Steve Beckow: The Future of Canada, No Need for Monarchy; No Desire to be Absorbed



Source: Golden Age of Gaia | By Steve Beckow

I think humanity has gone through stages.

During one of them, humanity was childlike and looked to parental figures for stability and survival.

Chief among the parental figures was the religious leader and the monarchy.

Now we look around and we find one religious leader leads one of the most corrupt and nefarious organizations on Earth, into child trafficking, pedophilia, Satanism, theft, money laundering, fraud, you name it.

And a leading monarch owns uranium mines, guaranteeing the supply of depleted-uranium weapons (omnicidal), stands accused of reigning over an empire of pedophilia, child trafficking, corruption, on and on the list goes.

In my estimation, humanity does not need another monarch.  We’ve grown up. We’re no longer children and monarchy is based on parental rule.

We need leaders, but, in my view, they should be elected leaders, after an honest and fair election, which we haven’t had for a while.




I would not support a monarchy if it were seriously proposed for Canada. 

I don’t think the direction in which we’re headed – which is a full blossoming of the individual – supports the very idea of a monarchy – the focusing of power, supposedly, in one parental individual.


While we’re on the subject, I read elsewhere discussions which cast the Commonwealth as a more concrete association than it was. It was always simply a friendly alliance to strengthen the international ties of friendship among a people who primarily had a common legal and parliamentary system. (1)

I’d like to discuss the matter because it has consequences.

Our system is called “responsible government,” which I greatly admire, by the way. This governmental formula evolved after – and in light of – the American Revolution. The executive branch is responsible to the legislature, who can unseat it with a simple vote of non-confidence.

In Canada, the Prime Minister is the leader of the largest party in the House of Commons. He is “responsible” to Parliament, where the monarch was not.




That guarantees that the Prime Minister will be able to pass their program into law. If they can’t, they must step down. They don’t need to resort to Executive Orders.  They don’t need to cajole Congress.

I’ve never seen a law pass the Canadian Parliament laden with pork.  The Supreme Court would strike it down.

Not like that stopped our government from becoming thoroughly corrupted by the New World Order. It didn’t.

But, in normal times, if the Prime Minister can’t get his program passed into law, the Governor General would appoint a new Prime Minister.

The Governor General is what remains of the earlier monarchical system. France, Russia, and other countries have a similar division of powers – President and Prime Minister.

So far I’ve said that the Commonwealth was an arrangement of friendship and that Canada has a well-functioning system of government already, which has worked for around 150 years.

The point I wanted to make is that I see articles in the alternative press saying that Canada and Australia (I didn’t see other countries) as part of the Commonwealth will be handed over to the United States. Excuse me? Say what?

Give me a sec to recover from that one.

Being a member of (a largely defunct and friendship-based) Commonwealth does not make one property to be handed from one country to another. Whoever gave birth to that idea?

Just as I hope we don’t take a step backward to monarchy, I also say, myself, as a Canadian, I have no desire to join any other country.




I think every Canadian who stood on those overpasses and cheered would buy a truck if “handed over” to another country. Not a weapon. Canadians don’t use weapons. As it turns out, we resort to trucks.

Seriously, please stop talking about Canada – and by extension all other countries outside a small circle of wealthy and influential ones – as somehow wanting and waiting to be absorbed by someone else. Stay within your borders or renegotiate if you would. The age of imperialism was over a century ago.

Underlined. Italicized. Full stop.

Do not try to do anything now that takes power away from the people. And don’t tread on the Canadian people – or any other.

That is not the direction of the future. The direction of the future is personal freedom, not a reshuffling of the same old control and abuse deck.

The old governmental arrangements will not, I believe, be supported by the rising energies that have brought all this unresolved conflict to the surface in the first place.

And finally and most importantly those imperial arrangements were not of love. Anything not of love, in these more refined frequencies, will not endure.

How can we fight for freedom on the one hand and then hand our power over to a monarch or a different country?

It’s this all-pervading sense of self-interest that needs to go before we truly have freedom.





(1) I acknowledge the criminal side of all empires, including the British. Judged in today’s legal environment many of their actions, including usurping rule, would be seen as crimes against humanity.


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