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03/04/2022 Just One More Thing

Just One More Thing…

The Great Columbo was always pulling a, “Something just occurred to me…” It was laughable when he did it because everyone always expected him to pull his wildcard out at the very perfect moment and slam his point home for the win. For those of us in the long, exhausting walk toward RV GCR it brings apathy and worse, illness and despair. There’s nothing harder after a dozen years, than to hear, “Just One More Thing.”

And Then There’s War…

This battle in [redacted] feels like a volcanic eruption of horror especially with the Main Stream News making Russia evil (and doing a good job of it!) and playing this up 24/7. This is a Battle of Good vs Evil Yet, the battle of Good vs Evil has been fought much longer than 10 or 20 years. We’ve been spectators while the White Hat front-line have been battling evil tyranny to put an end to all forms of corruption for a century and much longer.

Remember, It’s a Wonderful Life? George Bailey learned that what he was imagining really wasn’t true. There were all sorts of people that he had touched that were there for him. He Shifted with a Capital “S”! What could have been his fate changed in the blink of an eye. Just like this tale tells, there are alternative realities happening simultaneously. George only had to live the reality that HE decided upon. This little nugget is the key to joyful living.


For our purposes here today, we can only know exactly what happened once the curtain has been pulled back, and history can be truly, fully told (by the victor). We have an inkling though, and it’s a plausible explanation about what we’re waiting for considering what we’ve heard from other channels. [redacted] is a D.U.M.B. stronghold, with Nazi/Mengele-like experiments going on; terrible stories of child trafficking, and more have been shared. What and who can we believe?

With all the ups and downs, this inability to Believe is something that’s been sealed in cement. What can we believe in? Only our own decisions. This is a simple point, but deep, deep truth. We can “set our sights” on what we know and believe to be true. Being able to hold firm to our deeply held beliefs is what separates the wheat from the chaff.

The threat of “Ten Days of Darkness” that has been discussed by many, may or may never happen. Why would it happen if the world is at Peace? It wouldn’t. The Team at the Top – the White Hats working to bring about Abundance and 1,000 Years of Grace, would never plan for a devastating loss that this type of an event would likely bring about. No way to prepare for this, even with all of the warnings. Too many could be harmed. No one wants that.

Fast forward to [redacted] and the crisis their innocent People are experiencing. This is all a crisis of lack of transparency. It’s a crisis of Mockingbird press and no person with Authority standing up for the truth. Those that do are vilified. Such a crisis and it is what it is until it isn’t. What’s the holdup? We’ve heard that the holdup is critical infrastructure – servers – dastardly kill-switches planned in the event of a take-down. This is certainly plausible and believable given the source.

There’s nothing for any of us to do except to be strong, as strong as possible. Have the belief in your ability to be strong and weather whatever comes because it’s still unknown. That the Financial System has changed is in evidence more and more each day. That the Gold Standard is in play is in evidence more and more each day. That the very last release – across the world “GO” release has not happened, is obvious. What a story we’ll be telling one day! What a story, indeed.


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