Steve Beckow: Is Trudeau a Body Double?



Source: Golden Age of Gaia | By Steve Beckow

February 15, 2022

Is Trudeau a Body Double?

I just had a discussion of this subject and now want to ask the question: Is the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau we see a body double?

I remember seeing him on a Youtube video recently and saying to a friend, “Gosh, he looks old. He’s aged.”

It may not be that he’s aged. It may be that he’s not Justin Trudeau. Here’s Cdr Erron through Sharon Stewart on the matter:

Me: Ashtar had told us that there are white hats in every government, including the Canadian government, and they have more power than we know, but why would they protect Trudeau?

CE: He’s not the real Trudeau. That one’s been arrested, Sharon. This is a double. They’re protecting their own man. They allow him to look like he’s afraid because then the people will feel more empowered. (1)




OK, thanks for that, Erron.

Any other mentions of body doubles in general? Yes, here’s Matthew Ward on the matter. I place a high level of credibility in what Matthew says:

“We have been asked if everyone who is willingly in the Illuminati ranks will be prosecuted for their crimes against humanity. No, not all. Some at the peak have died naturally, others have been killed, and in some cases ‘body doubles’ are carrying on those persons’ nefarious actions. However, none of the deceased escaped the universal law of justice, nor will those who are found guilty in your legal systems.” (2)

There are rumors that the deceased with body doubles include Joe Biden, George H.W. Bush, Hillary Clinton, and others.

Here’s Matthew on that:

“The first provision of the NESARA legislation calls for resignation of the entire administration—the most recent to preside over the corporation of united states that was secretly set up by the Illuminati more than two centuries past—and return to the sovereign republic the founding fathers established.

“We don’t know when or by whom that provision will be implemented, but it won’t be ‘Mr. Biden.’ The president you see is a body double who acts upon orders from the Illuminati, and they have successfully blocked public knowledge of NESARA ever since it was signed 20 years ago. [February 3, 2021 message includes the various means whereby NESARA has been kept under wraps. May 4, 2020 message includes information on the legislation.]” (3)




So Trudeau is a white-hat body double and Biden is a dark-hat.

Well, the channels have weighed in. Some intel gurus are reporting deaths. I don’t accept the mission of weighing their claims and I don’t often report on them – though I’m aware of them – because I don’t research and weigh the claims.

My job is to tell the story that the unseens tell us – the afterlife communicators, terrestrial and extraterrestrial ascended masters, and the celestials. Proof is more difficult in this arena.

In their views both the leaders of our two countries – Canada and the USA – are body doubles.


What’s my takeaway from this? To avoid the outbreak of civil war on the planet, the Alliance is playing a chess game with the New World Order.

The Alliance is shutting down their finances, blowing up their (evacuated) underground bunkers, arresting their leaders, and so on. But the New World Order remains dangerous at lower levels and so the chess game goes on.

In the game of chess some of the arrested and deceased leaders are apparently body doubles. And it looks like these may include Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden.

The real strategy appears to be planned behind the scenes, by the Alliance and NWO, not by the paid and masked (really masked) actors.

All of this goes on in turn with the backdrop being the Divine Plan, which sees the New World Order exit on one timeline (eventually) and those who choose the Light exit on a separate, ascending timeline. (4)





(1) “On Ottawa Canada Trucker Convoy | Commander Erron via Sharon Stewart,” 2/03/2022, at

(2) Matthew’s Message via Suzy Ward, Nov. 2, 2020.  Just to be clear: Even if a person goes through our justice system, it will not stop the universal law from impacting the person after transition.  The universal law is inexorable. On this, we are told, is based the patience of saints.

(3) Ibid., Oct. 1, 2021.

(4) See “Some will not Ascend/Many will Leave/Time of Separation/Moment of Bifurcation” at


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