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Operation Disclosure | By Luna, Contributing Writer

Submitted on December 14, 2021

The Lightworkers Path: Reality As A Dream

If you knew this reality was a dream and we had all chosen to meet in a place called Earth. Who are the dreamers and can you exist in both realities, “Awakened dreamer state”. We can make conscious choices. You are interacting with the holographic universe. In other words, you are in your dream.

You and your soul raise your awareness therefore connecting you to your multi-dimensional self. What would you be able to create or look into is your soul’s creation. Understand the matrix of creation. How the fabric of creation works creating your own dream! I know how this sounds and what some people will think but who cares! I know what I know! When you have intuition your whole life and you followed your angel’s guidance and have never been steered wrong.  Well why wouldn’t’ I go with it now?  I don’t see any reason at all not to follow what I know works for me. It may not work for you but my point here is you know what works for you so just follow your own guidance. 

Miracles will be born and experience more ecstatic states. No limit to what you can manifest but more importantly what you can evolve in. Think of creator consciousness what did you come here for? To create obviously!  But what did I come here to create? These are questions I have not only asked myself but I came here specifically to this timeline to find out. Hmmm I know I picked this time with a PLAN-demic  currently happening all around us. That just means the vibration doesn’t match mine so it makes it harder to navigate. Well I’m not a newbie obviously or I wouldn’t come down here so I could lose? Nope!  Never ever again! This time I want it all but from a different point of intention than someone who wanted to come the 3rd dimension. This world I call the world of confusion, Fear, chaos and separateness.

That’s not stacked fairly right? Well it’s obvious I like a challenge. That’s the way I’ve looked at every experience in my life. It was like a my going into a holo-deck (like on Star Trek-Voyager) and punching in a program so I would learn whatever it was I wanted to learn. Then when that was done, I punching in another number and do that one. So every lifetime is like that. Like a computer program you have to master to get to the next level. Yes it may get harder, but you get more clever each lifetime. Now in theory that sounds great right.

Well, actually, it doesn’t work that way because we come through the veil of forgetfulness. So sometimes we keep repeating the same lessons. Like we are in a hamster wheel  and so we feel stuck yet some others just don’t seem to know that they are and so they repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

Fortunately, some of us can remember our past lives. Some can even discern the wounds they carry  from their other past lives but that doesn’t make it any easier. Sometimes, we are implanted specifically for that experience or to trigger some of our codes that we came with. Our vibration is constantly changing as we are increasing our vibration assuming we stay away from the third density, as much as we can, so it won’t pull us down.  You can feel this and when you do jump into action to change how you are feeling. Your feelings are like a lifeline if you learn to work with them they will teach you so much as I’m sure they already have. Remember that you are never alone on this journey whether you can see your Angels/Guides or not they are there and willing to help but you MUST ask them to intervene if you are in danger or having difficulties.

There are always those around us that want to pull us into their drama. Or those that just hang around us and seem to suck our energy. Yes, they want what you have… the peace you are able to achieve by keeping your vibration high. It can be difficult in the beginning but once you remove the dead wood around you it will be less difficult. I speak from experience. Once you get the hang of it you will triumph quickly and you’ll love how you feel so that’s what most of us need to do what we have always known was necessary. It’s difficult when its family that you have to remove yourself from but you and your health will thank you later.

So what can you do to raise that vibration… well there’s actually much you can. Let me list a few, take a walk in the forest, sing, dance, draw, do photography, or cook! Anything that makes you happy even sex has a role in raising your vibration and with the right person can actually take you to another realm. Imagine! Miracles also happen that way. We have a resonance and vibration and when you can vibrate there at the same time as something you want to manifest it will just appear. So you just think it and feel it deep in your being and instantly you would manifest or have it appear.

Ways to Raise Your Vibration and Manifest What You Want

  1. Write Out Your Ideal Day
  2. Create Empowering Affirmations that Support Your Ideal Vision…..
  3. Make a Vision Board
  4. Practice Gratitude
  5. Laugh, Dance or simply just have fun

“As you think, you vibrate. As you vibrate, you attract.”
Abraham-Hicks, (Esther Hicks)

We aren’t here to ignore the darkness. We are here to transmute it into love. We are all channels for the Light. Did you know that our DNA and cellular memory are enhanced with God’s love and light for the good of all humanity and that our mission is humanity!

As we raise the vibration around the earth we are also lifting up humanity. We are to join forces with others like us and we are recoding humanity. Please DO NOT under estimate the power of your souls calling and your potential not only individually but collectively.

We all need our Soul team/group to propel us all to the next level.  That next level is the GOLDEN AGE.  Believe it or not but the truth is that WE ALL, individually and collectively, are creating our New Earth. God loves you and you ARE Beacons of Light.

 Go forth and shine it bright and spread your knowledge for that too is part of this mission. Most importantly just BE YOU! Be the beacons of lights I know you all are! This is so important right now and collectively. It’s up to each of us to shine our light and as bright as we can.  Our angelic guides are right beside us!

If you would like to join our organization we are looking for people with all kinds of experience and I’m not just talking work experience. I’m talking about what it that gives you passion that makes you want to get up in the morning. What is your dream? If you feel called please join us at World Benevolence Group and meet an incredible group of humanitarians who know why they are here and how they are to serve humanity. You are part of that as well. Even if you don’t know what your ‘project’ could be that’s what I am here for. Let me guide you to your true purpose.

The life you have already lead was just a trial in so many areas of your life with so many lessons. Some we did well and others we could of done better but it is what it is. We do not look at our past and say “should of” “could of”, that’s a waste of energy since its already done and you cannot go back. Instead we are going forward and right into the Golden Age! This new age is about unity consciousness and only those of us that can work with our soul groups will enjoy the benefits of the Fifth Dimension which is the start of the Golden Age.

You can reach me at www.luna@worldbenevolencegroup.ca and twice a week you can find me on Telegram in Urban Knight Girl channel  (https://t.me/urbannightgirl). Every Tuesday and Thursday (unless otherwise posted) at 5 pm CT and 8 pm ET.

I hope you will join us and listen to Urban Knight Girl who is already doing her humanitarian project by helping the homeless and getting prostitutes off the street to a life they deserve. I talk about spiritual ways of being, vibration and what our mission is here now in this timeline. What I can tell you sincerely is that we are all needed for this next part of our journey. May you all be blessed and keep vibing high!

Peace, Love, Light and Joy,


World Benevolence Group (WBG)
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