Helping Freedom Win: How to Make the Best out of a Bad Situation


Right now all over the world there is so much tyranny and oppression, that it makes one wonder what to do. We’re seeing the answer right before our eyes – RIGHT NOW. We’re living through a very great time in history and we can all be very proud.

1. Non-Violent Protests: The Convoy Against Canadian Vaccine Mandates

The best way to attack evil is through direct application of goodness.

I’m so proud of all of the truckers (all over the world) who have stepped up in all of our time of need. The truckers convoy is using Martin Luther King’s (silent non-violent protesting) approach to confront this tyranny. It’s direct, brave, honest, unselfish and effective in getting the message out. Both bad guys and good guys are hearing the message loud and clear. This action hits the evil tyrannical-control-freaks directly in the face, and it makes it nearly impossible for evil to fight. After all if they do something bad to these very good people it will enrage all the rest of the sleeping giant of goodness in our world.

I love it. Non-violent protesting by the growing masses of good-guys is going to end up being a David & Goliath story for all future generations to tell! It is not only the best way to infuriate evil beings. I mean, to be this good would have to drive the evil elites up the wall. It’s also attracting the attention of all the rest of the good-guys in the world. I hope they can keep this up and I hope this movement grows to wild proportions. I love the idea of driving the evil elites batty. It really is working, and the sleeping giant (us) is awakening.

There are only a few percent who are truly EVIL. These are potentially very happy days.

2. Keeping a Sense of Humor

You can really see that the people supporting the truckers are equally brave, unselfish and plain outright GOOD. But, in addition I am impressed with their sense of humor. When Ottawa officials confiscated the fuel and forbade anyone from bringing in fuel the next thing you knew everyone and their brother was walking around town with gas cans.  I’m tempted to just take an empty gas can with me wherever I go. What if we all did that? How fun would that be?

Creating humor like this is terrifically effective. There are some real “crack me up moments” happening right now.

Look what happened last year in response to Biden’s oppression. LOL at the outrageous creativity of “Let’s Go Brandon” coming from hundreds and thousands of people everywhere. Our humor and love and boldness is getting etched in stone as part of our history to tell future generations.

What does this tell all our future generations?

It tells them we’re good, kind, funny, loving, brave and even just a little bit crazy. These are crazy days and sad days …but actually happy days after all.

Don’t get trapped in thinking bleak thoughts. Have faith and hope and …Let’s cherish these moments and build on them.

I remember a chant I learned as a kid in Girl Scouts. It goes like this:

We are just a little bit crazy. One-two-three-four-five-six-seven-eight-nine-ten.

(Keep repeating the above line while marching along in some funny way.)

Helping Freedom Win

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