Russian Central Bank Stops Shorting of Stock



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Submitted on March 1, 2022



The Russian Central Bank is right here. This fellow has some good ideas but this is not one of them. The shorts drive down the market and create crashes-see footnote one. Yes, they are supposed to buy back their positions but when Citadel shorts a company to death they do not buy back the shares to avoid the tax in a naked short. But even if they buy back their positions it merely means that it creates somewhat of a self-correction. Here Soros knows better in that in his books he tells how he can short a perfectly good company and destroy its stock leading to the company’s customers fleeing as they think that it is going bankrupt. Soros says when he comes back to cover the shareholders are so demoralized that they think it is a surge to get out from and sell into the rise. Then Soros has covered and buys the crashed bonds. The stock sags after it is covered and Soros bankrupts the shorted company that can’t pay their interest as their customers fled. Now Soros owns the company. It is private. And he makes money by persuading the customers to come back as he has fully financed it with his winnings. He owns the company at no cost Soros is a Rothschild agent and Trotskyite parasitic scum.

We are not talking about naked shorting in the US which is even worse in that they do not borrow the stock to do the short but short a stock and just fail to deliver. It is a racket that the SEC and DOJ is in cahoots with. The Chinese do not permit this to occur under any circumstances. Nor do they allow the indexes there to be manipulated in the US through a synthetic derivative called cash settlement. Here a trillion dollars a year is siphoned off the market by this technique described under “Stochastic Control Theory” in footnote one. Here again the SEC and DOJ are controlled by the deep state that protects them. The US markets are totally corrupt.

Elon Musk is right. Short selling is parasitic and should be outlawed.  It destroys creative companies with new ideas before they can get going and so decreases capitalist creativity for developing breakthrough ideas as Musk. The Russian central bank is right here.

The great genius in the area of venture capital incentives was Bill Clinton. Bill was devoted to Carroll Quigley his professor at Georgetown University who taught him that to create a successful economy you must drive it forward with innovation so he created the era with our support in the deep state. He was such a successful President here that he left the country with huge budget surpluses and tremendous advances in technology which were used by his idiotic successor the junior Bush to destroy the American economy with unnecessary wars contrived by false flags. The Quigley book that covers this is called “Evolution of Civilization” and when I discussed this book with Bill he just about knew it by heart. I completely supported this part of his Presidency.




Writer’s question:

Do you think this analysis is correct? It sounds on the surface that the Russians are shooting themselves. That does not add up. It is answered above.

Russia Bans Short Selling

Posted: 2022-02-28 00:02:13-05

Russia’s central bank announced that they would no longer permit short-selling Russian stocks. Once a market turns down and confidence vanishes, the only support is short-covering. Without that, you get the 90% declines, as was the case during the Great Depression in the USA. They were hunting down shorts aggressively, and nobody would play the […]

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