in the 1939 war as their goal was a war between Germany and Russia as in World War One and here there would be no buffer between Germany and Russia anymore with Poland out of the way. In World War One they feared the Kaiser rebuilding his fleet, so Germany had to be destroyed, and they feared Russia taking India from them so Russia had to be destroyed. Even though Turkey was not Christian, they supported Turkey against Russia to protect the Suez Canal route to India. And they still do. In 1939 France and Britain had a strategy to start another war between Germany and Russia. So though Britain and France had agreed to invade Germany from the west in 1939 while Poland fought the Germans from the east, and thereby forcing the Germans to divide their forces in two, one army to facing English and French troops west of Germany and the other German army to face Polish troops on the east splitting the German force, but a strange thing happened. Britain and France did not invade Germany. Poland faced almost the entire German army on its western front. It was a great betrayal. Not only that, but Poland was outflanked by Russia who invaded from the east. Britain and France wanted Poland divided between Germany and Russia and MI6 British intelligence, who had backed Hitler with money for the National Socialist Party in the 1920s based on Hitler pro-English views, had notified Hitler he would have no problem on his western border. This was attributed by many to Hitler’s infallible intuition.

In World War One Lloyd George celebrated the defeat of England’s ally Russia as it knocked out the danger to India. Baron Eduard de Rothschild brought the US into the war for England in return for the Balfour Declaration making up for the Russian defeat, and Ludendorff exclaimed what an act of genius was that. He wished since he controlled Palestine through Turkey that he had thought of it. The same was to apply in World War Two but Stalin was not defeated. This cost England their Empire. Churchill wanted Russia destroyed to protect India and he was Lloyd George’s pick for war leader as their aims was the same as in World War One. It is a fact that Hitler asked Molotov to not press his influence into his west by taking India in their east from Britain rather than toward Romania whose oil supply was vital to Germany as Britain blocked deliveries by water. Stalin would not do that as he had signed a treaty with Japan to protect his eastern border in the event Germany invaded Russia and did not want England at war with him on is east. Germany’s key problem in World War Two was oil and erred splitting their forces in three on toward Saint Petersburg, one toward Moscow and one toward the Caucuses violating the rules of concentration of force of Napoleon. The drive to the Caucuses and to Baku where the oil was should have been the key objective as Stalin would not have been able to fuel his planes, tanks and later trucks. Even the drive to Baku was hampered by the idiotic decision to take Stalingrad which area could have been protected by his mobile military forces forming a screen to protect the drive to the Caucuses. Instead a mobile army was consumed in street fighting which was senseless.

The US lost World War Two as the US and England thought Russia would be destroyed but Russia came out greatly expanded into Eastern Europe and the US had had Russia invade China to knock out Japan for them. The US liked in those days to use others to do the fighting for them and their army was not proportionally large compared to other combatants. That was an old tradition of England and Rome that English children learned from their Latin readings as well as divide and conquer. Other than the Battle of the Bulge, the invasion of Europe was not difficult as they had through the Enigma code breaker given to them by General Erich Fellgiebel been able to see Germany’s every move communicated by wireless. The US and Britain were surprised at the Battle of the Bulge because Hitler had forbidden wireless communication. The US and Britain did not make a move without Enigma and were totally surprised suffering massive casualties of over 80,000 troops at the Battle of the Bulge. In a talk to his Generals afterwards Hitler said this was the first time they seem to have had the element of surprise. He could not put two and two together. The wireless communications by the German High Command to their forces in Russia could not be picked up by Bletchley Park decoders as they were to far away, and General Fellgiebel sent them by wireless to the Red Three in Geneva who in turn sent them by wireless to Stalin via the Center (Russian intelligence). Thus, Stalin knew every German move on the Eastern Front and General Alfred Jodl at Nuremberg exclaimed that Stalin knew the German plans before he did. This applied to Field Marshall Fritz Erich von Manstein’s failed relief effort at Stalingrad.


Here is an example on how the decoding worked.

“As Patton’s XX Corps raced toward Loire and his XVth Corps dashed toward Le Mans. Field Marshall von Kluge and Hitler conducted a strategic debate decoded at Bletchley (where the intercepts were decoded) revealed day to day to Churchill and Eisenhower, Montgomery and Bradley. Hitler ordered von Kluge to pay no attention to Patton’s breakthrough but to collect four Panzer divisions from Caen and to retake Avranches in order to divide the Americans at the base of the Cherberg Peninsula and roll them back into the sea.” This was a very brilliant plan and would have worked. Patton would have been defeated and routed as he would have been cut off from his supplies. “Patton was ordered to stop, send his forces back to protect his lines of communications (supplies). Hodge’s first army was sent toward Mortain to protect Avranches, and Montgomery to move south to cut off the Falaise Gap.” Even the military genius Napoleon Bonaparte could not have won his heroic battles against such spying, and Napoleon said that it is a truth in history that espionage has outweighed in many major battles the greatest valour and boldness and genius. Such words of Napoleon were prophetic as he was defeated at Waterloo by the bribed Field Marshal Emanuel de Grouchy which transaction was handled by (later Baron) James Rothschild. The Germans argue that Field Marshall Gephardt von Blucher won the the Battle of Waterloo, and the British say it was Wellington, but the reality was that it was the Rothschilds who were the only victors at Waterloo making so much money on the London stock markets using the Landgrave of Hess’s riches that they attained complete control of England, Europe and later the US from that time on.

Letter below from General Eisenhower basically attributing allied victory to the decoders.

Once Russia had conquered Japanese troops in China, they turned over the Japanese weapons to Chairman Mao, and Mao took China as an ally of Russia giving Russia almost the entire Eurasian land mass that England, France and later the US had sought to prevent when Germany aspired to this same control combining the Eurasian land mass via Japan and Germany. So the Anglo-Saxons lost World War Two creating mass hysteria in the US via McCarthyism on the great betrayal of China. Richard Nixon was a loyal McCarthyite. In other words, the goal fo World War Two was to stop Japan and Germany from joining hands to control the Eurasian land mass from the English Channel to the Pacific and by 1949 the US had lost Russia and China who allied together giving them control of the Eurasian land mass from East Germany to China. The US essentially lost World War Two. The fighting in the Ukraine is all about the effort to stop a German-Russian-Chinese Belt and Road alliance which is totally peaceful but the US cannot absorb that fact. At the moment the US all out effort to destroy Russia is creating great pressure on Russia appearing to be making progress but the alliance between China, Iran and Russia can block over half the world’s oil defeating the US without firing a shot as US economy would implode as 1.5 quadrillion of derivatives blow up quoting Buffett who says that its detonation would create a massive weapon of financial destruction. Iran can block 22 million barrels a day at the Straits of Hormuz, Russia 25 million barrels a day in Russia and the former provinces of Russia that they still really control and China 5 million barrels a day or 52 million barrels a day compared to world production of about a hundred million barrels a day. Such blockages would send the oil price to over one thousand dollars per barrel making oil over 40% of the world GDP overnight. The US would suffer an economic calamity unprecedented in their history.

David Lifschultz


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