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Reader Post | By Shira

Hello fellow Truthers and Light Workers:

There are many in our circles who wanted to boycott the “Superb Owl” event that took place Sun. Feb. 13th.  However, owing to my media experience, I took a different approach and specifically watched to pay attention and study the timing, placement, symbolism, and content structure of every commercial and the Halftime show.  What I discovered may (happily) surprise you.

Many spots (commercials) were CLEARLY representative of light. My favorites included a series that involved our Founding Fathers.  One such spot literally had a very comedic yet poignant interchange:  

“Everyone gets to vote!”

To which one of the characters asked:  “Even the stupid ones?” 

The others loudly shouted their answer: “YES!”

Another favorite was by Matthew McConaughey on the #Team Earth spot.  Did y’all catch his line “while everyone else is caught in the metaverse (quick shot of people in sombre clothing and dark background tones wearing VR goggles)… we have this… “ opening his arms wide as the camera panned out revealing a great open sunlit landscape signifying the USA. 




Now THAT was awesome. 

Of course we expected some darker themed spots and some of them… sheesh! Satanic much??  (Disappointed in comedians Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd Lay’s potato chip spot where Seth marries a demonic unearthly “woman”… then again I don’t eat chips made of hydrogenated oil anyway, so to each his own). 

The halftime show was what surprised me the most.  It was NOT dark this year. 

I also loved the chess piece in the pre-halftime bumper… I felt it represented the shift to light and truth and a sign that the white hats are now ruling the game. 

Featured talent included Eminem—a known Trump supporter who used his song “Lose Yourself” as an anthem to rouse (or remind, us) the audience with lyrics:

You better lose yourself in the music, the moment

You own it, you better never let it go




You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime 

You betterYou can do anything you set your mind to, man  Let’s not forget the powerhouse Mary J Blige basically screaming “Enough!” And “stop messing with my head!” while dressed all in white!! 

Yes, I’d say the tide has shifted — and didn’t you love the map of the country full of bright WHITE lights they were dancing on? 
It wasn’t overly flashy… it was a demonstration of real people in real clothes (streetwear is a signature of hip hop culture) which reminded me of what we are seeing now with the brave truckers in the Canadian Freedom Convoy.  

The majority of those dancing on the halftime field/stage signified solidarity of individuals coming together—literally—all over the map!  Even the short “militant” section… felt like a call to the power of We the People.

And the best part… there were no CHILDREN involved in the halftime show!! First time ever I can remember that being the case in all the years I’ve seen the show. 

Also… in case you missed it, there were stills shown as bumpers (commercial interstitials) — meaning spots between commercials and returning to the next segment—with kids in (mostly) no masks!

The symbolism was rather amazing. 

Another favorite moment was a 4th quarter spot: if you noticed, the name of the Ivy League looking institution was “Clownus Conformus” and contained a school of clowns where they break free!   LOVE it! 

So yes, the Superb Owl and media in general (especially in the “entertainment” world which is often far more real than the news as we all know) represents the ongoing battle of light vs. dark. However, in my opinion, tonight, in front of a live audience that exceeded 70,000+ people and with a televised audience of more than 42 million—it was clear—the light has won.  

Finally, while not a big beer drinker, I loved the 4th quarter Budweiser spot that closed with the tag line: “in the home of the brave, down never means out” before finishing with a network promo for an upcoming series.  The timing was perfect… just before the game resumed, with the last two minutes of the 4th quarter on the clock…the series spot which CLEARLY showed a battle of light vs. dark… and it was called… wait for it… The Endgame! 




Amen. So it is, and so it shall be.

Light and love,


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