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The war between Light and Darkness: a game of chess

By Antonella and Werner Krcivoj – 09-03-2022

We are in the final stages, the Light has won!

For millennia, dark forces have controlled the planet. Since the assassination of JFK, the forces of Light have organised themselves to destroy the evil empire that has infiltrated every level of humanity. 

But how have the Forces of Light operated?Why does it take so much (earthly) time to see the final conclusion of the dark plan?

The main objective is always and only the awakening of Humanity, the so-called “The Great Awakening”. This had to be achieved taking into account the free will of each individual soul and its soul contract. It was not enough simply to destroy the adversary and put in another leader to tell people what to do and what to believe, as has always been the case. Each soul had to return to being Sovereign of Itself and not a slave and submissive, as the darkness wanted.

We can represent this with a 5D chess game between the Whites (White hats) and the Blacks (Black hats) where the Whites have the Looking Glass technology that allows them to predict the moves of the Blacks in advance. 

With the election of Trump in 2016 the Whites started to have the upper hand. Since that time a lot has happened behind the scenes to the Light’s advantage. In a game of chess, the moment one colour gains the upper hand it forces the other to make only defensive moves or offensive moves and in any case only dictated by desperation because it already knows it has lost and can only prolong its agony.

Trump’s main objective was to put an end to child trafficking for the production of adrenochrome and sexual exploitation, with satanic rites attached. Hence began the worldwide underground war to destroy the network of tunnels and Dumbs (to date it is estimated that about 90% have already been cleaned up and destroyed).

Among the visible things, the USA, Russia and China are no longer under the control of the Cabal. All that’s left is Western Europe including Switzerland, home of the Nazis.   

In 2019, the blacks launched operation covid 19 with the aim of ousting Trump from the White House and reducing the world population by 90%, then controlling the remaining 10% into slavery by inoculated chips under the guise of serum. In this situation as in others, Whites acted as bystanders knowing in advance their actions and letting them act. So with this move, the Blacks, in one fell swoop, exposed the corruption of their political system, religions, health care system, finance, law enforcement, economy, basically the entire pyramid structure of the Cabal…despite themselves! So clearly visible move and counter move with black pawn lost.

We have seen that during the last months Myanmar, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan have been freed from the yoke of the Cabal. Now it is the turn of [redacted], the last bastion of the EU [redacted]. With [redacted] the Cabal is now playing out its final moves. With the sanctions it is doing more damage to itself than to Russia, according to the principle that when I point my index finger at someone, three fingers point at me: it has thrown away the neutrality of Switzerland and Austria; it has destroyed the system that regulated the traffic of goods on a global level, allowing wild globalism. This is leading to the collapse of Wall Street, which has always been controlled by the cabal, and which has already fallen by 16% in two months, with a probable further decline until the final crash. Therefore, in addition to losing their last bastion, [redacted], they will also find their safe emptied, bearing in mind that the 800 largest companies in the world are owned by the Rothschild family through Black Rock/Vanguard. A highly visible move and counter move with a lost black pawn. Finally, it is now the turn of the media or MSM. Recall that all world media get their news from Associate Press and Reuters, both owned by Rothschild. Since the 1950s the CIA (also controlled by the Rothschilds) has launched the Mockingbird and MK Ultra programs to control the world’s masses through the media. During the last 2 years we have seen that the MSM has only beaten Covid by a drum worldwide. With Omicron supplanting the Delta variant the covid has disappeared. Move and countermove?

This has forced the MSM to jump on the war issue (partly to distract from the increasing number of deaths from jabs) by broadcasting increasingly absurd reports on the Ukrainian conflict in an attempt to maintain the narrative. But they are so fake, full of fakery, that even the sleeping masses are beginning to ‘see’ something. 

The aggression and hysteria of the MSM, first with covid now with war, is triggering a strong awakening process in people. Here we come to the goal of the initial “The Great Awakening”. Here again a very visible move and counter move with black pawn lost.

Now blacks have very few pawns left and even less possible moves to defend the king… now naked!!! 

We are very close to checkmate!


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