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Operation Disclosure | By Thomas Anderson, Contributing Writer

Submitted on March 12, 2022

Dear Reader

in these days, many people think about how to prepare for what is coming.

and most of them have difficulties in deciding, what to do, because they do not know what is coming.

should I prepare for war?
what kind of war?

hot war on site?
or remote war with possible shortages in whatever?
should I prepare for a crisis?
what kind of crisis?
refugees knocking on my door?
people wanting my food supplies?

not having any food supplies?

shortages in gasoil or food in supermarket?

losing job?

many different scenarios are possible and believe me, I have the same difficulties.

and even if you have made it through the jungle of incoming and judgable information, then you might still have a family and your wife or husband having a completely different opinion and your children perhaps again another different, because they are target to mainstreaminformationoverkill in school.

the optimum seems to be: to find strategies and possible actions, which fit into all possibly developing scenarios.


let us try to fix some almost certain points.

  • the value of FIAT currencies worldwide has been reduced by nearly 100% within the last decades.
  • there are zones of hot war at this moment and zones of terror and zones of sanctions economies.
  • the prices at the gas station and for gold have risen very clearly and also in the supermarket we see, that things are getting more and more expensive
  • inflation officially reaches numbers higher than 5% or in some countries even 50% or more

that leads us to the following conclusions:

  • the money on your bank account has less and less value
  • there are risks that possibly there will be shortages
  • there are risks that possibly your local existence might be in danger

but how to judge what IS coming?

I assume nobody of you has the network to 100% sure be able predict what is coming.

same with me.

so, as I always like to optimize, the aim is to find actions, which fit into as many as possible different expected scenarios.

this can be difficult, but there are surely some actions which can meet this condition.

for example.

when your money is on the bank, do you get any interest rates on it?

if yes, are those interest rates higher than the actual inflation?

if not, get your money from the bank!

here in my country we do not get any interest rate for our money on the bank account.

in fact, for those among us who have more than 100.000 on the bank, there are even negative interest rates.

so, get the money home!

you do not have to invest it, you simply avoid to lose it all or part of it!

do you have to travel a lot with your car? for the job or private?

do you have relatives far away?

if we take a look at the gas station, we see riding prices.

in case of a possible crisis, it might be a good idea to have some local storage at home in some jerrycans.

100liters for example. this should be enough for any kind of emergency and you can sure tell, that this money will not be lost, because you will always need fuel.

what about food:

did you perhaps plan to eat more healthy? to loose weight?

to do more yourself in the kitchen, less fast food, more fresh food, more local food?

well… this might be the perfect time to start that.

a crisis in food supply will automatically lead you to buy locally (what is available)

if there is nothing available, you could search for possible food sources. a local farmer for example.

or your own garden.

think local! act local! grow local!

and even if you do not want to change anything, then you still can look at what you normally eat and start to buy a bigger of number of those things you normally eat and which can stay in the storage for a longer time. also here you know that you will need it anyway, you do not lose any money and you have prepared a bit for whatever is coming, even if there is nothing to come.

if there is any repair on your house or your car, you could let it have repaired now. it would have to be done anyway and spareparts and materials have already risen in the past months, so it may be also here, that you save money by doing it now instead of perhaps paying more in future if not perhaps not being able to let it be repaired because there is no one to repair.

if you have anything on your wishlist, amazon, ebay, or even clothes…

buy it now!

a possible crisis in supply chains, which has already begun and of which we see parking container ships all over the world and any industry or factory you know suffers at the moment from the same problems: aluminium = price x 8, steal = price x 10, some sorts of plastic= sold out, certain computer chips = sold out etc etc,

this “possible” supply chain crisis would mean, that many (!) things will be short in future.

so, if you can predict that next year you would need some new shoes, some pants, coats, furniture, whatever: go and buy it now.

you will save yourself so that next year you will surely have your new stuff,  and you might save your local store owner, who suffered badly from corona lockdowns.

also here: you will not lose your money, you simply take care for your needs, perhaps a little bit earlier than planned, but only in case nothing happens. if something happens you will be glad that you bought it early and before prices skyrocketed or supplies stopped.

in case you judge the information, that there will be a hot war coming to your local area, you might feel in need of some escape plan.

in case of needing to escape, you need to pack and have your documents ready.


then get your documents ready now! you will not lose anything by doing this. in fact, it is always good do have all documents at hand and to know where is what in your house and perhaps even optimize it, so that everything is in one place in proper order.

and go to the local supermarket and get some 100 or more banana-cartons for free. those are the best for moving. collect them one by one or 10 by 10, however they are available.

and in case nothing happens, those cartons are the best for collecting old paper, newspapers and packaging material to later bring them to your local recycling area.

or to bring order to your basement storage of old stuff. so collecting them will not cost you anything and will not be wasted time or resources.

write yourself down what you would take with you if you wanted to leave.

perhaps this might lead you to the thought that some of the rest could be given away to someone else.

this could help you getting rid of useless (for you) stuff and perhaps help others to get those things they are desperately looking for and couldn’t afford.

so, also here this could help you and others and would not be wasted time or resources.

get order in your computer data!

save what you want to keep, delete what you do not want.

this will help you knowing where you stored what and deleting unwanted stuff will surely help your computer becoming faster again and will save storage on your hard disk, which might save you money for buying a new one.

take care for what is only in storage online and save it also locally. this will in any case be a good strategy because online storage could be lost anytime.

same as local storage.

so… take also care for an online update of your data, because, who knows… maybe your local data will be lost for whatever reason, and then you would still have your online backup.

(for example for free at

take care for your addressbook. get order into it by deleting or storing those you do not need and updating those you need. print them out!

printout online documents you might need in physical form.

also here: this effort is not wasted in any case. it is always good to have that data available.

in case you might think of perhaps not being able to survive:

write you last will! write a letter who should get what and where your relatives find what data necessary to get things done in case you are gone.

this is always a good idea, also in case nothing happens. because even there is no war and no crisis, a car accident might end your life any possible day and believe me: as a relative you will be very happy to find a letter with all account numbers, passwords, login names etc written down somewhere in a safe place so that you can organize things much easier without any loss of time and money.

for the money on the bank you could think of investing it, in case you assume a higher inflation in future.

you might want to invest in gold, even if the gold price  has already risen.

silver might be another chance to think of.

or some investment into… toilet paper? or some productive resources? a 10.000 petrol tank to store somewhere as an investment into the coming crisis scenario to sell at 100 usd / gallon?

be creative!

you will surely find something!

I am quite sure you can find more possible actions which can fit into your expected scenarios.

perhaps this could be a guideline for the first steps.


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