Starship Earth: Time Marches on and So do the Patriots, Double Time!


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February 15, 2022

February 15, 2022: Time Marches On and So Do the Patriots—Double Time! [videos]

The news today has me running in circles. If you’re thinking about giving up and just aren’t going to wait any longer—don’t do it! It’s always darkest before the dawn and if we’re reading the comms correctly—the next phase of the The Great Awakening is about to explode on the scene.

The shit-show is about to go live. Places, everyone.

What did I miss? My prophecy is coming to fruition. I said watch, and when I wasn’t watching, it happened in Coutts/Sweetgrass.

What else is happening out there? There are so many sources posting fascinating information I don’t know where to look and I’m experiencing a technical slowdown so I’m going to publish early so this goes out. The control freaks are desperate and some are coming unhinged.

Of course now that the Moderna CEO has sold a slew of stock and closed his Twitter account the company took a nose dive. He knew. Isn’t that insider trading?

Stew Peters reports on Telegram:

BREAKING Ottawa Police Chief Has Resigned, According to Senior Sources Close to the Situation.

Richmond Hill, Ontario has a new mayor, and also see the update on Turdeau, below.

Only criminals, dentists and surgeons wear masks—and only on the job.

I hope you are no longer buying products from Johnson&Johnson, Proctor & Gamble, etc. Ditch those big brands and spend with the smaller, honest companies. The cabal’s cronies have been poisoning us and profiting for decades with lotions, potions, food and drink. Link to Telegram.

Johnson & Johnson bankruptcy claims attacked by cancer plaintiffs as “rotten” in talc powder case
A J&J subsidiary came under attack Monday for attempting to use bankruptcy to resolve tens of thousands of claims its talcum powder caused cancer. (Reuters)
LTL Management is fighting to remain in bankruptcy arguing it’s the best way to reach an “equitable, efficient, and consensual resolution.”
“At its core, this case is rotten,” a lawyer for one of the 38,000 plaintiffs said.

What happens to people who reveal the NWO agenda?

Here in Phoenix some disturbing activity is going on with policy-makers. The speed cameras on the 101 loop in Scottsdale were already removed after many complaints. I doubt this would fly, but are people paying attention? : Link to Telegram.

P.S. They’re not “elite”—they just think they are and it’s true, they have zero vision beyond their own control and profit.


“• Reduce speed limits to 25mph [Phx/city wide]
• Eliminate travel lanes from roads & replace with bike lanes
• Speed Cameras everywhere
• Make driving impossible, force people to use public transit”

“Vision Zero is intended as a social engineering program, to “reprogram” your behavior.

In short, it’s a bad and totalitarian policy, authored by academic elites who have little or no connection to the real world.”


QUEen Romana clarifies for Canadians the status of Justin Turdeau to invoke the War Measures Act. Video on Telegram.

~ For Your Information ~
Only Queen Romana Didulo of the Kingdom of Canada can invoke War Measures Act.
Anyone else attempting to do so is committing Treason against the We The People and the Queen of the Kingdom of Canada.

Romana also says she didn’t need the Truckers to stop the mandates and orders all the unlawful truckers to leave Ottawa while the drug dealers will be arrested. Crazy times.

L – R: Prince Andrew, Duke of Windsor – pervert; Virginia Roberts Giuffre – underage victim and now plaintiff; Ghislaine Maxwell – procurer of child sex slaves and Jeffrey Epstein’s lover and business partner currently engaged in litigation

Is this true or simply managing the situation?

REPORT: Prince Andrew Settles With Victim Of Child Sex Assault Out Of Court

This is one of the strangest things I’ve seen yet. It’s close to “exorcist” level stuff possibly meant to show us that demons really do exist. We have been told that demonic entities are coming in across the southern border. Video at the  link.


The fake war scenario is building. Our intel reveals that the Earth Alliance operation to round up the criminals means a simulated “world war” scenario to justify the deployment of troops, etc. in key areas of the globe. There will not be a war. The “war” is against the New World Order/Global Elite/deep state. The snoozers will get a wake-up call, however.

There are those telling Canadians to get their money out of the bank. I do not dispense financial advice, ever. You’re on your own. I have an intense distrust of crypto currency, however. What we do recommend is having some cash on hand at home because if the power goes out or the banking system is hacked or one of those crazy CME’s or “geostorms” takes out satellites—banks may close and ATMs won’t work.

As Q told us long ago, when the lights go out, know that the Patriots are in control. Everything is under control, and if martial law is declared where you are, respect the edict, do not engage any military in any way, allow them to do their job and keep civilians safe. If asked to shelter in place, do it. If you took the advice and stocked up on food, water, daily essentials, cash, pet supplies and meds and keep you gas tanks near full, you’ll be fine.

Is this why they don’t want the military deployed and in view? Queen Romana states… Link to Telegram.

And to those of you who have been programmed to see Soldiers on the ground immediately after Martial Law is declared…

You are living in different timeline.

I specifically said that unless violence breaks out you won’t see boots on the ground.

