Kat Anonup Update: Trump Double, Q History, Divinely Chosen, Death of Queen Hidden


Kat IstheSea3 @katisthesea3

In response Radiant Patriot -Z to her Publication

We love Uncle Rob
Whether he’s doubling for his brother, President Trump,
or Tweeting it like it is

[Can you see how he resembles 
the ‘President Trump’ we saw yesterday?!)


Since we’re doing Q-History

This is who President Trump’s Uncle was

JOHN GEORGE TRUMP, electrical engineer, inventor, physicist.
Together with Robert J. Van de Graaff
he developed one of the first million-volt X-ray generators. 
In 1943, 2 days after the death of Nikola Tesla
Trump was called in to analyze the Tesla artifacts 
being held in government custody. 

There is a direct route of the SCIENCE & MILITARY & Intelligence
that can be drawn from Nikola Tesla → Q

→ Nikola Tesla, Energy, Frequencies & Space Travel
→ Physicist John G. Trump & Tesla’s papers
→ President JFK, Space & Special Forces Unconventional Warfare
→ President Reagan, Space & Strategic Defense Initiative
→ President Trump, Tesla Tech & Space Force
→ Admiral Mike Rogers, Intelligence
→ Julian Assange, Intelligence
→ Elon Musk, Tesla Tech, STARLINK & Space Force
→ Ezra Cohen, Intelligence, Special Forces & Space Force

GENIUS warriors saving Earth & Humanity

 A direct path of Intelligence on the DS
via some who can rightly be considered
part of the miraculous Q Team 

9-20 Gene Decode
“When I first RedPilled & started investigating this cabal
I didn’t think it was possible.
I spent 20+ years watching it get worse & their power grow.
It’s amazing to watch all this come about.
What started in 1903 with Nikola Tesla
→ Howard Hughes
→ Van de Graaff
→ John G. Trump & Tesla’s papers
→ President Kennedy
→ Q Team
→ U.S. Military Intelligence
→ JFK Jr. & President Trump
they have literally taken EVERYTHING
every possible play.
In Chess it’s called Zugzwang.
No matter what the enemy does—he’s done.
Realize NESARA is getting Tesla Free Energy 
& Anti-Gravity tech & you’ve just made
the entire infrastructure of the world go away.”

President Trump & JFK Jr. were not only Divinely “chosen”
they were trained for mission Freedom Earth 
from boyhood.
President Trump by his Uncle.
JFK Jr. by Q-Team

Favorite post today—QTSR VERIFYING what we KNOW
God Bless Q Team 

Q The Storm Rider
How they kept the DEATH OF THE QUEEN hidden 
for 2 years is astounding.
ANONS knew The TRUTH long ago 

in the Royal family (not reported)
MANY MISSING in U.S. elites, celebrities, MIL personal, CIA, FBI
UK major castles, estates CLOSED
CHINA CCP ELITES fortress/dynasty homes & Estates EMPTY
(smallest country in the world since 1929 
that controls the Catholic system in 5 continents 
& collected QUINTILLION$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 
through controlled donations,
banking system, extortion, blackmails, money laundering,
Italian mafia/Jesuits controlled empire 
that stretches into Las Vegas system)

If you don’t know what’s happening—you’ll never know!
If you know—Keep your seats belts buckled buttercups!





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