If You Believe…


Operation Disclosure | By James O’Brien, Contributing Writer

Submitted on March 3, 2022

Remember, if they can get the general public to believe this Ed Wood-esque scrap heap that looks like it’s made out of tin-foil, cardboard and spare parts made it all the way to the moon and back, with actual people inside it, they can get them to believe anything! 

The reality is, nearly every single person in the world is a conspiracy theorist, they just choose the conspiracies that most align with their current world view.

Young Monk: “Do not try and bend the spoon—that’s impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth.” 
Neo: “What truth?” 
Young Monk: “There is no spoon.”

The above concept plays into the quantum physics notion of the particle/wave theory. Physical reality is both a particle and a wave, in that it only comes into particle form when it is observed. Thus, the observer affects what is being observed. “The world” exists at an atomic level as energy, but our non-physical minds are what make a tangible, experiential actual reality out of it.

Our non-physical mind projects our senses and our senses interpret the latent energy of physical existence into a reality we can navigate. Recall that science has already told us that matter at an atomic level is mostly empty space. Yet, our senses interpret it as solid. Thus, to our experience it is solid. Even though it isn’t. Fun, right?

That all said, this makes the question of such topics as the flat earth and heliocentric models of earth and space a very interesting one. Can any one model be an absolute reality?

Can something be neither and both and then some instead of either/or?

If something is eternal it is real. If it is temporary, it is an illusion. So, we are eternal beings (as spirit) experiencing a temporal illusory reality. That doesn’t mean the experience itself doesn’t have value and validity, because surely it does. If creation is God’s World of Experience, most definitely it has great intrinsic value to both ourselves and the Unity known as Source, out of which we were created.

In the Luciferian world of deception, the People of the world have been lied to, about too many things to either name or list at this point, so it is no surprise that NASA would lie about the “official moon landing.” I don’t know why they would use such an absurdly cheap looking craft as the Apollo 11 lunar lander to put that over, they could have done better, but maybe there’s a sense of humor at play here. Oh, NASA, you madcaps.

The heliocentric model of a super-fast spinning globe, revolving super-fast around a sun, while everything on earth is super-still and the stars remain fixed above us, while nobody around can seem to measure any curvature on sitting bodies of water over any distance whatsoever, is indeed a bit curious. The flat earth model pokes a lot of holes in this, while also depositing one inside a universal shake-’em- up, where if you kept going on the ice perimeter you’d conceivably run into the edge of a plasma dome like Jim Carrey in the Truman Show. What’s on the other side of that dome? The waters above the firmament. Care for a swim?

In the heliocentric model the sun is the center of this Universe, with a near infinite other galaxies, with their own planets, suns and the like also out there, ever expanding. In the flat earth model, the earth is the center of creation and the sun and moon, both the same size, revolve around it. It makes its own kind of sense and adds certain tid-bits like the fact that you can see stars through the moon sometimes. Try landing on that!

Yet, if we were created by God/Source out of its own imagination-thought-energy (in its own image no less) then we are essentially thought-energy-beings ourselves, who exist in a world in which our thought translates latent energy into a kind of dimensional reality we can experience.  So, is there an absolute model as to what the earth world and universe actually is, or is it malleable somewhat according to our expectations and shifting beliefs? 

When both models have their own latent absurdities, is there a third one we should be looking for somewhere?

In a world where official narratives, especially ones that have a Masonic, or shall we say, Globalist air to them, have proven time and time again to be full of what Joe Biden himself would call malarkey, it behooves us to keep an open mind as to what the real truth might be.

And truth itself is often not written in stone, it is an experience, which can move on like the air in a gently drifting breeze. Here one moment and gone the next, yet valid for its experiential stay. 

Fortunately, God is not a deceiver and in our communion with God and Source we can find all the necessary and appropriate truth of our own existence and journey as we need it. We cannot contain all the truth about everything all at once, not in these containers, but be glad that in these strange times, we have and will always have the guidance that comes from within.

“The kingdom of God does not come with observation; nor will they say, ‘See here!’ or ‘See there!’ For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you” – Jesus Christ

Do we live on a planet spinning at ludicrous-speed or inside a plasma shake-’em-up? Do we have to choose between evolution or intelligent design? Wouldn’t evolution preclude intelligent design, since something couldn’t become something else unless there was an intelligent design planted within it that gave it the ability to become something beyond its original self?

Our civilization is in the process of ‘evolving’ into something beyond itself– at something akin to Warp Speed. Thank you, Intelligent Design. It’s time for a much needed change. A shake-’em up, as it were.

That means that we all must change with our civilization, because what is a civilization without people? It’s just a bunch of empty buildings and useless idle technology with no one around to turn it from a wave into a particle.

Hollywood and NASA and the interconnecting web of secret and not-so-secret societies are pretty good at palming off their designer realities as the real thing.

But God’s version is the Trump card, which sweeps all Luciferian cards off the table, and gives the pot stakes back to We the People.  

If You Believe…


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