(Reader: A Concerned America) Open Letter to Generals of the United States


Reader Post | By A Concerned American

Today I read what appeared to be a repost of an older article from May 10, 2021 nearly a year ago -below;

Biden, Harris, Milley Charged with Treason, Tribunals at White House, Mass Arrests, Martial Law

By terrazetzz – Monday, 10 May 2021, 23:17 PM

If those people were charged with treason, why aren’t we seeing the perp walk, tribunal etc.. I would venture to say the majority of patriots that see it will feel the same.. Over the past year we hear many conflicting scenarios. It’s more difficult by the day to who to believe. It’s time, no past time to really come clean with America. 

Americans have THE RIGHT to the truth. Americans are becoming weary, and anxious to say the least. This is our country our ancestors gave their lives for it, While there are hundreds of paatriotic Generals, there are millions of us with a vested interest in our country.  It’s ime to show the 80% of us where you stand publicly, our 80% will do our part to support you for standing with us.

A a part of the article that prompted me to write this, speaking of treasonous General Miley and two others being taken from the Pentagon. The article continued on to say that 80% of the Generals were on board with putting President Trump back into public office where he was duly elected.  However here were 20% of the Flag Officers that quelled that idea and over rode the 80% is that what I’m hearing?. If the flag officers are not on board with stopping the steal, deep state and CCP then they may be part and parcel to that agenda of the deep state and CCP. If they walk like a treasonous duck well, you know the rest. 

These actions concern me and should concern all America if they read it. I am addressing this now for all americans we need answers. ARE AMERICANS BEING PLAYED?  It doesn’t take a nuclear scientist to figure out that If there were well over 80% of you Generals on board in the Pentagon meeting with General Berger, they are the majority in that contingent, and clearly over 80% of Americans in this country on board with restoring our country, and voted for Donald Trump. I would venture to guess another 10% that have woken up to what’s going on since January 2021in America.  We far out way the 20% flag officers who have possibly another agenda than ours.  

We’re hoping this is NOT a scenario similar to the two parties on the floor of the house or senate arguing and fighting publicly for effect, allegedly for their constituents, then getting together for drinks after and laughing because once again they believe they fooled America yet again. The majority of respectable honest American voters are being silenced, in one way or another on a daily basis, our first amendment taken away. They are not even covert about it anymore. They are blatant criminals against our first amendment rights and America.  

Remember the American patriots being held illegally, imprisioned in DC, and tortured continuously for a year?  We the people remember them every day. It wouldn’t be unreasonable for our military that is sworn to protect and serve our country to go in and rescue patriots (no man left behind and WWG1WGA) like other missionS over seas in enemy territory, We are captured, America has become enemy territory.  The military we pay for is rescuing people all over the world, and letting our patriots rot, in filth with inadequate food and being tortured.  Talk about things that make all Americans go “hhmmmmm ?”

Military that has sworn to uphold the constitution and protect its citizens what the heck is going on?   Sadly, it seems that the 20%, the ANTIFAS, the BLM, and the people who stole the vote, are the ones being protected and the 80% of the patriotic generals along with the 80% of Americans may be unknowingly the sitting ducks.  I’m concerned that one dat, at some point we are going to hear Surprise!  We are really the deep state and played you stupid, hands up  Americans and step into the FEMA trucks for transport.  

BEGIN THE EBS and take America back now. if you have the proof as we have been told repeatedly.  Why isn’t THE MILITARY acting on that intel now? That is a concern to the majority of America. Clean up will take years, lets take our country back, and clean up simultaneously and after it’s taken back.

The 20% is not likely wake up instantly, maybe not at all, no matter when or what truth is revealed. They will most likely contiinue to do as they have been allowed to do in the past, cause damage and mayhem because thats what they do best the only thing they do. They are not working and building America to keep it great, they destroy everything they touch, and they have been literally rewarded for it.    

I hope this is NOT a scenario similar to the two parties on the floor of the house or senate arguing and fighting publicly allegedly for their constituents, and then getting together for drinks after and laughing because they they fooled America yet again.  I believe millions of retired military, true American patriots would not like it if they are merely being playcated while our country continues to be stolen. We have been patient, but there are limits.  Patriots will stand up and fight for their home, family, children and America.  Because their sons, daughters, mothers, fathers etc., have given their lives for this country. And they will not go quietly into the night.

Someones getting or giving bad intel, bad advice possibly intentional I believe. Those are traitors trying to give the CCP, Deep State, and Cabal more time to destroy America.  Time to clean house and remove them to possibly.  Let’s end the charade, let’s get our patriots out of the D.C prison. And LET’S get on with protecting the constitution, American voters, voter rights, and correct that which was has been stolen from us, and the real President of the United States; Donald Trump.

In closing I would like to I say remember you took an oath to protect America, American borders and it’s people.  You know like the people being held in D.C. illegally without charges? Those people. They need protecting as well. And for a year, while your rescuing people all around the world, in the name of humanity.  Doesn’t humanity start at home or count in America any longer?.  You have the force and the means to do the job, those 80% of the generals that are patriots stand up and finish this now, where is the good old American heros of old.  To much rhetoric and to little visual, it’s time to begin showing the tribunals, sentencing and yes executions for what they have done. And those that do not care to watch have the ability to turn off their own television. Those of us that want the confirmation what we have heard has been done will view it.


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