We have Military personnel that are actual Robots and do not have empathy and emotions.

Translation: Humans are at a greater risk of being harmed physically by these Robot Military personnel.

Let that sink in.

Regardless of what message goes out, or if the power goes out, or social media or the Internet—just remain calm. It’s all part of the plan and the militaries of every country are aware, working together, and prepared.

Problems with the Internet began in Ukraine. The website of the Ministry of Defense has stopped working, PrivatBank and Oschadbank report problems. PrivatBank has been under a massive DDos attack for several hours now, NewsOne reports.

Oh, brother. They’re really going after China. [CCP]  Of course they don’t create a bioweapon without an antidote.

What’s fascinating here is that, according to Dr. Yan, the CCP is already aware of an antidote to their new hemorrhagic fever bioweapon, and they are actively hoarding the Johnson & Johnson drug that serves this function.

SHOCK CLAIM: China has released another bioweapon during the Olympic games… a hemorrhagic fever virus… here’s nutritional info on what may BLOCK it in your blood

And the comms just keep on coming. I never heard who won Superbowl 56 and had to look it up. BTW, 56 adds up to 11, and if I recall correctly, “one” is a symbol of NEW BEGINNINGS. One can be the loneliest number, but when you have two lined up side x side it’s exponentially more powerful.

I remember Phil G saying he believed the Rams were going to win and they did; 23 – 20. Do you understand the significance of the goat—as in G.O.A.T.? I didn’t until I watched the video below.

This awesome video from Santa Surfing brings us even more messaging that came out of the Superbowl. Don’t think that because you didn’t see what you expected that “nothing happened”. I believe it did. The ads are loaded. A snake? And a green light? Who really controls the media? Get your decoder ring and go to town.

Remember that to keep the peace and avoid an outright civil war and major bloodshed, the “justice” being done by the Earth Alliance is behind the scenes. What we get are subtle—or not-so-subtle clues. What better time and place to round up the pedovores than at a highly-charged satanic event with high participation and exposure of their system and those involved?

There’s a whole lotta acting going on, folks—and CGI. All the world is a stage and what we think we see is not what’s happening, and as they point out in the video below, the bad guys become the good guys so they can be the bad guys. Pretzel logic, but it keeps us on our toes and wondering, doesn’t it? If you recall, Phil G. made reference last week to a discussion with The Toddfather about the potential for the good guys to become the bad guys…

It’s glaringly obvious at this point that Phil’s got it goin’ on. He knows stuff. He’s an insider authorized to provide guideposts for the patriots.

Santa launches into the current updates on Spygate, etc. in the remainder of her video, in case you missed the big news. We’re still waiting for that first arrest that will rock the world, aren’t we? Will it be Hillary? Will it be Obama? Will it be Justin Trudeau? A double header? See more at the Beach Broadcast website.

Durham – Spygate exposed! Superbowl comm-ercials exposes sickos!

And speaking of sickos… Trudeau is in the crosshairs. Agent A1 posted the following:

And hence we have the connection to the Sherman murders. Bye bye you 

If you are drawing a blank on the Sherman murders, do a search on this blog. We covered the story years ago of the assassination of Apotex owners Barry and Honey Sherman in Toronto. They manufactured Hydroxychloroquine. We don’t call the globalists control freaks for nothing, folks. They control and manipulate everything and everyone for their benefit.

Now for those late to the party, what we see unfolding and will see in the coming days with respect to crimes, arrests etc. is not happening in real time. The Earth Alliance has already relieved us of many of the worst, most high-profile criminals. What we are watching is like a movie. There are actors and there are green screens, body doubles, CGI, masks, etc.

The current skits are revealing to the sleeping masses what these satanic psychopaths did, how they did it, their accomplices, etc. and is going to show the world that the Rule of Law is in force, consequences are real and for everyone, and that treason may be rewarded with the death penalty.

The revelations will justify the measures already taken for our safety, which have all been according to natural law, the Universal Codex, Constitutions, etc. It was handled this way to protect as many as possible. Now the difficult task comes to jolt the snoozers out of their peaceful reverie and get them to face reality and it’s going to have to get more dramatic to do that so… be prepared. It’s going to get wild. Eeeehah!

Phil Godlewski will have another live show tonight to prepare us for the momentum of the events soon to come. He posted yesterday…

You are living in the greatest period that has ever occured in human civilization, other than the time of Jesus Christ.

You may not feel it yet, but you’re about to.

Be thankful you are alive right now. As hard as it’s been, it’s about to all be worth it.

You can see the various platforms where he broadcasts at his website, and his most recent videos. The heads up on the live timing arrives on Telegram and Phil has vital information there now for patriots who really want to know the score. Phil isn’t the kind to build me up, Buttercup, and let us down. For many of us what is coming won’t be surprising, but it will be thrilling.

I yearn to feel the thrill of vindication—just a little—don’t you? I think “V-Day” is coming. We may be here all month. Link to Telegram.

Buckle up, folks. Reality is about to break through the B.S. Keep the love vibes going, everyone.  ~ BP


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