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Reader Post | By Michael Murdock

Today I snapped this picture at sunset and thought of each of you when I saw it. It reminded me of something I wanted to share based on world events…

Sometimes we take things like this for granted. Today we should stop, take a breath and realize that someday we’ll glance at a sunset for the last time and our life will be over. People in Ukraine that are being killed by Russia this day, will have seen their last sunset before leaving this lifetime for reasons which baffle many.

Russia wants to rebirth the USSR or UNION OF SOVIET SOCIALIST REPUBLICS. Taking over UKRAINE would be a first step in that process, then other current free nations will fall once again and PUTIN will become the dictator of one of the largest land masses on this planet and the COLD WAR will once again face us daily.

Be thankful that we can wake in this country and see another sunrise or sunset like this one under the flag of freedom. We need to fight to preserve our way of life here in AMERICA. If you’ve never ventured outside this country, you have no idea what it means to truly live here and what it means to give up the rights we have that protect us each and every day. I know what it’s like. I was born overseas, lived overseas, traveled overseas and saw many things up close and personal which to this day still blow my mind. Those who’ve seen war time in Vietnam or Korea or other places have also seen what it’s like to venture from the safety net we live under in this nation.

Breathe deep tonight. Say a prayer for Ukraine to remain a free nation. Pray that the pressures being exerted on Russia cause them to pullback and stop murdering men, women, and children for the sake of their own pleasure in seeking to reignite the USSR. There are a lot of rumors flying around that this war will kick off the exchange period. Don’t believe the rumors, the last thing the elites want are a bunch of newly blessed rich people stopping their takeover of countries that they feel they own.

A bright spot today was President Trump spoke at CPAC and mentioned things changing in November 2024. That’s not that far from now. Let’s pray that he’s able to bring about change in such a way that the HOUSE, SENATE and WHITE HOUSE once again become run by Republicans who believe in the Spirit of America, and those famous words: Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness. We’re all entitled to those things and we need to do all we can to ensure for ourselves and our legacy that those are protected and enjoyed by all who live in this country and in other countries that desire to not live under the rule of communism or socialism.

Thanks for taking time to read & share.




God bless you all.

Michael Murdock, US NAVY VETERAN

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