Thomas Anderson: History Repeats, Could be Useful for Understanding


Operation Disclosure | By Thomas Anderson, Contributing Writer

Submitted on February 27, 2022

Dear Reader

I just wanted to show you a small but may be useful detail to understand younger history and actually happening things.

When WW 1 ended, Germany was forced to give huge areas away under foreign control.

To France, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Russia and some others.

Let us specifically look at the polish governed area.

Within this HUGE area there were millions of german born, german speaking and german acting people.


for hundreds of years they lived there.

and after 1918 they suddenly lived under polish government. (the area until today is registered as an area of the German Empire, however, it is an area which Poland claims to have as its own)

The polish government acted very hostile to those Germans.
The were forced out of jobs, shops were closed, property was seized, some were robbed and with time passing by some and more and more of them got injured, raped, killed, massacered.

the polish archives for old newspapers from that time are full with announcements of Germans searching for missing people, asking for help of whitnesses for rape and murder and robberies.

The german archives do not show these papers anymore, they have deleted already in 1945 to prevent the Germans from ever find out the truth.

And finally, after complete german villages had been burnt down and wiped out within this german area under polish government, the german government said: “enough is enough” and acted and sent troops in to rescue their people on german soil under foreign government.

[statement redacted]


[statement redacted]

[statement redacted]

And at some point of time the Russian government said “Enough is enough” and sent in troops to Russian soil to rescue Russian people from being endangered by a foreign government on this Russian soil.

Interesting, isn’t it?

[statement redacted]

That time the media power told the world about the bad Germans, who dared to invade innocent Poland.

[statement redacted]

Whereas when we look at the facts, we start to realize, that this is the same game on new positions. the roles have been changed, Russia is now in the same position as Germany was in the past.

The same dirty game, played on the backs of innocent people, is now played again.

Will it lead us to WW3?


But perhaps it will finally show us the dirty nature of games like this.

If we will come to a WW3 this will happen, because both those in real power and those who still are blind sheeples, haven’t learned a bit more.

The same old dirty game is played again and again.

Shame on those who decided to play this again.

Shame on you that you again play this low-profile example of missing real intelligence.

You had enough time to find out better ways to develop things.

Again people suffer from this ignorance and arrogance of not even trying to avoid wars to solve problems.

Russian people suffer.

Ukrainian people suffer.

Soldiers on both sides suffer.


All of them are used like tools to get acceptance for the Reset of the economy.

And now, as the German government decided, alongside others from Europe, to deliver weapon systems to Ukraine,

which of course is a hostile act against Russia and could be regarded as an act of war at any point of time,

we see a possible near future coming, where not only Russian and Ukrainian people suffer, but also French, Germans, British, Italians and many others could possibly suffer from a war.

Is this the best result the intelligence services of the world could deliver after developing plans for decades?!?


please forgive me, If I am not right and perhaps even unjust,

if so, I do not know because the sources of information you have had for developing this brilliant plan are not open to me.


it seems like the my predictions were right since 20 years and it is now urgent time for the white hats to come up with some nice perspectives.


could we have them now please?

some secret intel showing that “trust the plan” is not just an empty phrase with nothing behind it?

because what we see now is not a brilliant white hat plan, it´s just another world war coming down on us which will lead to many deaths and destruction.


how many masterminds have worked on this??


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